Not a TROM meeting, meeting.

Not a TROM meeting, meeting.

This month a bunch of “trom” people visited us and we had such a wonderful time together.

We had an Amber party looking through the microscopes to 40 million years old creatures…

Something most people in this world probably consider as boring and “lame”. But if you understand the mind-blowing reality we live in, then you would understand why an amber party is a super fun and wonderful party :).

We also looked at the Moon through the telescope…

And we enjoyed the nature around, we had interesting discussions and a lot of fun.

I always hated to meet with “friends” because that usually meant lets get drunk or talk about boring shit, or brag about the stuff you have and all that. Or just eat and do nothing. Hated it. But now with these people I LOVE it. It feels natural and sane, and so much fun. And relaxing!

These are wonderful people who care about this world and have very interesting minds. And there are so many more like them. And I want to “harness” them all haha. We will organize a yearly event for sure and do more than just have a fun meetup. We will have fun but also do some important things for TROM and in general for pushing ahead with TROM-like ideas.

I am so happy that I have these creatures as my friends 🙂

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