This society is still primitive.

This society is still primitive.

Do not forget that the internet, youtube, netflix, cars and supermarkets, lightbulbs and modern medicine, do not make our society “civilized”. These are a result of often enslaved humans producing “stuff” in a trade-based society. Technologically we, as a society, are quite advanced, but morally we are primitive.

Despite all of this technological progress humans are still forcing ALL of their billions of members to trade in order to survive, despite being able to feed, house, and take care of everyone on Earth. This means we are still primitive and have no greater goals such as exploration, the advancement of technology and science, understanding where we came from and where we are heading… All that humans do is trade, day in, day out.

Slaves and slave owners. Simple minds. Robots.

If you take away the electrification, internet, the gadgets, the hot water and the mass produced products – stuff – you are left with the “naked” humans who all they want is to acquire more, get “married”, work, have kids, drink, and cheer up for their tribe.

It is the environment who creates these behaviors so if we do not change the “mental” environment, nothing will happen. We do not need new tech, new science, new materials. We need new lives for the individuals of this species. Lives that are relaxed and taken care of. Scientific, globally oriented, and to live in a non competitive environment.

So the UN or other institutions, if they ever want to solve any global issues, they need to first propose that we should take care of people and create a decent life for them. All of them, not just the very poor. We are all trapped in this trade-prison. You can’t expect for a different society to emerge when all humans do is to slave away and compete with each other. Dog eats dog world.

Happy 1st of May to all of the slaves who got a day off. What a disgrace of a society.

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