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The ZDay experience

The ZDay experience

ZDay, also known as The Zeitgeist Day, is an annual event organized by The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) for the past many years. For those unfamiliar, TZM started as the activism arm of The Venus Project back in 2008 I think.

Anyway, they were making these annual events where they would invite all sorts of people to give talks, mostly those active within the movement. Some talks were very interesting, some boring, a few very weird 🙂 . But overall I was always interested in this ZDay and I would watch it either live or the recordings. At least some of the interesting ones (in my view).

For the past few years I tried to get myself into these ZDay evens to present TROM. I was close to get to the Frankfurt one a few years back, but they had no more available spaces for my presentation. A few months ago I’ve red that there is a new ZDay coming in Prague, and it would be the last one because TZM wants to decentralize the movement. So, being the last one, combined with the fact that one of my best TROM friends lives in Prague,

I said that now is the time for me to invite myself to ZDay :). And make sure I go there!

I sent some 2-3 emails but got no reply. After a few weeks someone got back to me and told me that they are aware of TROM and they would like to have me there.


You see I always kept myself active with TROM, but I was never invited anywhere to present it. Maybe it is because before 2018 I was not willing to do these sort of things at all, and I would not put myself out there. But also because I am not on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord and all of these trade-based platforms where most activists hang out, so I did not make friends/contacts with any of them really. And I get the feeling that this is how you get into these events.

Anyway, excited to go. I had a month to prepare but I worked more than half of the month on a new big release of TROMjaro. So I had around 2 weeks left to come up with a presentation. We do so much at TROM that it is insane to try and present it all in 30-40 minutes, the time they would give me for my talk. So I had to come up with a more unique way of presenting it.

It was my first time using LibreOffice Presentation so it took a few days to get used to it, but then I LOVED it! You can easily animate stuff, create shapes, paste images, do it all!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1-1024x636.png

My talk would be called: How to Grow a Saner Society. A Lifetime Adventure!

I wanted to keep it more positive and focused on our trade-free approach. I figured that the people who were familiar with TZM are already over-saturated with the “how bad this society is” and want to hear something new. Like what we can do about it.

I bought a wireless presentation remote controller and I practiced the presentation. I was quite happy with it. Sasha and Georgi were my test subjects and they seemed to love it. That was encouraging.

I bought the tickets to Prague – expensive as fuck – and put everything I needed into one small backpack. Let me say that I LOVE the fact that now I have a proper laptop, thanks to Roma and Gui mostly who donated enough money for the campaign to buy me a new laptop. It helps a fuck ton because I do a lot on the laptop and to be able to carry it with me was a must. It is thin, metal, powerful, lots of storage, but big enough so I do not even need an external screen to do my work most of the time.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-2-1024x736.png

See how happy I am because of this laptop? 🙂

All I need is my 18-buttons mouse and I am all set:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3-1024x581.png

Now I can go. I have control over all of the TROM projects thanks to the laptop and my mouse 😉

The TROM Crew!

Roma was about to host me for the entire stay, and I decided to stay for 13 days or so. Aaron, who lives in Dresden (2h away from Prague with the bus/train) would join too. But also Vicky and Rafa from Spain who came to support me, us, everyone :). I was so happy that we had a part of the TROM Crew for the ZDay!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4-1024x739.png

These people are so nice, and calm, and friendly. They are family! I don’t say it lightly.

We spent the next day together and it was relaxing. That’s the OK sign for when you dive! So you know 😉

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-27-1024x750.png

Roma hosted me like I was a king or something. Everything was so neat at his place, and clean, and organized.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-28-1024x742.png

He even gave me his own big room and he slept on a mattress in the livingroom. You know I am not the best when it comes to go visit people and places. I would say I may be the worst. Even when I was a kid I never “slept over” to any of my friends’ places, because I feel uncomfortable. I get very easily bothered if I do not have my own kind of comfort. I struggle with the sleep (light burns me alive and I go to sleep early in the morning so if the room is not very dark the vampire in me will suffer a lot); I also struggle with eating….You know actually there are 3 essential things that put a huge toll on my life: eat, sleep, and shit. 🙂

I have a lot of digestive issues so I can only eat a few kinds of foods. Therefore I am always stressed about what I am going to eat. I need those specific foods! And because of that, the other side of the coin colon has to struggle to deliver. Ok. I’ll stop here, but these normal things are very abnormal for me and are stressful. Combine that with the fact that I struggle to fall asleep and keep myself asleep….and you get a clusterfuck of daily issues.

Is it clear now that I need my own comfort and control over my daily life?!

Ok. So basically Roma hosted me in a way that I felt at home. And this is quite an achievement I would say. His apartment was so nice I wouldn’t mind to sleep in the living-room on his NEW mattress that is better than my bed at home! But he insisted to give me his room.

I was happy and relaxed:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5-1024x774.png

Thank you Roma, you are the best human I swear! 🙂

Ok. Time for ZDay!

We went to the venue and I thought we would see a bunch of people outside waiting. But it was no one. I was told that some 40 people reserved a seat weeks ago and that they were reserving more. That there are some 100 seats available and I think I’ve heard that they were all booked before the event.

Anyway, I was expecting to see some people outside. One guy came to us and recognized that we were from TROM. That was nice. Likely our TROM “handprint” tshirts were a clue :).

We went inside and we saw a few people. The venue was very nice. I recognized some of the people. They were all very nice! We were in!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-6-1024x718.png

The venue was a lot smaller than I thought:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-8-1024x704.png

But very neat and well organized. They even had super tasty foods there:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-9-1024x671.png

I wish I could fucking eat some!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-11-1024x665.png

Mind you everything was free there, no one paid anything. These guys organized it all from their own money and donations. So kudos to them it was a super nice place.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-12-1024x679.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-13-1024x678.png

They even had live translations with live-human-flesh-and-meat translators. They gave us individual headphones:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-14-1024x685.png

Am telling you they were very well organized. Well, almost.

The first hurdle was that they had a Widows laptop that was the main machine streaming the presentations to the projector, and my presentation was made in LibreOffice (LO). So it was not working…we had to install LO, then a font, then test a bit to make it work. I told them I will use LO weeks before the event, and I was told that “This should not be a problem. All of the computers will be running Linux to my knowledge.” – Well it was fine eventually. But I was a bit surprised.

I was also surprised that they did not have a remote controller for the presentation. Luckily I brought mine and everyone would eventually use it. Without one how are you going to present? Using the laptop arrow keys?…

But don’t get me wrong, these are small details. Everything else was great there. Super duper nice and organized.

At one point this guy approached me and he told me that he translated the TROM II documentary into Polish. He was “Jaro”, or “Jaromatrix”? That’s how I know him from the TROM Chats.

It was so cool to see someone in person who was part of our chats for some months now, if not longer. Such a nice guy! He wanted for us to talk more, but it was a bit too chaotic and busy for me, so we didn’t get to spend too much time together. Thank you man for coming and I hope to meet you again!

We had some interesting discussions before the event started:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-15-1024x688.png

I was very surprised to see Zach and Arjang. I was aware of their youtube channels because I added them to our TROM Curated Videos a few months ago. Zach is part of this Moneyless Society project, and Arjang has his own Beyond Capitalism channel. They did not present at ZDay because there was no more space, but we got to talk a bit. Interesting people!

Ok, and so it started!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-17-1024x674.png

There were not many people, but it was still exciting.

The issue with languages!

The entire presentation and the talks were in Czech. Only I did the talk in English. Most people in the audience did not understand Czech. So for the first 3 talks that were in Czech, we had to wear these headphones and listen to the live english translations:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-18-1024x576.png

And it was….well….not fun! It was really difficult to focus on the presentation and listen to them. It is difficult to do live translations let’s be honest. Plus the speakers had a few slides mostly with text, in Czech, so it was basically impossible for me or anyone I talked to, to understand the talks…. It is unfortunate that we do not speak a common language and have to struggle so much.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-19-1024x691.png

I appreciate very much the effort, honestly, however for us it was impossible to make sense of the presentations. I think one presentation was about a sort of credit-trade-system, and one about permaculture, but as I said it was impossible to get much out of them.

The problem with the recording.

30 people seeing my talk is very good, but it would be a shame not to record and share it with hundreds or thousands of people online. So having the recording of my talk was paramount for me.

We decided on the spot that perhaps it is a good idea for us to film too. Roma had a camera and a tripod and I am so happy that we took that decision!

You see, I asked beforehand the organizers if they would film and make the recordings available for us too. They said that of course they will. However when we were there they would stream with an ipad that was either in one corner or moving around, and Zach was also filming at times. But it didn’t look to me like they had that very organized. I later was told that the streaming was in Czech, even mine…so for those who wanted to watch the livestream (probably the vast majority of people) it was not watchable.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-20-1024x612.png

Look, I understand that the event was held in the Czech Republic, and some Czech people do not understand English, but I think it would have been good to stream it in English honestly. But anyway, the streaming quality was not great for later use anyway.

Zach also filmed but for one he did so more dynamically, and he would move around quite a bit. And so he will not capture my slides many times. Tthe way that I made my presentation was to rely on the slides, make it fun, animated, interesting, funny at times. Without the slides it does not make sense. Zach also filmed with a camera in RAW format, a format that I think it is proprietary (.braw). Some 150GB in size for less than an hour of footage. Plus because it is RAW you get a washed out video that needs color grading/editing. This made it nearly impossible for us to share these files and edit them. I can’t even play these files in Linux without their proprietary/licensed codec. To edit I had to install the trade-based Davinci Resolve video editor, the editor made by the same company that made the camera that Zach was using. And the recording from Zach was missing a few bits here and there.

Look, call me crazy but I think it is insane to make the digital media so enormous. 4k, 8k, raw and whatever K, in my mind they make no sense, unless you are BBC filming a nature documentary all around the world and presenting it on large screens in cinemas… I am not trying to be mean, and Zach if you read this post please be open minded and do not take it personally. We need to be mindful about the fact that the digital too has a real impact on resources: pollution, waste. You know you have to store large files on physical hardware, and transport, and download, and backup. Energy consumption, manufacturing, waste. Multiply with billions of times and you get a massive impact. Plus it is impractical, especially when these formats are locked-down.

Anyway. Zach was very patient and shared with us the files.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-21-1024x599.png

He also recorded the audio from a stage mic, separate form the one we were holding for the presentations. Because of that it recorded with a lot of echo. The audio was attached to the videos so it was again difficult to deal with them because you had to, well, extract the audio from those super massive-in-size videos.

Therefore we were left with Roma’s recording, with the mic from the camera itself. As you may imagine, a lot of echo and background noise. I really wanted to take my lavmic with me, but I was SURE they will record directly from the presentation mic itself….

I wanted to give you all of these details because the presentation that you will see has a bad audio…and we really tried to improve it but it is kinda impossible to make it sound well. I worked for the past weeks on this ZDay presentation and that’s only because I had to deal with the above issues. Else I would have made this article a lot sooner.

Basically we ended up with two presentations. One from Roma’s camera: video and audio. And one a mix between Roma’s and Zach’s footage and recordings. Whatever you like best….

Here I am on the stage:

I was not nervous really. People were asking me about that. It is because I know what I want to say and the things I was presenting are important and real. For me this is not a presentation, it is me talking to people about some really fucking important things! Why would I be nervous?

Ok here’s the Roma-based presentation:

And this is the Roma-Zach-based presentation:

I think the analogy with evolution works wonders. And it gives people a great visual of all that we are trying to say and achieve. It worked out a lot better than I expected. I thought about this analogy while we were recording for TROM II, but I didn’t include it in the documentary because it was a spontaneous thing and not so well thought as this presentation. In a way I think this presentation is a very well explanation of what we do at TROM. Maybe the best and shortest presentation about TROM.

It seems that many people really liked it. So that was super fantastic.

After my presentation there were a few video remote presentations. Basically pre-recorded videos that we would watch. I want to briefly mention this one about Humania. I’ve heard about this project a month before ZDay. Now, I cannot show you the presentation because where can I find it? But I was aware of them presenting this project before I went to Prague. Someone even sent me their slides. I looked over the project and I want to say a few things. For one I am quite sure that the people behind it are good people. One of them, Ziad, is someone I worked with on TROM for several years. I was so surprised to see him involved in this. Ziad helped me rebuild TROMsite and VideoNeat several times. We spent many nights working online on these projects. He was always so kind and very computer-smart. Anyway, I am happy to see him active because he kinda disappeared a few years ago. We haven’t talked since then.

Now, Humania….it is a project that wants to build a community, kinda like TVP. This is their “3D planning”:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-29-1024x603.png

They even had to start the presentation by saying that “No, it’s not The Venus Project…” 🙂 – well if you see their presentation then this is kinda the Venus Project…but should not matter. What matters is that I’ve heard about these projects hundreds of times for the past decade. And none survived. None went beyond some Google Docs and some 3D models. And I am not saying this in a mean way, I wish these people had the resources to do something, but I am FRUSTRATED at this approach overall.

TVP made people dream about new worlds, built almost like in parallel with this one. Dome houses, maglev transport, circle-shaped cities, automation, etc.. I am quite sure Fresco was not that naive to think that this is the future, and he said it a bunch of times actually. But people started to focus more and more on these technologies. And forgot the message: this monetary system (trade system more exactly) is the source of most problems. This is a long conversation to have and we made several TROMcasts about it, but in essence I now realize that people got the wrong message and they fantasize about building a new city to prove how a new society looks like. TVP itself jumped on this train for the past many years, to the point of sounding like a cult.

My frustration is with the fact that people focus too much on these fantasy lands that are at best some simplistic 3D models, while ignoring the real things and progress that we can do today. The volunteering, the open source, the organizations helping others, and so forth. We NEED to work with these in order to change something! TVP made people ignore these real and realistic approaches because they think that these approaches are patchworks.

Anyway watch our TROM II documentary to see what I’m talking about in terms of a realistic approach to maybe change this society.

So I was a bit concerned that after my presentation which was about real things, the Humania presentation will make people fantasize again about things that do not exist, nor will they ever exist in that manner.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-23-1024x705.png

We had a Q&A where people would kind of push this sort of mentality a bit and I answered a few questions. I would love to show you that, but only Zach recorded it and I do not have the mental resources to extract all of that from the .BRAW files….maybe I’ll do it one day, but I tried to explain these things in the Q&A. There weren’t many questions tho, and not a lot of engagement.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-31-1024x565.png

But after the Humania presentation I quite enjoyed the TZM Italy video presentation that was very down to earth, about sharing and communities that were real:

How they organize sharing events and stuff like that. They were a lot more in tune with TROM I would say than any other at the event.

Overall I really enjoyed it and except for the recording part, everything was really well put together.

After the event.

After the event was over we spent an hour or so at the same place and many people came to talk to me. They told me they knew about TROM and were impressed by how active we still are. It was a great feeling to meet such people. All of them were very nice, very chill, it was so cool to have important discussions with so many people. You see, I said that I was surprised to see so few people attending, but after the event was over I was so happy there weren’t more than 30 or so, because it would have been chaotic after the event. I enjoyed the after-event a lot more than the event itself, because I got to talk to these people. I talked so much that I could not even go pee haha. I was glued there.

Man….I don’t know how to put it in words, but I felt like I was part of something. Physically. These were people that I didn’t know, and yet they were very much aware of the things I was talking about for years now. We could click immediately.

This is Lenka:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-25-1024x682.png

She came because she got our TROM Newsletter about the event. She is from the Czech Republic and was living in Prague. She recently watched the TROM II documentary and got to know about TROM from one of her friends, Benji. Benji follows TROM from almost the beginning of it all, but he could not come unfortunately. We clicked with Lenka within minutes, as if she was our friend for years now. From discussions to jokes, from how kind she is to how down to earth she is.

We also met Ante, from Croatia.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-26-1024x680.png

His tshirt was saying “f*ck capitalism” and that made him a welcome friend in our group. haha. He was so nice, friendly, and I really enjoyed the conversations we had.

Cihan, Cliff, Kristina, and a bunch of others were such great people.

We went out to eat something after the event, and spent a few hours passionately talking to each other. I got to talk a lot with Cihan and Cliff (one of the main organizers of the event). We talked about this approach of building communities, or not building them. About TZM, activism, TROM, and more. Unfortunately there were a few people with who I did not talk much, and I thought we will the next day when we should have met again. But not all came for the next day meeting. It is unfortunate because I really wanted to talk to all of them.

I was so tired by midnight. So we headed home.

Next day, fun day.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-32-1024x578.png

We went to meet for one last time with everyone else. Zach also wanted to interview me for a film/documentary he is working on. He is traveling to many places and interviews “activists” or people who have something important to say I suppose. He understands, like we do, that this is a fucked up society, and why it is fucked up; and the guy is very active trying to make people aware of this, but he’s also aware of how many good people are in the world and how we could think about change. And he wants to put these people in the spotlight.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-33-1024x572.png

I had some more discussions with him and Arjang (the guy at the piano – he is good at that), but we had to say goodby. Both of these guys do their own thing and I am very happy to see that. Maybe we can collaborate in the future. Videos, projects, podcasts, discussions.

We met with the few rest again and went to eat something. Unfortunately only a few were present this second day, because the rest had to leave. But overall lengthy, funny, interesting discussions that lasted for hours at this Indian restaurant that could have killed me if I were to touch any of their foods, even if only with my bare hands.

The less hectic and more calm parts of my journey were here. Aaron had to go home unfortunately, and I, Rafa, Vicky, Roma and Ante, went to Roma’s place for some chill time. We ordered some pizza and had lenghty and really interesting discussions.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-35-1024x736.png

I hope to meet Ante again because I really liked the guy. We exchanged contacts and I will for sure contact Ante at some point.

Vicky and Rafa had to leave the next day. These guys were the glue for all of us because they are kind and hug everyone.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-53-1024x724.png

Vicky is so funny with her “custom” English, she makes us all laugh so hard. She says “Fucking shit!” so many times, and with her Spanish accent it is hilarious.

One time we were talking about Rafa’s parents and I ask her “How do you get along with Rafa’s father?” and she said, in a cute and spanglish-voice “Oh I love your father!”. hahahah. She always mistakes the mine, yours, their, he, she. And that’s so funny. One time she showed us a butterfly, because she is studying about insects, and she said “This boterfly es dangeros.”. And I was like “Hmm….doesn’t look like it.”. “No, she is dangeros!” – she said, and she quickly pulls up the translation app on her phone to make sure she said it right, and while typing I see the translation “This butterfly is in danger of extinction.”. hahahah

She is so funny. And Rafa too. And so homie. Chill. Nice. Always lovely to meet them!

The next fun and awesome days.

I already feel nostalgia while writing about this, and that’s a good sign that I enjoyed it so much. The next days we met with Lenka, and we had such a nice time together.

We went to the Illusions museum.

And it was very confusing and fun.

I want to emphasize on how well we got along with Lenka because it was so surprising to feel so comfortable with someone that you just met. And the wonderful message I got from her friend Benji. It would be a great shame if we were not to meet again, Lenka, and I cannot accept not meeting you Benji. We have to!

Lenka took us to some nice places outside the city center, because she also hates these crowded places and she likes the nature more. I think the saner you are, the more you gravitate towards this, because crows usually means tourists and consumption. Also pollution, waste, concrete jungles.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-38-1024x747.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-39-1024x749.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-40-1024x753.png

We talked a lot lot, and we laughed a bunch 🙂

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-41-1024x757.png

I spent my days relaxing and working on my laptop from the great comfort of Roma’s apartment. Unfortunately Roma had to work every day. That made me quite angry because this guy should not be forced to work on things that he does not want to work on. No one should! I fantasize about him being able to take his skills and come join TROM fully….and who knows maybe it can happen. This guy works so hard to take care of his parents, it is quite inspiring. And he had to come alone to Europe from Russia, and create a life for himself and manage a lot of things. He got his shit together believe me! Down to earth, organized, calm and sticking to his plans!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-42-1024x689.png

My friendship with Roma got really strong and real. We are not friends anymore, we are brothers. We have so many things in common. On top of our TROM-Discussions I can talk for hours with Roma about tech, because we are equally fascinated by it.

Let’s visit Aaron!

Believe it or not but I’ve never traveled with a train. And Aaron was 2h away with the train….2 plus 2 equals Dresden. Let’s take the train to Aaron!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-43-1024x762.png

I honestly very much enjoyed the train ride. It was quite nice inside and the ride is so smooth I never felt like I was going somewhere. In the car or the bus you can get sick pretty easily (at least I do) if you stay on your laptop, or talk to people and not pay attention to the road. Because it is too snakey….But with the train it’s so much nicer!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-44-1024x749.png

We stayed at Aaron’s nice place, in the attic basically. And I’ve said it so many times but Aaron is one of the most chill and nice dudes I know.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-45-1024x713.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-49-1024x748.png

We would spend only 2 days in Dresden but it felt like 4 to me. Aaron took us around to visit the place. We went to a nice park and we played table tennis:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-46-1024x703.png

And saw some weird places…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-47-1024x720.png

I was surprised to see how in Germany people are very keen to share, to do open source projects, and so on. Look at this place:

Places like these should be everywhere. You would also see cardboard boxes with stuff all around the city, where people would put stuff for others to grab. I love this mentality. And the icing on the cake was when Aaron took us to this Hackerspace. These spaces are basically, from what I understand, meant to allow anyone to come there for free and work on their projects. Take a sit, connect to the internet, grab a drink, even cook some fucking food….all for free. They even had lots of tools to repair your devices:

I talked to one of the guys “in charge” of the place and he was so nice and down to earth. They were working on some software to help the refugees/ukrainians find a place to stay in Germany, and on other projects too. The guy never had a job and he was saying “If you take care of your mother, is that a job?”. I immediately loved it. They get it. We should not have “jobs” but focus on the things that we consider as important and not expect anything in return for that. Enjoy the things that we do. As simple as that! I talked to them about TROM too.

It was such a cozy place. I am grateful to Aaron for taking us there. I loved it. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of such spaces in the world. Here’s a map:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-50-1024x435.png

We even worked a bit to fix Aaron’s laptop. Glue, tools, space. No one asks you anything. Go do it!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-51-1024x568.png

You know there are so many people around the world that understand we should take care of each other and be good humans, and fuck this consumerism! That gives me some hope. We need to find them, tell them about TROM too, share the views, discuss, promote, and scream louder together.

The next day Aaron took us around some nice, more nature-oriented places. We had something good to eat, then we headed back to Prague.

I spent 2 more days with the awesome Roma and I really felt relaxed and unusually for me, at home.

I really enjoyed it. The ZDay was well organized and I met new wonderful people, my best friends came with me for the event and I made new friends there. I was treated so well by Roma that I cannot thank him enough. And we visited some very cool places too.

I hope that at least some people got curious about what we do at TROM, and who knows maybe join us, even invite me to other events to present it. If I have the money and means I will go. I am fearless 🙂 I go anywhere now haha.


I am however extremely happy to be back home. I was missing Sasha and she is still my wonderful-one. It is such a shame she could not come. Work, papers…bullshit. I hope if there is a next time we will go together. I hope Georgi can also come, and other TROM friends!

You know, I am happy to live in a very small town….

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-52-1024x762.png

I went at the beach the next day, and I was reflecting back at how big cities are not meant for humans. Both Prague and Dresden are too big….You want go meet your friends? 30-40 minutes with the public transport. Wanna go to a park/forest? You have to cross many streets and walk for quite a bit, or take again the public transport for half an hour. Cars, trams, buses, subways….many people, all busy. A huge rush. A lot of buildings, a lot of concrete. I was missing the quietness, the nature, the calmness, the fucking trees, the fucking sea. HELLO fucking NATURE!

And it is so expensive in big cities. I spent so much money. Here I never spend money when I go out. Here, when I go out, I go directly into he “out” where I want to go. The beach is 5 minutes away, the mountain is 10. Forest is 20. And that’s barely crossing any streets. And it is so empty and quiet when it is off season. I was missing that a lot. I got so tired in Prague because of so many people, all almost running somewhere. I do not think humans should live like this. Luckily Roma stays outside of Prague a bit. And it is calm there. Thank fuck! I am happy for him!

Maybe it’s just me but I could never live in a big city.

This was the first time I went somewhere to present TROM and I will not forget this experience for a long long time. But trust me when I say this, 70% of the success of this experience (for me) is because of how well Roma treated me. If I were to feel uncomfortable, and it doesn’t take much to make me very uncomfortable, then everything else would have been a painful experience. Thank you man!

This event inspired me to think about creating our own yearly event, like the Trade-Free Yearly Event where we invite many organizations and people from around the world to give speeches/lectures, even have some workshops to for example showcase TROMjaro and so on. Wild ideas for now….but making a 14 hours documentary in 2011 was also a wild idea. Even doing the TROM Meeting, or TROMjaro…. So maybe, maybe we will do this….

Stay tuned! Follow our work at because we are hellishly active!

Thank you again to everyone who organized this ZDay, overall I loved it! Any sort of criticism I said in this article is in fact not that important, and at the end of the day the overall experience matters and that was fantastic!

Thank you!

TROM II rebooted + awesome help

TROM II rebooted + awesome help

These past 2 months we (me and Sasha) were able to make some money like we said we should. I was able to make 3 websites for (my new webdesign website meant to help me financially). But that is not enough. Luckily people like Guil, Roma, Aaron and a few others helped the project financially. There is an anonymous donor via LiberaPay (and I suspect is someone I know 😀 ) who donates like 250 Euros a month for many months now….this is an incredible help. There are some who still donate via Patreon, and recently Guil, who we met a few months ago in person and is a long-time follower of TROM (follower sounds bad I think, but he knows about TROM for like 10 years now), helped us tremendously. He donated a ton of money.

And yesterday Roma, the awesome friend, donated 500 Euros…. I met Roma once and I swear he is so fuckin nice! We will meet again this year I hope. Can’t wait!

Me, Aaron and Roma eating some pizza at the beach 🙂

How’s the money situation?

The thing is, that’s the only roadblock….Motivation? I have! Ideas? I have! I have everything except money to provide me with a basic existence.

Sasha managed to get a “job” for these summer months. We do not know exactly how much she is paid (because no one tells you really) but maybe over one thousand a month, which is great. She is so tired but she does some things that she also enjoy, like seeing the underwater world. I hate to see her so tired…we only see each other 1-3 hours a day max. She comes home, she eats, she goes to sleep. That’s all. Such a waste of a wonderful brain. But it is only for 2-3 more months max. She then will release her book and a video series about hiking through the Pyrenees, which will be posted on our Peertube. Awesome series. Many hours long.

This is her, hiking alone for 2 months with a huge backpack.

So. Money?

As I calculated last night with the latest donations and the WebApe monthly support, so all the money we currently have, we are fine. I think. Now we contribute 200 Euros a month for the house bills, but starting October it will jump to 400-450 because my sister will move and me and Sasha will have to split all of the costs with my parents. Even in that situation we will have money up until February I guess. Which is great! These latest donations helped a ton.

If she is to work these 2-3 months and gets paid well, we can go till June or so, next year. Which is great. Again there might be other donations in the meantime and such. Or more expenses also….

But for now we seem to be good. However if you can help us financially that’ be fantastic. Any donation is important. The way we calculate our money is to pay the bills and buy food. Nothing else. So if we need some extra money we are fucked :D.

But I want to scream so loud and say: fuckin’ amazing that there are still people out there who see a ton of value in TROM and help the project (and myself) financially. But also in other ways. Take Alexio, Aaron, Roko, these people help with making new videos, translating stuff, help with TROMjaro, VideoNeat, and more. So awesome. We have a great relationship.

So. The money situation is ok. Next?


Last night, before realizing I got 750 Euros in donations from Roma and Guil, I already decided to start the work on TROM II. I worked for several hours already. Then when I saw the donations I was mind-blown…I was like “Yeah, that’s it. We do it!”.

A 2 months break from the documentary is quite good actually since I now can see it with a different mindset. Let me detail a bit the TROM II work and approach. So, the first part is about us, more personal. Us as humans, and us as enculturated creatures. I will show you some bits, for the first time. They are only from the first part. The second part I think is even more interesting. And the next 2 probably even more haha.

This is a sample from where Sasha explains, so fuckin great, about us, the humans. How we evolved. Because I always want to put it in perspective. I cannot simply talk about our society if I do not talk about the evolution of the Universe. So I wanted that in the documentary. We NEED to realize our place in the Universe.

Sasha is amazing when she explains about the natural world, from how awesome it is to how we fuck it all up. She really prepared for the interviews. She also has some great personal stories that we use in the documentary.

Georgi (Gia) talks about the kindergarten and how humans make these little creatures then send them to these institutions for most of the time. This is too small of a sample to get an idea about the message, but it is an example of how I have edited this documentary. I have focused a lot of sound effects too. If you listen carefully you get these little sound effects for transitions and such. And visuals. I made pretty much everything in Kdenlive. I learned a lot!

Gia has a lot of photos/footage from her childhood and she focuses on these personal stories a lot. This is great to have since the documentary will be a mesh between personal stories and hard-core statistics. Plus some rants and such :D. She does a great job explaining about the past, the influence of media, her life, and so on.

In the same fashion Aaron explains about school and puts it in perspective with the universe. Notice the planets I added to the video and the sound effects. These are recorded by me. Sirius, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter and its moons. I used my telescope and a special camera to record. This is a sample of “realism” and “genuine” that I wanted from this documentary. I do not use stock footage at all. I use real footage, either from our collections or from documentaries.

Aaron is great at explaining this trade and trade-free ideas. Many examples, loads of great explanations, so calm, so easy to follow. He did fantastic.

Next is Dima talking about the influence of movies. Exactly after this bit I made a really great (in my view) mix with Dima “fighting” haha, and then sequences from movies where we see the same behaviors, and then a collection of loads of movie scenes that influenced us in the 90s. In essence to showcase with visuals, how movies are so influential of what we think is ok, cool, harmful, funny, and so on.

Dima has some great personal stories too, and does a really great job at explaining this influence of media, especially since he is a musician for so many years and knows a lot about this.

Lastly it is me. In this bit I explain how I got influenced by the computer and Internet era. I have lots of footage with me from when I was like 5. That helps so much to explain and see how the environment influenced me. I have some really great footage from my childhood that fits perfectly in this documentary. Like this is literally my first computer I had. Someone from France who visited us gave it to us. The Internet was limited to 30 minutes a day and you had to connect it through the landline phone.

I remember downloading internet pages (websites) so that I can have them when I was offline :D. I was browsing the online, offline. As you may imagine I talk the most in this documentary. And by the way nothing is scripted. We never read from anything. We did have notes tho so we don’t forget some stats, but that’s all. I wanted this documentary to be very genuine. Us talking to you.

It is more than this!

We talk about the evolution of trade and societies, other currencies, the idea of trade and trade-free, the complete destruction of our environment, and so many things. This is a MASSIVE work. But I feel like it is something special with it. You have to understand that I personally am influenced/moved by certain attitudes: that of Jacque Fresco, of like ranting and saying things as they are. That of Carl Sagan and how wonderfully he explained the Universe. That of George Carlin and his dark humor. That of Richard Feynman and his excitement of the natural world. That of Adam Curtis and his kinda creepy/weird/eerie way of making documentaries. I am influenced by all of these and so this documentary will be sprinkled with such “attitudes” (views) however you may call them.

I tried to use only or mostly music that is more original and copyright free. Footage that is genuine and not stock. And to also leave it more clean: us talking to you. Simple. On top of this I really struggle to make it interesting in terms of audio effects. They add up to the story.

Releasing when?

Now that I have officially started to work on it again I may finish it this year. The first two parts are 90% done. I have to add some new footage to them, so it may take me a few weeks to finish these two parts. Maybe a month. Both of these parts are an hour and a half each. And there are two more parts, same length. These last two parts are only done in terms of cutting and story-line. But I have to add the music, footage, effects, etc.. They may take a month and a half each to finish…..maybe even 2 months each. Hard to say now. But I am excited!

This can be a great documentary to introduce people to TROM and we can use bits of it to share individually. I also have 2 more recordings with me trying to explain it all in 1 go. Those will be published after the documentary is done.

I have a lot of work to do, but I am super excited about it. TROM is not dying off like most such organizations/movements out there. TROM is thriving: new documentary soon (a big one some 6 hours long), TROMjaro,, VideoNeat, our TROM videos and TROMcast, TROMnews, and sooo on.

I’ve been doing this for some 12 years now. I will keep on doing it.

A massive thanks to everyone who is still around TROM, helping out in any way they can. Even if they are not engaged, them being there and interested in TROM is fantastic. And if you can still donate to TROM, by all means here’s where you can do it. Any donation goes into TROMfuel. Keeping this project alive and relevant.


If you want to know when we will release TROM II the best way is to go to, scroll to the bottom, and choose how to follow us:

The Newsletter is the least noisy one. I send a few newsletters a year only when we release something new or there is something super important I need to talk about.

That’s all for now. I am excited!

Bye bye MusikWave. Hello alternatives!

Bye bye MusikWave. Hello alternatives!

Today I am closing down I started this website a few years ago just so that I could listen to music, ad-free. And for others who want that too. I do not listen to music much, but I detest the trade-world we live in where nothing can be provided for you, unless you give something back, be it your dineros, attention, data, or whatever.

But musikwave was using a template that I bought from a genuine website, and because of “copyright” issues it seems, it was removed from there. Thus getting no updates for years, so parts of it were not working. I highly customized this theme but it was beyond me to do more than that.

I later on moved all of our websites from Dreamhost to Contabo, and managed them by myself, cutting the cost per server power to 10 times or more. I was paying around 50 Euros for a server with 4 cores, 4 GB of RAM and 120 GB SSD. Now, for 50 Euros I have 2 servers. One with 8 cores, 30GB of RAM and 800 GB SSD, and another one with 10 cores, 60GB of RAM and 1.6 TB SSD. So you can imagine the price difference when you manage your own servers….

Anyway. I moved all websites there but could not move musikwave since it was built for Apache and our servers run Nginx. So the structure of our new server universe could not handle it. I chose the cheapest Dreamhost subscription to keep musikwave alive, but still paying some 7 Euros a month. I announced that I will close it many months ago, and the time has come.

Bye bye my friend….you were great and almost 2 thousand people used you. But it is time to retire because you are old, and I am broke. You do not work well anyways, and there are better alternatives out there.

Nuclear Player

Musikwave was great because it was streaming music directly from youtube, and thus the music gallery was far better than that of any music streaming platform out there. And you could easily make multiple playlists and add music to them. Nuclear does all of this and more:

I was surprised to hear from the developers that they got partially inspired by Musikwave when they designed Nuclear. So awesome! I won’t go into details but this one is the best and it is an app you can install on your computer. For TROMjaro users it is as simple as going here to our TROMjaro app library, and click install. For others just go on their website and grab it from there and read more about its features.

It can even play local music. Has a music visualizer like Windamp back in the days, plus it can stream not only from youtube but from different other sources. It is my Musikwave replacement!


This is a very simple player that plays music from youtube. As simple as that. TROMjaro users can find it in the Add/Remove Software – so easy!. It is called “audiotube-git”. Others can grab it from here.


It is similar to the above, but even more simplistic.

TROMjaro users can again find it in Add/Remove Software by the name “youplay”. Others can go here and install.

Perhaps there are other players too, but these are the ones I know and are trade-free. Clean, no ads, no data collection, no sign-up, no bullshit!

Bye Musikwave! 🙂

Should I moderate

Should I moderate

I’ve been debating in my head, and discussing with others, about moderating

And here are the difficulties I am confronting with:

1. I hate censorship

I moved away from Youtube and Facebook, not only because they are ad-networks and data-collectors (awful platforms to grow your project ‘inside of’, or to use for personal motives), but also because they have removed/censored some of our TROM content. We are not even talking about conspiracies here, but simply nudity, copyright, or “hate speech” and the like. And if you know TROM, we do not make porn 🙂 (as if that’s so bad in the first place), nor do we instill violence. We make educational content, and at times we talk about sexuality, or touchy subjects. But we always source our claims and we do so via scientific and well know sources, nothing shady at all. Like Wikipedia level, wtf. As for the copyrighted content, yes, we have used in the past such materials to create videos, but we make no profit out of anything, it is simply for educational purposes and we source the materials we use as much as we can.

So our videos have been removed several times, and our Facebook account banned for up to 1 month. You have to understand that Facebook banned me for like posting an image with text from Wikipedia explaining what viruses are and how they infect us. 100% scientific. That’s the level of censorship we experienced. Ridiculous and wrong.

2. We have limited server disk space

So now we moved to Peertube and Friendica, alternatives to Youtube and Facebook. At first I used some instances I found and I was still not 100% comfortable with that, since these instances were also moderated and I was concerned they may ban us in the future. Like wtf is so bad about nudity that everyone bans it? I find it a lot more harmful when people post positively about cryptocurrencies since these currencies, along with any other, create a lot of harm. And is not like we post nudity a lot – it is rare and only if we talk about human behavior. But it may be enough for these instances to ban us. So I created my (our) own instances.

Now I feel 100% comfortable that no one can ban/censor our content.

I said I am going to let anyone post anything on these instances, because I do not want to become like the ones I hated when I was using their platforms. And so these instances of ours fit very well under our trade-free initiative/idea. We did it! But….

Creating a video platform requires a powerful server and a fuck ton of disk space. I didn’t want to limit the upload quota because I know from experience that this is going to make people not use it. I mean….if I make videos and your instance only allows me to upload 5GB, or even 50GB….I cannot think to seriously use it since I have a limited quota and when I reach the quota what happens? This is not at all appealing.

We have a very good server but not as much disk space. We have a 1.6TB SSD. It is already 50% full after just a few months of the release. We have a lot of services on that instance, see Out of the 800GB that are full, some 600GB are due to Peertube videos. So Peertube is the greatest offender.

Luckily Peertube developers are working now to make it much easier to add an external storage to your instance, and when that is released we could buy a lot more storage. From my calculations some 2TB for like 10 Euros a month. That’d be fantastic and this way we can always expand the storage space at a cost. But it will take time for them to properly implement it (months), and time for us to set it up and test, and then move all of the files there. Plus….I am broke so….

Therefore, storage space is a BIG problem.

3. We are the trashcan of Youtube and Facebook

Even if I could expand the storage space now, at 0 costs, the problem is that we have become the trashcan of these big platforms. The vast majority of people who use these alternative platforms, from what I can tell, are not people like us who got a few videos/posts censored out of thousands, and censored for very questionable reasons; No! The people who come to these alternative platforms are not using them because they had enough of this ad-driven, data-collection BS that Facebook and Google is doing; No! The vast majority of people who come to these platforms are the craziest of the craziest. The ones that post about things that are unreal and create harm. Like the ones who deny the existence of reality basically. Those who are against vaccines, say the earth is flat, accuse others of drinking the blood of children, and a vomit overall of politics, conspiracies, and trolling. At times you see people coming to Peertube who got booted out of these platforms because they were uploading a lot of copyrighted materials, such as movies and series.

Unfortunately this is the situation right now. Most of the videos posted on our Peertube are either batshit-crazy videos, or copyrighted movies/series. So, do these people “care” about a censorship-free platform, or are they simply taking advantage of such a platform to spread their BS? Also, what if someone makes a website called “freemoviesforeveryone dot something” and uploads a ton of movies on our platform, to then embed them into their website to attract views? And their website is full of ads and scams, and they make money on the backs of our instance!? Is that ok?

Therefore, if the absolutely vast majority of content on our Peertube is batshit-crazy or stupid copyrighted movies, and overall I get the impression that we are used like a cheap prostitute while we pay for that, how can I be motivated to expand the storage space and keep this instance alive? You tell me!

I spent all of my life promoting science and sanity. Everything we do is so well sourced to the point of bleeding. I have created a website that curates very well made science documentaries/courses, or investigative-journalistic ones; another website that does the same for news/videos; and overall I am trying to be a sort of Carl Sagan or James Randi, or both, of the internet content. Should I now become a vessel for idiocracy!? All of the work I’ve put into creating and curating scientific and sane content, to be counteracted by our Peertube instance!?

4. Your content, my responsibility

So, even if we had infinite storage space, and I would not care about what users upload, the truth is that in today’s world I may be held accountable for the content you upload on MY server, for which I pay with MY OWN money and using MY OWN credentials. On top of that, I make local backups so if you upload some “illegal” videos, I then end up storing them on my own hard drives….

Think about this: someone will upload bunch of videos with little children being raped. They are now stored on my server and on my local hard drive. Should I honestly allow that to happen and risk it? Risking it and fighting for a Peertube instance that is full of crazy nonsense videos? Nah…. I honestly do not see it worth it.

So your content is, unfortunately, my responsibility regardless if I want it or not. This society won’t accept me saying “The content is the responsibility of the users.”. I wish this was the case, and I still argue strongly that the content is the responsibility of the user, but please understand that I subject myself to a plethora of adverse effects if I allow absolutely anything on the platform.

5. Your content, everyone’s responsibility

Lets say we have enough disk space, I do not care about what users upload, and I accept the legal risks associated with all of that. Even in such a scenario, our Peertube instance will become an isolated island.

Peertube federates with other Peertube instances in order to find more videos. But instance admins can block the federation with any instances they prefer. When you upload videos on our instance, these videos are likely to show up on other instances (not hosted there, but accessible there). Therefore, the admins of other instances will see that and eventually block our black-hole instance that’s fully of crappy videos. So, in the best case scenario we will become an island instance, something I really do not want to. Imagine that….to risk it and pay for an island full of crazy people. WTF….

So what should I do?

In my mind it boils down to only 2 main approaches: to moderate, or not.

To not moderate.

If I will go about not moderating AT ALL, then I have to consider the above points very seriously. So:

Limit the upload quota: I will have to limit the upload quota for all users, since our storage is getting filled up pretty quickly. And by limiting I mean some 5GB per user. This will make our instance very unappealing for those who are serious about creating video content. Also, I bet that crazy people will create hundreds of accounts to be able to upload more. So 1 crazy user can create multiple accounts and upload a lot of crap.

Moderation will be forced upon us: I will have to accept the risk that “Illegal” content or harmful, will be stored on my server and my local hard drives. This will create a lot of stress for me + eventually we will get into troubles forcing me to remove some of this content. So we will end up with moderation after all. Even 4chan or 8chan, websites that are known to host a fuck ton of crazy content (not even videos, just text and images mind you…) are moderating their black-holes of vomit-like-content. They were forced to. They then got banned from many tribes, and such. It is not an easy task to have such platforms. Especially a video platform.

We will become a silo of nonsense content: and this does not sit well with me. I do not feel motivated to fight for when I know it is 90% crazy people posting nonsense content.

To moderate.

If I am to moderate, then where will I stop with this? And how much work will it put on me?

Look, I really, REALLY, REALLY do not want to moderate such platforms. For one it defeats the purpose of them in the first place and the trade-free idea cannot be tagged to such a project. Second, moderating the content means that you accept the responsibility for it, and thus I feel like it makes me even more responsible for the content that users upload. Suddenly I am not a phone-line that connects people and sends data from one part to another, I am the host of a party in my own house and responsible for everything that anyone does inside my house. And this is not the role I want!

So I am concerned that moderating means that I accept the responsibility for the content uploaded on our Peertube, and this I strongly REJECT; and second it will transform me and the platform into a Youtube/Facebook like platform from this perspective. I will be biased in what I let or not on our platform, and it will give me more power over the content, which is BAD.

Let me give you some concrete examples. Lets say that I accept to moderate and I start removing the batshit-crazy channels with their videos. What is batshit-crazy? Canon? I’ll say it is for sure! Flat earthers! Yup. Humans being abused/killed? I’d say so, although what about documentaries/videos documenting such cases with good intentions!? Now things become muddy….what about hours-long podcasts that talk about crimes? Should I listen to them all and decide if they should be removed!? This is insane! How about videos talking positively about our very harmful trade-based society (form money, economy, to cryptocurrencies)? Should I let that on the platform? Form my perspective, no! Religion? That’s surely batshit-crazy. Where do I stop? I would also have to not accept any videos in foreign languages, only English. Because I cannot vet Chinese videos or whatever other language.


It is also concerning that if I start to moderate our Peertube, then I will create a precedent and maybe when we get invaded by crazy people on our Friendica, I will start moderate Friendica too….and this is quite unacceptable to me.

If you came here for an answer, I have none at the moment. We have created a poll to ask users about this dilemma. Please vote/comment there. We are also making 3-4 TROMcast episodes about this topic so that I can try and find an answer. First one we already released:

In 2 days we will have an interesting discussion with Sophia Moskalenko, an expert on radicalization and someone who is currently studying Qanon (Canon 🙂 ). I want to learn more from her about what drives these people and how can we approach this weird situation we are in. Then, in a few days we will have another discussion with some other admins of such instances and the developers behind Friendica, to ask them about this topic. What are their thoughts….

In an ideal world, it should not be me acting as the phone-line between you and you. So we should not have servers. We should broadcast our thoughts (via text, images, video, audio) directly to others from our devices. This is already happening with platforms like Scuttlebutt. It means that if I want to talk about whatever I want, and you want to listen to what I say, there should be a direct connection between us and no one in the middle. And if I think that what you say is batshit-crazy then I will simply not follow you and also block you so you can’t ever reach me. But no one has power to ban you from others. So then you don’t have a handful of people telling you what you are allowed to share or not, since everyone becomes their own personal moderators, stopping the content they do not want to see, from reaching their faces and ears.

With fast Internet connections nowadays, every computer can act as a server and even if you share a huge video, people should be able to stream it anywhere in the world. Considering that your devices are pretty much connected to the internet pipeline all the time, then your “server” is up and running all the time, available to send any request to anyone who is asking for that. And the connection between you and whoever wants to see your content should be encrypted. This way you can create your own unique place where you broadcast your thoughts and only those who want to listen, will listen. And the rest can simply choose not to listen…Simple!

These technologies are still in beta but I think this is the future, for better or for worse. But the same way that people argue that encryption is necessary despite the fact that some idiots use encryption to secretly plot terrorist attacks, I argue that directly broadcasting messages in any media form, to the ones who want to listen, should be a MUST despite the fact that many idiots like Canons would use these platforms to spread bullshit.

We have to go from:

YOU ———–> ME ——–> THEM


YOU ————————-> THEM


After I finished the post I thought about a great analogy. We, the ones running these small instances, are like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and the like when it comes to waste disposal. You know that rich tribes send most of their waste to these poor tribes, right!?

The idea of banning and censoring people online, is as good as that of shipping your country’s waste to Thailand, China or other poorer countries. Sure, you’ll say: “But look how clean US or Germany are….” Of course! Because you shipped all that waste to poor countries that are full of garbage. That’s how pretty much all websites do it nowadays. They ban many people, and these people end up on “alternative” social platforms that have to deal with this garbage and they do not have the resources of doing it.

And guess what happens? Thailand, Indonesia or other countries become a source of pollution: water, air, soil. And they dispose the waste into the oceans. And then US and other rich countries realize that the air is polluted, the water is, and so forth. Same thing happens online where these marginalized (banned) humans grow in numbers in these “alternative” places where they bake all kinds of crazy conspiracies, and these crazy ideas then end up again on the same social platforms that booted them.

The circle of “life”. Because much in the same way that waste is not a US or Germany problem, but a global problem that needs a global solution, online conspiracy theories are not a Facebook or Google problem, they are global internet problems. And both cannot be solved if we move the trash from one place to another, just to keep our backyard clean. The same garbage will become worse and bite you in the ass eventually.

So keep these in mind. Humans should take the time to understand these problems and deal with them. But who has time when everyone is busy trading trading trading. That’s all they know. More stuff, more stuff, more stuff. We are doomed!


Unfortunately we lost the recording of our TROMcast with Sophia….this is the reason why. Basically I forgot to tell Peertube to save the recording after the live ends…it was such a shame because it was a great podcast. In the followup TROMcast that just ended a few hours ago, I tried to summarize the key points of that episode. You can watch it here (we had 2 guests, the main developers of Friendica):

I think the description of this TROMcast is also relevant so I’ll drop it here:

In this episode we will discuss about moderating the fediverse. Is it different from the online moderation in general? Is it even effective? What about the technicality of it?

Our guests are Hypolite Petovan and Michael Vogel, some of the lead developers of Friendica and instance admins themselves.

NOTE: We have lost the recording of our last podcast. We had a great discussion with social psychologist Sophia Moskalenko about “Qanon, and the like”. In this episode we will try to summarize our discussion and the most important points. But we recommend that you follow her work.

About her

We recommend the following interviews:

– TFTRH – Mia Bloom and Sophia Moskalenko: Pastels and Pedophiles

w/Mia Bloom, Sophia Moskalenko, Kim Kelly, Hadas Thier & Kate Willett | The Nomiki Show

– Inside the Mind of QAnon Believers with Dr. Sophia Moskalenko

– Sophia Moskalenko on “Radicalization and Martyrdom”

Her Twitter account:

We’ve also had some really great discussions at our TROM Chats about this topic. I highly recommend you join our Matrix Spaces. More info here. After all of this I think I have made up my mind, but I will still thinker about it till the end of this month when I’ll announce what’s my final decision.


I will moderate Sorta. Maybe. Am I?

Here’s how I am approaching it: from the beginning the website was labeled as “science/technology/activism”. I knew that this instance will be invaded by crazy people so I labeled it in a way that I would like this instance to be about. But guess what? Many users did not respect it. It is a trade-free video platform for science/technology/activism videos. So if you post pseudoscience, or politics, or movies, and such, then you do not respect our website’s thematic. I do not ban or moderate you, I simply remove the videos that do not find in those categories. It is simple. If we made a trade-free websites about cats and you start to post about dogs, then fuck off honestly….why are you such a big-dick!?

This way, I do not feel any guilt in removing the 80% of the videos hosted on our instance. Since they posted dogs. Worst, they posted dead raccoons.

That’s all I’m telling you at the moment since we will explain in detail in our next (and last) TROMcast about the topic. Should be in a week or so.


Final decision: our Peertube is a thematic instance and it was so from the beginning. Science/Technology + Activism that needs to fall into those two categories. Plus, English based content only. Simple! Please respect that. Here’s my latest video update:

I want to get over this so I for now, and hopefully for the future, this is the final decision. I want to focus on TROM II and a lot of other awesome things.

The social ad-networks, the Fediverse, and my Live is back

The social ad-networks, the Fediverse, and my Live is back

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, now TikTok, the world is eaten alive by a few websites that pretend to want to “connect” people. They even call themselves “social” networks. In fact they are ad networks. We have a few such accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube (TIFY) and I am sick of them. So sick I created a TROM Live page where I started to post directly on the tromsite, forgetting about these ad-networks. But even when I was posting on TROM Live, we kept those TIFY adcounts updated through Hootsuite (a tool for which we pay) that allows us to schedule posts on all of those networks. It is like our livestock industry today. Just put more stuff out there, else the world seems to collapse.

This craze of nonstop eating nothingness has transformed the eaters and the feeders into untamed animals that seem to be unable to stop. I post, you watch. I post, you watch, I post, you watch. If I do not post, the TIFY AI will forget about me and not notify you. I cease to exist.

Thing is, if we stop posting on TIFY, then we go even deeper into the hole of silence, because TIFY wants something from you (data, attention, money), so they have created a cattle industry, where the milked cattle are people, and if you do not feed the cattle (as a “creator”) then no more cattle, and your ideas and projects will sink. Both of you are actually the cattle for TIFY, who milks you both, while you the creator milks others…endless fuckery.

I never wanted any of this, but when we released a new book for example, I liked to break it into “memes”. Images that I made with the bits of text I would grab from the new book. I saw it as an educational thingy. So I would make lots of them, and schedule them via Hootsuite on all of these networks. I NEVER duplicated any image/post. For the past year or so, we did not release any new book, so no more new memes. I kinda gave up to this posting-memes idea for educational purposes, especially since I feel it stronger and stronger that people who are on TIFY are too bombarded with shit to even make a difference if you try to post scientific and well made content. So what’s the point!?

Sasha kept these TIFY alive by reposting a lot of memes and videos for the past year or so, and she still wants to keep them alive. In the end, I agree, if is not much work and others can help with it…lets shoot in the dark and keep on posting there too. But I hate TIFY as much as I hate any company and charlatan. I don’t even want to type their url into any text field, that’s how much I hate these charlatans that are selling delusional ideas of “connectivity” and “sociability”, while the cattle are eating their vomit.

WHAT. TO. DO. !.?.

We have a bunch of projects:,,,, Except tromland and tromsite, the rest are very active. We post new stuff there. Plus, when we make a new video, or book, or have TROMcast….we need to let people know about these.

So. How to let people know about these things in a sane way and still keep the TIFY cancer fed, while not feeling disastrously depressed by using these tumors?


Posting updates on via an improvised chat, felt cozy, at home, but not at all interactive for anyone in case they wanted to reply, share, follow. It was mainly me going to my balcony and giving some updates to the empty town. At least that’s how I felt, which is cozy to me. But I get it…some people want to interact a bit, not in a TIFY way, but in a sane way. The answer is: THE FEEEEEEEEEEDIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEERSEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

It is difficult for me to explain what this is, and a mighty task to make you (the reader) as excited as I am. I will try to explain in the most simple way possible. So. Let’s use the Facebook example. Let’s imagine we make Facebook trade-free. That means, Facebook doesn’t ask anything in return (no trade) for the service that they provide. So, no more ads, no more data collection, no more making money from paid advertising. Nothing of that. Basically imagine a Facebook without 90% of its current content. It is like wanting to remove a tumor from a patient, but you realize that the tumor is a lot bigger than the patient. So you end up removing the patient. A tumor with a human.

Anyways. Trade-Free (TF) Facebook. Honest. No more bad incentives to make you stay on their platform. Why would they want to trap you into their world if they do not get anything back from you? So this TF Facebook allows you to create posts (text), share images, make albums, add videos, crate groups, pages, comment, share, etc.. And instead of being on, a copy of its software is installed on,,, and 50 more domains. Let’s call these “instances”. All run the same software, like imagine a barebone FB without any users, on multiple such websites. We start freshly new. GO.

You, the user (not a cattle this time), can choose whichever “instance” suits you best, because each instance is run by different people/organizations, and they can tweak their version of FB the way they want to. Of course, they are mainly the same, but some may not accept people who post their dick photos, while some do. Now, the user (not the cattle, again!), can choose which FB they want, and register an account there. There is no competition between these instances, mind you, since there is no incentive for that. If my instance has too many users and puts a toll on my server, I can tell people to go to other instances so that we disperse the load. The other instances are my friends.

BUT TIO, that means I LOSE my friends. I register here, to show my dick picks, but my friends register there…I can’t there…they don’t want here…we NEED TO STAY IN TOUCH.


Now that we have many instances, we connect them with each other by default. User A registers on FB.ORG, user B on FB.PENIS. But if user A searches for user B in their FB search, they find him. They can follow him, comment on his posts, and all that. As if user B is on FB.ORG, even tho is not. How is that possible? Don’t ask me, ask the Fediverse God.

So now we have multiple instances, each instance is a TF FB, each instance has some users (different from other instances), and all of them are connected. I, on this instance, can instantly communicate with you and others on any instances. This way, the power of FB is distributed. If I do not like one instance, I pack my bags and move to another one. Export -> Import. My contacts, messages, posts. All that. Like magic.



But there is a downside to this right? I mean….it has to be. It is slow. Unreliable. UWGLY…. ???
Actually no. And even if it may be a few minutes behind reality, it is still hardly noticeable from my experience. And guess what? There is more to this!
Imagine we do the same with Youtube. De-tradiffy it. Federate it. Many Youtubes, many domains. All communicating with each other. We do the same with Twitter and Instagram. Now, we have hundreds of websites (instances) of TIFY. TF-TIFY. Best part? Since they all use the same protocol (fancy word that means nothing for normal people, and a lot for programmers), they can communicate with each other. Me on Facebook can follow a Youtube channel and see its posts in my newsfeed. Even comment on it, reshare it, like it, and all that. Twitter users can communicate with Facebook users too. And instagram is useless anyways so probably they don’t care to communicate with neither, even tho is possible. A world where we connect all of these platforms.


If you think about it, this is how the Internet should work. Back in the days most, if not all websites had another “protocol” embedded underneath their skin: RSS. That was a “text” file that each website generated automatically, and it contained all of your latest posts or comments. So, if you wanted to stay up to date with what bigbunnyforgood.soemthing website was posting, you would grab its RSS feed (usually by adding the word “feed” after the url), and paste that into an RSS Reader. This program will then grab the latest posts from the bunny. You could choose any RSS Reader for the job. And add as many such websites to the mix.

Nowadays RSS is still alive, although youngsters probably think that’s a pornhub category like Rubber Sex Slaves or a subreddit, Racist Skinny Sluts. Not sure which one is which…. Anyhow, RSS is still an important protocol. Email is another such protocol. I can communicate with you via email even if your email is on, and mine is on It does not matter. Fediverse is like combining RSS with Email, and feed it magic mushrooms.

Examples of Fediverse tools: Friendica, Mastodon, Peertube, Pixelfed. Mix them up and we have PPFM, MFPP, PMFP…whatever. They are the TF and Federated versions of TIFY.

Peertube is a Federated Youtube, Piixelfed is a Federated Instagram, Mastodon is a Federated Twitter, and Friendica is a Federated Facebook. Of course, they are more than that, They are their own thing. They look different, work different. But, they are meant to be replacements for those ugly ones. I will mainly talk about Friedica since it is what we use to deal with our Social Dilemma.

Can’t help but notice that while writing for this blog, our latest post from Friendica is this documentary from VideoNeat, that’s about these big online companies taking over the world.

Friendica is so awesome I don’t even know where to start. For one the design is modern and so clean. Here’s how TROM’s pages look like on FB vs Friendica:

A very simple post composer, yet good enough to create long posts with some basic text editing. You can add multiple images, format the text, add links, location, add a post into a category, add tags or even mention friends or pages. You can create a full-blown post with this. Sure, with a simple design. What’ya’want’more?

Basic photo albums. You can comment on any photo, add tags and mentions, captions, or rotate them. Depends on the Instance, but from my tests you can’t add videos. Only from external sources in posts. Videos are images. But BIGGER. So ya’ need a BIGGER server for the job.

Events. We can use this for our TROM-Cast for sure. When we go live, and what hour. Add to the calendar. Share it. Tag, mention. Simple.

And for your page profile you can add as many fields as you want, with multiple websites, descriptions and such.

In the Settings you have great control over who to follow, how to see or not posts, how to post and where, export your data and all that. I won’t go into details, I’ll only highlight some of the features I love.

Your profile can be a page, a personal stream, an organization, a forum….different types, depending on your needs.

You can choose between several themes, or customize any of them. Colors, background image, opacity, and stuff like that. It is a minimal-based theming, but definitely a cool thing to have access to.

You can also choose between infinite scroll or pagination, you can disable the dislike buttons, or ban posts containing certain URLs or words.

You can connect to some social networks and cross post to them or from them to your Friendica, automatically or manually. For example, you can set up your WordPress website so that when you post to Friendica, it will create a post on your website.

You can even add “moderators” or “admins” to your pages, which is handy.

But all of this is not like “whoa”. It’s more like, yah….I’ve seen this before…remember MySpace? Hi5? What’s so cool about Friendica? Well, here’s where the amazing part comes, and it is because of the Federation.


These 3 contacts come from 3 different platforms. One is from Mstodon (a Twitter alternative), one from PeerTube (the good Youtube), and one from Friendica. The way I added them as friends is by copying their URLs or “handles” into the search box in my Friendica page. Friendica finds them, and I can follow them. I can send them private messages or see their posts in my newsfeed. As simply as it is on Facebook to search for contacts. Here is how posts from all of these contacts look like on my Friendica homepage (stream):

This is how a post from someone on Friendica looks like:

This is how a post from someone on Mastodon looks like:

This is how a post from someone on PeerTube looks like:

This is how a post from someone on Twitter looks like:

Aham. I said Twitter, because you can connect with Twitter if you have a Twitter account (in seconds) and you can see the posts in your feed and reply and all that from your Friendica. How to add a Twitter contact? Same as you add any, put the URL of a Twitter account in the search field and then click follow. Done.

So, you can follow and interact with people from the entire Fediverse, even from the non-federated Twitter, but there is one more neat thing about Friendica. Take any website, say, and paste that URL into the same search field. Guess what? If the website has an RSS feed (remember the Rare Skinny Sluts?), then you can follow that too. Here’s how an RSS post looks like:

Yah…same as any other posts…and if the website has a full RSS feed, then you can read the entire post in your news feed.

So, contacts from any Fediverse accounts, plus Twitter, plus RSS sources. All look the same. And you can interact with all just like you would do with any contact.

I will bore you for 3-4 minutes. bare with me tho, I need to vent this….

And the best feature for me, is this: in the settings of any user, you can opt in to automatically grab their posts and either reshare them, or post as your own. Why is this so cool? Because we have several websites that produce content daily, and I’ve set it up so that the RSS feed from these websites, is grabbed and posted as our page posts, automatically. This is so so cool. Federation + RSS is bliss. You can even contact people over Email through Friendica, but I won’t even mention that 😀 – it’s too much awesomness.

With all that in mind, this is how I am now managing all of these social networks, most of which are adcounts.

1. I created 2 Freindica accounts. One is my personal account and one is the TROM page. Both are managed by one single account. These are “identities” actually. One login. Two identities.

2. I setup,, and to mirror the RSS Feeds as our Friendica TROM’s page posts. So, whenever there is a new post on these, our Friendica TROM page will post about it.

3. Since there is no easy way to schedule posts on Friendica + we also have to keep the TIFY tumor alive (at least for now), I came up with a solution. We are still using Hootsuite to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, with the help of the amazing trade-free piece of software called RSS-Bridge, and our own TROMland instance. I can create an RSS feed for our Facebook page, and add it as a contact to our Friendica TROM page, and as above, mirror the posts as Friendica TROM posts. Now, our Friendica TROM page automatically pulls posts from our websites + our Facebook page RSS (scheduled posts). And, of course, whenever we need to post something directly there.

So, right now, if Sasha keeps on scheduling on Hootsuite, and I keep those websites updated, we will have an active TROM Friendica page.

Last cool thing. I’ll bore you a bit more.

Using our RSS Reader from, that is responsible for our curated news, videos, and such, I created a news feed for the Fediverse to use it as our TROM Live. It pulls posts from my personal Friendica and TROM’s Friendica + the TROM people I’ll add there. And, whenever I tag a post with , or anyone from TROM does that, or our TROM Friendica page does it, it will go to And to any page (click the top TROM logo).

Imagine this: I work on something for TROM and I post about my work on my personal Friendica profile. I tag it with , and it goes to our page. Aaron uses Mastodon and when he does something for TROM and wants to share, again tags his post with and it goes to the same place. Alexio, who is on Friendica, can do the same. And you can see on TROM Live who posts what and click our names to go to our Fediverse profiles and you can even follow us there. As cool as that. New TROM-Cast? Create a Friendica event, tag with . Goes on Friendica + TROM Live. Schedule something on Hootsuite that you also want to go to TROM Live? Just tag it with . Easy! And, for my own personal Live, because YES, IT IS BACK ->>>>, it is the same system only that all of what I post on my Friendica goes to my live. At times, I post stuff that is personal, so I would want only posts to go to TROM Live.

Basically we “manually” post on Hootsuite (mostly scheduled posts), to our websites (normal work for us), and to our Fediverse accounts. Seems like a lot, but I for one will 95% post on my Friendica account. That’s all. It is in fact a very simple and easy to manage “mess”. I move away from TIF, and I create a mega stream of content on TROM’s Friendica page. A Trade-Free place. A Trade-Free Social Network. Plus, keep our TROM Live updated + my Live. So you can either follow the hand or the jesus jump. Or both. And that’s all. No need to go anywhere else to see updates from us.

The technical part of the maze. Damn this will bore you to death, but may be useful for some.

a. I am using the Flow Flow paid plugin as our RSS Reader for and this website. I bought this one many years ago so I might as well use it. Download it from here for free. I set up a stream of TROM’s Friendica and my personal Friendica with Flow Flow + other Fediverse sources. Say Aaron is on Mastodon, so I grab the RSS feed for Aaron’s Mastodon because yes, Fediverse sources also have an RSS feed. How to find that? Ask around is easy.


b. I grab TROM’s and my Friendica RSS. This is actually an Atom Feed, similar to RSS. Looks something like this https://instanceurl/feed/username/posts.


c. Because the Flow Flow plugin doesn’t work with Atom Feeds, I need to convert it into an RSS feed. Unfortunately I have to use FeedBurner (by Google) to do it. Add the Atom url in FeedBurner and in the options click “convert” to RSS 2.0. Grab the new RSS url. That’s what you have to use. As a side-note, the developers of the Flow Flow plugin plan to implement Atom feeds support.


d. Flow Flow + Fediverse RSS feeds =  great. But, in order to only grab posts that contain , you have to add a filter in Flow Flow for each of the RSS feed you have added.


And that’s all.


Now, for TROM Live I had to add a HTML code to the page to refresh the page automatically every 10 minutes so that users don’t have to do it manually.


The downside for TROM Live is that it takes around 15-20 minutes for a post to go live. Say I make a post on my Friendica. It takes Friendica a few minutes to update the Atom Feed. Then the Atom Feed needs to be read by FeedBurner – FeedBurner checks it every couple of minutes. Once it grabs the update, Flow Flow must check it too. It checks every 5 minutes (you need to change the plugin code a bit to allow for 5 min – ask me in the comments if you need to). Once Flow Flow grabs the update, the Live Page must refresh (every couple of minutes).


I post on Friendica -> Atom Feed gets created -> FeedBurner reads it -> Flow Flow reads the FeedBurner RSS and filters by -> TROM Live gets refreshed with the new update. All automated so no sweat.

What you have to understand from all this, is that the Internet should work this way. The Fediverse way. If TIFY wouldn’t make a business out of the human cattle, keeping them trapped into their own garden, then they would for sure implement such tools. Why can’t I follow a Facebook page or profile, or Youtube account, without registering with these companies? Because that will hurt their business. TIFY is trade-based, so its sole purpose is to engage in trades with the users. Users are its clients. I give you a “social” platform, you give me your data. They are like any other store out there. If I sell tomatoes, but they are not as good as the ones in the shop next door, or I don’t have enough of them, I will never send you to the other shop. I’ll lose!

The reason Friendica and the like are so great, is because they are trade-free. They ask nothing in return from the users. They give you this platform, and grab nothing from you. Yes, at times you trade your freedom since you may not be allowed to post this or that (violence, gore, nudity, etc..), but these are smallish trades and you may find instances where they do not inject such rules. Also, we live in a fucked up world of mindless zombies and charlatans, so they can abuse such platforms. These rules are in place for that. When TIFY puts up such rules, they are usually to make their advertisers happy that their platforms are as clean as the inside of a disinfectant bottle, so they can advertise there in abundance.



I feel relaxed by using Friendica and knowing about the Fediverse. I need to keep my online life as clean as possible, in order to focus on the stuff I create and what I digest online.

It also goes to show how, with billions under their mattresses, TIFY created platforms that are technically inferior to what a handful of good humans created, with not even a fraction of a percent of the resources these TIFY giants have.

The moral of the story is this: if you create trade-free goods/services, it is very likely that you will create good quality and honest goods/services. Because there is no incentive for you to do “bad”. Imagine if these platforms would label themselves as “trade-free” so we can also educate humans about the problem that they are trying to address. Because in the end, these people created these platforms because they wanted to solve some problems: that of data collection, of proprietary software, of privacy, etc.. Problems that are in fact symptoms of our trade-based society. And I explained that in great detail in this book.

I understand that the vast majority of people will not use these platforms. The sad truth is that humans got so enculturated that they will hardly ever change. If you can’t change your online social network, how can you change anything in your life? Really. Is there anything easier than this? If humans can’t use a different Facebook, that is honest and so much better, when it exists, then there is no hope we will ever change anything in this world: how we distribute resources, organize our society, etc.. We will cling onto old notions and platforms. We will die on facebook, screaming about democracy, in a trade-based society that makes both of these, irrelevant, useless, illusionary, and at times harmful.

So don’t be one of the morons. If you really want to use a social platform, use Friendica or other Fediverse alternative. If you still have to use TIFY use it as a disposal machine. Just to put your “ads” there about your work. A necessary evil, but put gloves when you use it, like we do with Hootsuite. I am sure, one day, in the near future, I’ll close all of the TIFY. We ONLY use them to automatically share our work.

We are on TROMSITE.COM/LIVE. We are on FRIENDICA. We are on our personal websites. That’s all. The rest, we are not.

In a saner world, we would create stuff and not care how many people we reach. Who likes what we do. We just do it. And that’s what I’ve been doing all of my life. I care about my work and what I do and I enjoy that. The rest can fuck off. This is why I have the “courage” to go use another social network and won’t care much or at all if I will close all of the TIFY accounts. Our stuff is hosted on our servers or anyways. Our work and chats are done via NextCloud. I am using the tools I think are best and trade-free. We have lost lots of “followers” because of that. And I don’t care.

In the end, you have to enjoy what you do. Else you are a prostitute of a trade system, trading your stuff for currency, likes, reactions. Don’t be a sad cattle.

Make a Friendica account. I recommend you Takes a minute. Get familiar with it. Add me as your contact. Add others. You’ll be surprised how friendly the community is. Then add more contacts from the Fediverse, add RSS sources like our website, and all that. Ask me here if you need any help. And use to find other such Federated places in the digital universe.


Shortly after writing this blog post I realized that it is super uncomfortable for me to pat 12 Euros a month for Hootsuite to what? To post on those trade-based social networks? To then have those posts mirrored on Friendica? What for!? So I changed the plan. Friendica (TROM and Tio), both pages, are the ONLY ones I will touch. Instead of posting on Hootsuite that will send posts to Facebook, Insta, and Twitter, and then FB RSS to push to Friendica, I will do the opposite way. All posts from Friendica go to Facebook and Twitter automatically. Like so:

The biggest advantage is that the way I make the posts on Friendica is simply beautiful and clean and smart. The way I compose them. You can make full posts there, like a blog post. Also, the fact that I only manage 1 single place for updates: Friendica. The biggest downside is that I am using a 3rd party service (IFTTT) and when it tries to push updates from Friendica’s RSS to Facebook or Twitter, it does not send the images….so….posts without images…which sucks. Bad. Cause many times we relied on images to tell a message. But…I will try and try to see if that can be fixed….at least the setup is done. Also, we lose the ability to schedule “memes”. However I will look for a trade-free solution for that. I imagine a fediverse or other tools for say WordPress that allow us to upload our memes and schedule them and then grab an RSS feed and push it to Friendica.

Trust me I tried so much…I made accounts….I even made a new website to try to push proper updates to Facebook through WordPress…nothing really works….Facebook is the most awful company….Anyways. Maybe I’ll update the post again…I feel so drained of energy.


There we go, one more update hahah. Maybe this is the last? Will see. I made it even better. Improving. Mind you, I want stuff to be as automated as possible. I also don’t want to completely shut down FB and Twitter since there are people following us there…

So, the bellow image explains it very well. 5 RSS sources. 3 bubbles in the picture. They auto feed TROM Friendica and FB. For FB I had to do an IFTTT hook-thing…it is free for 3 or so hooks. These are automated. The is a new thing that I made….JEEZ. Basically it is a new website that uses 3 main plugins to automate all of our memes. We have around 6k memes. Only 1k or so are converted for from tvpmagazine. I used the plugins: “Auto Post After Image Upload” to make a new post whenever we upload an image. Thus, we can uplaod 1k photos to this website, and it creates 1k posts. Amazing. “Revive Old Posts” is a plugin that takes 2 random posts and posts them on FB. The free version only post them as links, so doesn’t look 100% ok on FB but is the best I can do. Is fine. And lastly “WP Auto Republish” to republish these posts in random fashion on the website – this is necessary for the RSS. It makes sure that we always have at least 2 new posts a day out of those random ones made out of the 1k images we uploaded. This is so that when Friendica checks for new posts from, it finds new ones daily.

So the automated RSS feeds Friendica and FB. Plus I also manually post on Friendica. And whenever i tag my posts with , the Friendica TROM page ones go to FB, and TROM Live, and my personal Friendica (tagged with ) go only to TROM Live.
And, of course, the last ones: Posts from Friendica are mirrored to Twitter, from my Friendica profile to my Live.
Trust me. It makes a lot of sense :D. This way we don’t replicate posts anywhere. And keep TROM Friendica updated (that’s the best source for what TROM releases or the most important news) + TROM Live with our work + FB and Twitter (yaks) + my personal website.
Brilliant! 🙂
And all works. Tested. I am so so so so so happy with because we basically have to upload photos there and that’s it. They are randomly posted 2 a day. And these memes are super interesting.
Let’s see if this is my last update.


Oh yeah, update numero tres. Ha-Ha. I kinda perfected the system. I really want to make it very well. I looks like this is the last update, but don’t quote me on that for now. Here’s the thing, although TIFY sucks balls, and I hate it, I understand that there are some people who find it super difficult to move to some Fediverse alternative because maybe their friends and families are on TIFY. So my goal is to keep TIFY updated in a proper way, while not giving a shit about it ;).
The update numero doz, above, had a few critical flaws. The images I scheduled on FB were not posted as images, but as links that could use the image as a “preview”. So the image was cut. Not good! Same on Twitter. Thus, all of the work on was only great for Friendica and partially good for these two. I FIXED THAT through IFTTT hooks. Now those 2 images that we post daily in a random and automated fashion are indeed posted as images on FB and Twitter. Great!
Another issue is when I posted on FB from Friendica via the hashtag thing, it only posted a sentence. FIXED IT! Now it posts the entire posts.
Here’s the beauty:
The RSS feeds from videoneat, tromjaro, and feed via IFTTT to FB and Twitter, and directly to Freindica. The 2 images-a-day from are going through the same exact process. And when I post on TROM’s Friendica page it goes nowhere unless I tag it with and that makes the post go fully on FB and TROM Live + I can also “tick” (check) a simple box when I post it, and goes to Twitter too. So Friendica feeds the rest when it comes to direct messages. GREAT!

I’ve also bulk edited all of the 1.140 posts on and added as the title “Read our books at”, so now all of these images that are posted on the 3 social networks (Friendica, FB, Twitter) are posted with that message.

Lastly, I had to remove some plugins that didn’t work very well (from and add new ones. Actually I only use “Auto Post Scheduler” that basically I setup to choose 2 random posts a day and change their publishing date to the most recent date possible. Thus, we have 2 new random “posts” on that website, a day, at different hours. The RSS is then read by our octopus above, and feeds the social networks.

Oh, and to make it perfect, Georgi (my sister), will manually repost as many images from FB to our Instagram account. it is easy.

Thus, we treat all of these social networks like first class citizens. Frendica, FB, Twitter, will post the same exact content (most of the time). And most of it is automated (but good and new content). I may have found BLISS with this…finally…. I did all of this because I wanted to focus on creating stuff and the “sharing”  of it to not stay in my way + I wanted to not use TIFY anymore. Like directly use it.

We will close Hootsuite the following days. We will save 11 Euros a month. This can help pay for all of our domains. Entirely. So it is a good saving of money kind of thing ;).

There is one single downside: when I share from Friendica to FB, I can only share plain text….and links. But images won’t display on FB…maybe I’ll find a way to fix this last thing, but is not really that important. Usually I do not share images directly from Friendica to FB.


Another update haha. I fixed a few issues and such. So, the main issue was that whenever I would post on Friendica with the hashtag , it would only go on Facebook. For Twitter I had to manually select to post it (from the Friendica’s message composer). I always forgot to do that. Now, when I tag a post with on TROM’s Friendica page, it goes on both. Great! However if I were to add an image to such a post, on Friendica, it would not upload the image on either. It would only post the message. I fixed that. If I make a post and tag it with #tromimg instead of , then the post goes on Facebook and Twitter and also uploads the Friendica’s image. So a proper post with an image on those networks. That’s very useful since at times I make posts and add images to these posts on Friendica, and I want the images to also go on the ad-networks.
Another thing I did: we have released our TROM II Documentary campaign, and the documentary will take at least a year to finish. And I want to post updates about the work since it is a very important project for TROM. So on the campaign page, I have added the same RSS feed like I did for TROM Live, only that this time it only posts items that are tagged #trom2 from Friendica’s TROM page and my personal Friendica account.
It sounds complicated but it is NOT. I still only posts on 2 accounts on Friendica, mine and TROM’s. On mine I post all the time, on TROM’s only when there is an important update that I want to stream to all social networks. And I have to keep in mind 3 tags:
– the posts go to TROM Live + Facebook + Twitter, if they come from TROM’s Friendica. And they go only to TROm Live if they come from my personal account since that one is used for the work I do.

#tromimg – it is exactly as above, the only difference is to use this tag when I also post an image together with the message. And this is only relevant for TROM’s Friendica page.
#trom2 – when I post updates about the documentary
So imagine I want to make a post telling people about the next TROM-Cast. Since it is an important message for TROM, I will post on TROM’s Friendica page and tag it with . That’s all. And it goes on TROM Live, Twitter, and Facebook. If I post something important about TROM II and I also include an image, I do that from TROM’s Friendica account again, and tag with #tromimg and #trom2, and it will go to TROM Live, Facebook, Twitter, and our TROM 2 campaign page.
pushes posts to all of our places (TROM Live, Facebook, Twitter). #tromimg does the same only that it also uploads an image to those. And #trom to posts on TROM II campaign page. Combine them and it is great. Easy. Not difficult at all :).
My experience with the Manjaro Forums

My experience with the Manjaro Forums

This is about my past 2 years experience with these people, but to be honest it is an experience with some of them, not the majority of them. The article won’t be as long as it should since I linked to a bunch of discussions to highlight my points. In all, the Manjaro Forums are littered here and there with very mean schoolgirls that I felt like they conspired against me and TROMjaro :)). And TROMjaro became, from a Manjaro “spin” that was appreciated by a bunch on their forum, to this black sheep that admins got allergic to. And I wonder why since I’ve been very friendly there….let’s see. We debated about the trade-free idea, morality and ethics, about Manjaro and TROMjaro, and more.

I added some videos of me scrolling through the threads I linked to just in case Manjaro removes them. You can easily pause the videos to read through them. It is almost like I scroll for ya’ :). If the videos cannot be played in the browser, right click and “save link as” and watch them on your computer.

I like computers. They are a great tool that let you express your thoughts and do stuff. You can write articles, make videos, podcasts, websites, software, and so forth. My relationship with them started in the late 90s when we had a very old computer – so old you won’t recognize that as a computer. Black and white, using floppy disks. I was playing around through the MSDos system back then. It even had 2-3 old and weird games installed.

In the early 2000 a french lady came to Romania (via a school program or whatever) and stayed at our place. Eventually she bought us a Pentium computer. Now in color. Now even bigger floppy disks. I was playing Aladin and other such games, while poking around Windows 95. I quickly learned a thing or two about Windows and evolved with a few Pentium computers and pirated versions of Win98, later on XP, Vista or Windows 7.

For more than 10 years I was playing with Windows. I was the guy you would call to install Windows on your computer or repair your Windows installation. I tweaked Windows to its limits so much so that I remember one day the “internet” guy came to set up my connection and windows looked so different that he was unable to navigate my computer. Like you would click a tree and the file manager will open haha. I spent so much time in front of the computer back then, learning how to make websites, edit videos or photos, and much more.

I never knew of another operating system. Until around 2012 when I started to hear more and more about Ubuntu and Linux. Back then Windows was pushing an awful update called “windows-ads-8”. They started to push ads inside the operating system and made it collect as much data as possible, and overall I felt like I don’t have control over this monster.

I tried Ubuntu and I was super impressed about this new world of Open Source. No drivers needed (everything worked out of the box), a Software Center (so bye bye using Google to install weird .exe files), and so easy to customize. I liked it so much that I migrated to it for several years, learning more and more about what Linux and Open Source are.

Although there were so many Linux distributions out there (Ubuntu being one of them), and me testing many of them, one stood up. Manjaro. Manjaro brought what Ubuntu lacked: super easy installation of software and access to a lot more software than Ubuntu by default. Their “software center” was full of every app, driver, and package you can imagine. I loved it. I didn’t have to use the terminal ever again to install some specific packages like I did in Ubuntu. Manjaro was also pushing updates faster so you got to taste the bleeding edge of the Open Source. After 4 years of using Ubuntu I switched to Manjaro.

Manjaro also had a great forum full of knowledge and from my experience back then, full of very nice people.

I am doing a lot of online work. I write books, make documentaries, videos, curate videos, news, software, documentaries, courses, I have a music website, a personal blog, and more. I am super busy so I need a computer that works. Although Manjaro didn’t work very well out of the box, in time I made it work thanks to the updates pushed by the Open Source community and some help from the Manjaro forums. I wanted to help Manjaro by suggesting some (maybe) knowledgeable improvements from my past experience with Windows and Ubuntu.

I started by making this post on their forum in 2018 “What I would add/change to Manjaro” (video). I just wanted to suggest some improvements.

The feedback was overall nice and at times useful, but then you’d see comments like this out of nowhere:

we seem to have this topic every couple of months and almost always posted by a newcomer hell-bent on changing Manjaro to their vision of what they want it to be without paying the dues necessary to even really now what that is. Not in truth.

Maybe you could read their posts and you little gossip-whores can get your ■■■■ together on this topic?

My best advice is to get some more (a lot more) time under your belt truly using Manjaro as-designed. Really learn Manjaro, rather than your very limited, mostly cursory examination before you go anywhere else with this topic.

Your post is specious at best.

You can read the entire thing for yourself to see that all I wanted was to suggest some improvements. A month later, this guy Jonathon closed the thread out of the blue with the message “I need to read through this thread. Call me tomorrow.”. Tomorrow never came for Jonathon or no one called him because that thread remained closed.

I said ok….you know, their forum, their rules. Interestingly after months, they did implement one of my suggestions from that post: to sort installed applications by date. So apparently it was a useful suggestion in the end.

Next I thought to suggest to them to add more types of packages in their Software Center, like appimages, snaps or flatpaks. “Appimages, snaps, and flatpaks in Manjaro’s Package Manager” (video). That post got a lot of attention and the responses were mixed. The discussion seemed a bit more fruitful, but guys like this Jonathon either started to have a crush on me or hated me for some reason. 🙂

He’s sarcasm is palpable :).

In the end I understood that it can be a bit complicated to add these other packages to the same software center. I said ok, I got their points. Now, 2 years later and they did just that. Flatpaks and Snaps are integrated into their Software Center….and it is great. But seeing so many no-sayers being bothered by a mere suggesting such an idea, was depressing.

In time I wanted to suggest some applications that were not found in their Software Center so maybe they can add them. I didn’t know how that works so I thought to suggest stuff. This (video) post is an example how the discussion escalates very quickly into a very mean tone. Jonathon seems to be my nemesis haha. At the end of this thread he posted a comment then closed the thread so I can’t reply. Later on we at TROM ended up making an app for AUR for that image converter that I was suggesting…And also, like Jonathon suggested, to make a post and ask if anyone can add these apps to their repositories, I did so here (video). No one did them. We made them eventually…

After some more discussions on their forum I decided to build my own version of Manjaro since that could be easier than requesting this or that. I said it could be a great way to also showcase this idea of trade-free in action, applied to software. I did so, after weeks of learning how. I got some help here and there on their forums. And I did it.

I even asked (video) how to not duplicate the work and be part of their team to add new applications to their repositories, but that led to nowhere….I wanted to help directly, I asked how, but I wasn’t able to.

A few months later everyone started to get pissed off when Manjaro made a deal with a company called FreeOffice and started to promote their Office Suite instead of LibreOffice, which was trade-free. Basically Manjaro wanted to ship with FreeOffice by default and get rid of LibreOffice. FreeOffice is a freeware, meaning that they use the word “free” but it is almost as relevant as using the word “meat” as in MeatOffice, since they are so much about Free as they are about Meat. They are selling pro subscriptions if users want to really use their software. We know this tactic very well. All companies engage in it. So I, like others, wrote about it on their forum. My comment started here. What followed was a heated debate of the influence of trades on such projects. And, again, in the end, after such discussions, Manjaro agreed not to ship with MeatOffice installed by default. Maybe my noise added to the decision, yet while making the noise, people on the forum jumped at me like wild dogs.

I finished TROMjaro and I wanted to showcase it on their forum since they have a section where people post their versions of Manjaro. And so I did here (video).

This post is now locked and hidden from Manjaro’s forum or any search engine, so no one can see it unless they have the link. What was so awful about this thread that they made it like that? I recommend you to read it for yourself to judge. Basically all I wanted is to showcase what we did with TROMjaro. But shortly after, I was accused that all I wanted was to promote our “ideology” and such….

This Jonathon even moved the discussion about the “ideology” to a different thread, so that we “keep on point” in the first one. Here (video) he moved it. Guess what? He closed it in a few days or hours, I don’t remember….There is a interesting discussion in this thread and I recommend you read it ;). We basically debated over this trade-free idea. What is trade and so forth. It is an interesting discussion overall. I tried my best to keep calm and reply to their points. In the end their questions were very silly but well….

I tried to communicate with these people over private messages as seen here:

One of the private messages is in romanian since the guy was apparently from romania – he contacted me to “threaten” me haha

And this one when I contacted Jonathon about him editing my comments:

Aaron also posted about TROMjaro in their German section of the website, to then have its post removed entirely by the same Jonathon. Aaron contacted the guy in charge of Manjaro (since the guy is from Germany) but not much was done….

It is interesting that when I first made TROMjaro and showcased it to some people on some threads on their forum, some of them recommended me to brand it as TROMjaro to be better like that (more unique). We were using the Manjaro logos and such, because I didn’t care. Yes it was and still is Manjaro with some tweaks and unique features. Actually the guy in charge of Manjaro’s Gnome version (what we use) thought me how to brand TROMjaro so that I can remove the Manjaro branding. And so we did. To later on be “accused” that all we did is to remove Manjaro’s branding and added our own….

I really started to feel like on the Manjaro’s forum there are a bunch of mean schoolgirls that want to poke at you, and from that moment on, after the post about TROMjaro that got the attention of thousands of people, I was doomed on that forum :). I simply could not mention TROMjaro without someone being “mean” to me about it. Like take this recent post where someone asked what others think about TROMjaro and the first reply is from my crush, Jonathon, who says:

It is not the first time he deflects people from TROMjaro to other Linux Distributions. Funny part is that he recommended one that is already dead, Cleanjaro. Better dead than sorry, right!? :))

Over the past 2 years I think I mentioned TROMjaro a few more times, and others did it too, for sure, but I do not know if all of these posts are still available or not on their forum. They are keen to close threads and/or make them invisible. At one point this Jonathon started to edit my comments to remove links to our TROM books when they were questioning me about our trade-free idea. They were saying that linking to our stuff is promotion….I mean these are the sources I have about the idea. Jeez…

Seeing their childish attitude I decided to forget about their forums completely, despite me using them in the past to help others too, so not only to fix my own computer problems. Until today….

You see, Manjaro pushes a lot of updates almost weekly. That’s great since it means a lot of new features. But that also means users are bothered with constant update notifications. On top of that, it makes it mathematically more likely for the system to break here and there if you push so many updates. Overall we keep TROMjaro super simple and updates go smoothly most of the time. At times they break stuff and I have to deal with the aftermath for TROMjaro users that contact us, and the same is true for manjaro that has to deal with the same aftermath but in larger quantities. From my experience Manjaro could make it easier for people to deal with the updates and also to install and remove software. Just a few minor improvements can make the experience better in my view. And so, like in the past, I thought to make a post on their forum to tell them about my ideas. And guess what happened? 🙂 They closed the thread in a few hours after I posted. Am I that evil? Please read the thread if you have the time and decide if this thread should have been closed… “A few ideas about handling the installation and updates of software in Manjaro after 1 year of experience” (video).

I was about to add this comment when they closed again the thread:

As the story goes, maybe in a few months time they will take these suggestions into account….

It is sad to see this attitude from an Open Source project. Maybe some of these creatures got too bothered by all kinds of users posting crap on their forum and their patience is as thin and robust as a fart in a storm. 🙂

I wanted to make this blog post to let people know about all this. I will definitely stop posting on their forums. It is beyond ridiculous how they handled my threads and comments. Maybe you have the time to go through these pages of content, maybe you don’t, but it is the proof that some of Manjaro Forum admins are like little kids that get protective with their toys and if they get pissed off by you then you can fuck off cause they will forever hate you! “meanfaceemoji”.

The good part is that, Manjaro being open source, I can continue the work on TROMjaro uninterrupted and undisturbed. Despite our differences we can use each other’s work. I can suggest features to Manjaro directly to their project’s Gitlab pages and forget about their forum. There at least it seems like they are more “pro” and these mean little girls from the forum do not travel to such places that often.

In the end, I made some of them think a bit about this trade-free idea and I’m sure TROMjaro made them curious a bit in like “what the fuck is this”. At least that, if not more ;).

Take responsibility! And how to do it properly!

Take responsibility! And how to do it properly!

Long time since I wrote a blog post, and I’ll explain you why in another big one when I have the time to do it :P. But now, take responsibility!

When you manage a project or more, for many years like I do, you get better at it but also busier and busier. I used to be a “creator” and now I’m a “creator-manager” because I have to manage many things. I don’t even want to start by explaining what I’m managing because it is a lot: TROM-jaro (test, curate, build, report…), TROM books (review, write, design, promote, memes…), VideoNeat (keep it active), and a ton more. Any website looks bad on mobile? Well, tell Tio about it :D. Typo in a book? Tell Tio to fix it. Bugs? Tio. Criticism for any of our materials?…Address it to Tio. Did you translate any of our materials? Tell Tio to add it to and check it. New ideas about how to manage these projects or what to be added to them? Well…Tio is there to listen. You can’t find God in your life? Ask Tio where the dude is. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that I am busy means that people are interested in such things, which is fantastic. But I am unable to cope with it. However instead of complaining I DO STUFF to fix it.

Translations were killing me.

Before eating the meat, let’s eat some veggies. First of all, TROM (and other projects that I manage) create a lot of content: new books, videobooks, audiobooks, videos of all kind, tools, curate apps, news, memes, etc.. I am overwhelmed with the many formats and kinds. So, if anyone wants to translate any of our projects, how is he/she going to do it? They need multiple programs, access to our projects and so forth. A TROM book needs a Draw Project file to edit it + the PDF to translate the text and get the links from + a way to host it + a way to display it (a reader).

Fixing the mess.

Alexio, who is part of our TROM team, told me about this awesome new website builder called TiddlyWiki. In short is a neat way to build a website where you are not required to login or use any special software to do it. Do it in the browser if you wish. So, I took a lot of my time to rebuild in that format. Entirely. You can see the result here:  And the instructions of how to do it, over here: It was a massive amount of work, but at least now I can take this off of my pressurized chest now. There, people have everything they need, in very simple forms, to translate and dub our materials + host this website anywhere. If that doesn’t help, then nothing will. Yes, people need to know how to host this website, but if they follow the steps (very simple ones) in the instruction PDF, then they can do that easily. I gave them the details, the links, the means. It is my way to say goodbye translators! With a smile on my face. Translators are amazing people who do a ton of work, so don’t take this wrongly. I live with one in the same apartment and he is a german-translating-machine. A super nice guy who does a shit ton of work. That’s why when I decided to divorce myself from managing the translations, I made sure that anyone can translate without my input.

For it is even easier since there are no files to translate there – so via a plugin anyone can translate the site from the site itself. No hosting needed. Just to translate.

For it is a bit more complicated because that website is weird. It is a new kind of website which streams videos from p2p. But if you follow the simple instructions form the main page you can do it! Roma made a super cool script that allows for a new kind of 100% custom made translation process.

So,,, and are ready for translate!

I can’t tell you how good I feel knowing that I won’t have to deal with the translations. Look….I want to do stuff ok? I don’t want to manage stuff! I want to make some cool videos, a new documentary, new books, and so forth. But I want to make sure all of these can be easily translated. But please translators, leave me alone 🙂 – I (we) gave you more than you need for the job, and if you feel at times that is a bit difficult for you to translate something or host your translated website, then please take more responsibility and learn how to do it. I simply cannot hold people’s hands for everything. They need to do it by themselves. Be strong! Be translators! Also, use our Translation Chat from here and others will help you out. 😉

I think, in general, I would like for people to take responsibility more for such things. I didn’t know how to make videos, but I learned because I felt it was important to make the TROM Documentary. Same when it comes to websites. Or Linux. Or other things. We need more people who do stuff, rather than just talk about doing stuff or relying on others to teach them how to do stuff.

I am so busy I can’t even write blogs anymore 🙁 – I want that life back, ‘alright?!

Now that translations are away from my personal space, I hope that I will have more time for creating stuff and that translators will be able to more easily translate these creations. I won’t even thank you, translators! Please do it for you! Not for me. Stay awesome!

Another ‘big’ change to VideoNeat

Another ‘big’ change to VideoNeat

I started VN a few years ago because I wanted to reference good documentaries for articles or in general to say to people “Hey look at this documentary to learn more about X”. You see, when it comes to documentaries there are 2 big “enemies”:

  1. Bad quality
  2. Location is unreliable


1. Bad quality:

A book is as good as its content is, and the same is true for documentaries. Just because a video is called “documentary” it does not make it good. From my experience, curating documentaries for the past years, most documentaries are BS. Made to shock and sell. The best documentaries come from governmental financed entities, that are independent of course, and who produce kinda “boring” documentaries in the eyes of the “normal” human that lives in our super-cool-man-breakthrough-society!

So to find good (well-made) and factual documentaries requires a lot of digging into the mud that the Internet has become because of our trade-based society. This is why I am checking every single documentary that goes on VN (or lecture/movie for that matter). Of course this relies on me doing a good job. And I try to do it well. This makes the process slow, I know, but I watch a lot of documentaries and so far I added a ton of them regularly. This is the best feature of VN. Since the project is involved into no trades (no ads, no data collection, etc.) then it is an honest project so you’ll find only quality materials there. I cannot say this about the vast majority of such similar websites that simply post dozens of documentaries a day for the sake of “views = money”.

2. Location is unreliable:

I know that many do this, but I feel like I’m having a heart attack when I see people watching a documentary on youtube or facebook. To me is like you eat food that you find on the street while you are driving at fast speeds. You pass by, see some food, grab and eat it, and if you like it or not you pass that place so you don’t know how to get back to that place if you ever want to + do you really want to eat food that you find in the streets randomly? I can make a documentary about any kind of crazy topic and make it look very scientific and post on youtube or facebook, and gullible people will watch it and think it’s the “real shit”. I never watch a documentary unless I know who made it. Else it is easy to get scammed into bullshit.

Also these online places like facebook and youtube only produce disposable products. The same documentary that you see today on those platforms will be deleted tomorrow. It simply is unreliable. So then, how can you use these good pieces of information to inform others or as sources? You can’t. They are like electrons sensitive to any measurements, too damn sensitive for today’s copyright trolling world. So we have to adopt a new approach. But the approach should not be to use other streaming websites rather than youtube, but use p2p. Meaning, that video file (documentary/movie/lecture) is stored on people’s computers and they share with each each other in an automated fashion. This way there is no central point that this documentary is stored on, so it becomes very reliable as long as people “seed” it. By seed it is simply to upload it to others – to let others download pieces of that content on their computers too. This is automatic. You download a p2p file and normally the torrent client that you use is then going to also “seed” that file to others who want it. It is neat and it has survived laws, political changes, even technological change for the past decades.

And this is why VN relies on “magnet” which is nothing more than a bunch of numbers and letters that once opened with your favorite torrent client it knows how to download that file in this decentralized way.

So that you are not confused if you are not new to this, p2p basically means peer-to-peer and it describes the technology behind this; torrent is mainly the file that contains the info to download the other files – it does not contain what you want to download, but the info about what you want to download and from where; and “magnet” is simply the same as the torrent file but instead of relying on a digital file that you have to download and then open with your torrent client, it works by this kind of unique number (hash) that it has attached to it – it is almost like sharing a link. That’s why is better to rely on magnets and not torrent files.

So, what changed to VN?

My idea is to rely 100% on magnets since that’s the best option, but the problem is that good documentaries are not very popular on p2p so there are less to no seeds, and thus downloading them is very slow (most of the time), and not at all (sometimes). I am trying to personally improve the situation but I am just one guy (computer) into the system. If anyone wants to help VN, please download and seed any VN documentary!

Because of this I am forced to add links to streaming or downloading websites that are not p2p. Up until now I had a database of such websites and every time I added a new documentary to VN I had to manually search for it on every single such website, and check to see if it works, and then make a button for that particular website and add the link and then the button to the documentary’s page. One by one! This made it very uncomfortable to add new materials to VN because it took me quite a while to do so. On top of that these websites are also as sensitive as electrons, and they get banned, blocked, shut down, or they change their url or their content. To combat that I tried to rely on people flagging links as broken, but that added more to my work since I had to fix them. After a while we ended up with many broken VN links for the download and watch sections for each documentary. This was not sustainable!

So what then?

I said why not create 2 custom google search engines for each of the “watch” and “download” that simply are using the same database of websites to search for a particular material. After all it is similarly to what I had to do manually, except that now I don’t have to take each and every website and search on it manually. And when a website goes down for whatever reasons I don’t have to do anything since the custom search simply won’t find any results on that website. I am also able to add a lot more websites to these custom search engines. So basically I had to manually replace the links for ALL VN materials one by one to work with the custom search engines. I still have to make sure that the results are sensical and not nonsensical, but I have to do this 2 times for one documentary (for watch and download) instead of 50 times for each documentary for every website like I did before. This took me several days to fix. Now it is all done, and this is the ‘big’ VN change that has several PROs and CONs.


  • searches on way more websites so it is more likely to find links to download or watch a particular materials
  • 10 times less work for me for each documentary, and this allows me to post more often on VN
  • no more broken links
  • very automated


  • Google! I hate google and they may change their business model so they may even remove this custom search engine service and/or limit it, etc.. Thus, in the long run it is unreliable, but I found no other alternative to this
  • The results, at times, may be completely off. Say you want to find the documentary Life by BBC made in 2001; well, the engine will get confused because it is such a short and common name “life” and will show you crazy and unrelated results. So you have to put up with that and sort through the mess.
  • Ads. All such external links will be full of ads and scams. Of course no one should use the internet without an adblocker but even with it you’ll still see ads.

So get used to VN in this ‘new’ format 😉



Ideally I would love to see VN similar to popcorntime:

Popcorn time is an amazing application promoting dumb content. Popcorn time only relies on p2p to stream the content. Simple, useful, efficient, non-destroy-able. To make VN this way it is in theory possible, but we would need tens of people seeding VN content at all times and to integrate it with WebTorrent technology so that people can stream the content from p2p. Difficult task for me.

Right now we kinda do this in a way. If people have WebTorrent installed on their system then simply click VN magnet links and they, if enough seeds, should be available for stream directly without the need to wait until they are downloaded.

If the seeds thing was not an issue for VN, I would remove the “watch” and “download” links entirely and rely only on magnets. If I find help with this then that’s what I’m going to do.

But for now, because VN’s content is quite unique in the world of p2p, I will have to keep doing what I’ve been doing for the past years.

I DO NOT recommend that you use anything but the MAGNET on VN. And please SEED!

Me and Aaron :) – and TROM

Me and Aaron :) – and TROM

Aaron came to visit me and we spent an entire month having really deep and interesting discussions about TROM. For those who don’t know, Aaron is translating TROM materials into German (he almost translated everything) – He is such a kind and wonderful human being, like pretty much everyone who is active with TROM. Well, everyone! 🙂

I and Aaron brainstormed a lot about how we should approach this project and some of the ideas, that will be detailed in future TROM books and the new documentary we will make this year, are that we should focus on trade-free goods and services and/or projects. We want to promote such things because we do 2 things at once with that: 1. We talk about the source of most problems (trade), and 2. We create free (truly free) services for people. Think about VideoNeat, TROM books or curated news and videos, quizzes, TROM-Jaro, MusikWave, and so forth. We want to put a label on them all as trade-free and create a directory of many such services or goods (if we find) from all around the world. Let’s “attack” the world with solutions and education.

We are also thinking of creating a yearly event based on this trade-free idea where people can come and present their trade-free goods and services. Imagine inviting people from many domains: from open source, to volunteers and citizen scientists, or activists of all kinds. It sure will start small, but we have to start somewhere.

Our “immediate” plans for now are the following: Finish the massive The Origin of Most Problems book and release it + finish the big Entertainment book and release it + create the script for the upcoming documentary that will be all about the origin of most problems. As we said before, we want to release the documentary in several languages at once in a decentralized way (website + streaming). Also release TROM-Jaro and restructure a bit so that we emphasize on all of the TROM free tools that we’ve created over the years.

In May this year several people who are helping with TROM (they are part of the project) will meet me in Spain in my town, to work on new ideas and the new documentary and brainstorm some stuff. Plus, to meet each other for the first time!

Dima, who is writing books for TROM and also translates TROM stuff into Russian, is also working on another documentary about activism and he will interview us for it.

So, lots of plans for this year! Thank you for your financial support everyone, it allows me to still keep on focusing on this project! And I love it! I’ve meet very interesting minds in this last 2 years, minds that are now close friends and are helping TROM grow. Will try to grow this entire thing together, in terms of the project, in terms of relationships and support.

I really love to write on this blog from time to time, thought didn’t have much time lately….and btw, Aaron is translating some of my blog posts into German so go check his website if you are German 🙂 – thanks Aaron!

My Facebook Advertising experience

My Facebook Advertising experience

So, Facebook is this monster that is so big no one can fuck with. They have 0 competitors and a “privacy policy” that no one can understand, is subject to interpretation, and can change any time. In other words, you do as they wish and there is no argue about it.

ecently someone contacted us at TROM and proposed to give 500 Euro to promote trailer. Fantastic! We never invested any money in advertising for the project because for one we have no money for that, and second the last think that I would want to do with limited funds is to give the money to FB or Google. But, if we would have lots of funds we would do this more often because we want to reach new minds. Ok, so this great guy called Mark gave us 500 Euro to advertise tromsite trailer. This is the trailer:

On FB the trailer had a top and bottom text to attract people’s attention (FB videos are like that) + caption (since most FB videos are autoplay on mute). I created an ad for it, targeting people like volunteers or those interested in TVP, TZM, or environmental issues and the like. FB said we would reach between 5.800 – 27.000 people daily and it will run the ad for 14 days:

I had to wait 24h for the ad to be approved by FB, which turned into 2-3 days wait. Finally they approved it. We started to get a lot of engagement and comments. So much so that I will transform all of these comments into a comic book because the discussions were very important for TROM. You can see the entire thing here.

These are the results for the first 12 days:

So, 53.357/12=4.446 people reached per day. That’s bellow the minimum that FB told us we will reach. Really bad and I consider FB’s approach to be a bit scammy. They promised way more reach. As you can see we’ve already spent a total of around 410 Euro so we had 90 Euro left. Let’s calculate how many people the entire ad would have reached: so, for 409,54 Euro we reached 53.357 people; thus, for 500 Euro we would have reached 500*53.357/409,54= ~65.142, or 4.653 people per day. FB said that we should reach a minimum of 81.200 (5.800*14) and a maximum of 378.000 (27.000*14). What about that FB? Should I consider this a scam?

Anyways, 2 days before the ad had to end I get this message from FB:

Heh….violence? Shocking? I had to “appeal” it and wait another 24h for FB to reply – in FB’s world that was, again, 2 days or so. This is my appeal (I have to mention that I am tired of fighting these retarded companies – been doing this for a long time with FB banning me several times, Youtube the same):

They replied finally:

This is their attachment:

And then they became robotic:

I doubt there is anything I can do at this stage. Will try to see if I can get a refund but I don’t think this will happen. If not, then we’ll use the rest of 90 Euro to advertise the trailer on Youtube maybe. The FB Charlatan is such a hypocrite. They only care about their profits, of course.

This is the reason why I created a live update on (click top logo on any page – except homepage) so that people can get the updates from there and not from FB or other third parties that are censoring stuff left or right. Think about it, if we cannot advertise our trailer, that is all about education and a positive look at the future, plus we make 0 profits, then how can we achieve much with this project? The only good part is that we’ve reached many new minds and had great conversations there. Thank you Mark so so much! If we will do this in the future we must be aware of the Charlatan that is FB and do this in a smarter way if possible, to avoid the shit-show that FB can draw you into.

Will keep everyone updated on live.

EDIT: In one image it says: “this ad ran for 14 days and you spent 460 Euro on the ad.” This is bullshit on 2 accounts. One, the ad ran for about 12 (maybe 11) and the other days it was banned/suspended so I see they calculated those days as “active”. Second, when I started the campaign I’ve added a budget of 500 Euro, then FB started the campaign by charging me 40 Euro, and then started to calculate those 500 Euro for the ad…they advertised for the 40 Euro they took, but if I were to have left it as it was they would have charged me 540 Euro so I had to change the budget to 460 Euro. Very annoying!