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From Fireworks to Drones

From Fireworks to Drones

This is a show from a few days ago from the little town I live in:

It used to be this:

So messy.

Great! It seems that the world is starting to replace fireworks shows with drone shows. No more noise pollution, smoke, waste from the burned fireworks, and so forth. Sounds much much better!

Here’s a more advanced and cool example:

But I am concerned they will use them to also display some ads, like brands and promote shit…

Oh wait, they already do it!


Above Sydney so that everyone can see them…and loud music….so still noise pollution. What about those batteries and components for these thousands of drones that are used for such shows? Where do they go after not working anymore? Probably land-fields…

Ok ok….I know, nothing can end up well in a trade-based society. Everything gets traded, and thus marketed. Nothing is what it seems. A drone show is not just a drone show, it is an opportunity to advertise. A book is not just a book, it is an opportunity for the author to buy a new car. A piece of software is not just a piece of software, it is a way for the developer/company to collect more data, to then transform that into currency, to then transform that into holidays, houses, and fancy shit and so on for themselves.

This is the most fundamental thing that everyone should understand about our society, that we are forced and incentivized to trade. Very few people can afford to, or are willing to do things for the sake of doing things. And of course this creates a very messed-up society when you do something in order to get something else. We did that in school where the goal was to get good grades to pass the exams. Most kinds would cheat, not learn anything, because the goal was not to learn. And so it goes for our society…the goal is not to write books, do drone shows to protect the nature, create a PDF converter or whatever. Nah….

So we should not be surprised that everything goes to shit. Pollution, waste, bad products, scammy services….

Nothing will every change unless we understand that #TradeRuinsEverything.



Apparently today was my birthday. I have become 34 years old. Sounds old to me, but also uninteresting.The only time I still enjoyed celebrating my birthday was when I was 14. 20-bloody-years-ago. But after that I hated it. I don’t like to be put in the center of attention, especially for such a shallow thing. Then, why should I celebrate the fact that I get older?!

This is me when I was 14. Waiting for my friends to come for my birthday. Lots of them came..

They gave me many perfume bottles… It was fashionable in 2002.

Anyway. My parents still force me to semi-celebrate it because they buy me a cake and such. It is fine. I am ok with this. But I really hate these events overall. Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, new year, I hate them. I think it is because they are mainly a mindless and consumerist events. Why drag these into today’s world? Why don’t we celebrate the first time we discovered exoplanets? Neutrinos? The theory of evolution? These are the events we should celebrate every year.

In any case, I wanted to share some things about me that I think are mighty weird for today’s normality, now that I am saying I do not like celebrating my birthday nor do I care about that.

So. Here are some facts about me:

  • I do not celebrate anything. I do not care. But I like to have fun of course. I was/am usually the one having more fun than the rest.
  • I do not “go out”. I’ve been to bar/restaurants maybe 100 times in my entire life. I hate these places. Expensive, shallow, fake, annoying. I do not care about them. I love “going out” tho, in nature, for a walk, with the bike, for a swim, at the beach, mountain, etc..
  • I do not drink alcohol. I never did. I tried it tho. I do not like the taste or the side-effects. Actually I only drink water for the past 4 or so years because of my stomach issues.
  • I never did any drugs. But I am ok with trying some in the future. But just trying.
  • I rarely listen to music and I do not like a particular genre, tho I sometimes prefer to listen to “soundtracks” from documentaries or movies. Hans Zimmer and the like.
  • I do not watch movies. None. I cannot. I used to be a movie addict but then I discovered “reality”. Tho I watch tons of documentaries that are a lot more fun and interesting, and real, than movies.
  • I do not pay for any subscription to anything. No Netflix, Spotify, no anything like that. Except paying for the servers we have for TROM.
  • I do not use Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tiktok or anything of the sort. And youtube I watch through Invidious. I use Friendica and Peertube tho.
  • I rarely if ever use my phone. My phone is a 2015 Samsung S7 and I see no reason to change it. It was my 2nd smartphone ever. I use it to check the weather and pay with it. That’s all. Well and for Signal to talk to my parents. Else is like a credit card with a watch and a weather app. A thick one.
  • I do not have a driving license.
  • I rarely if ever had a girlfriend. Thanks to @Sasha now I have a great one haha. I never felt the need. I was always happy with being alone. Even now, being alone is fine for me. I never mind that. I am never in need of having people around me really….
  • Speaking of that I do not like meeting people that much. I prefer avoiding that. Except when it is for TROM-friends :P. I also do not like small talk, and I am not interested in people’s stories…
  • I only lived in 2 places. I never traveled. And I am fine with that. You think the world, not feel the world anyway. However Sasha will probably take me out there in the nature world because I’d be curious to see some stuff.
  • I only eat a few types of food because of my stomach…. Chicken, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and bread. That’s mostly it. I eat at least 2 eggs a day. I feel like I am 24% chicken by now. I used to eat lots of different foods…but my stomach can’t handle most.
  • I never ever had any job. But I worked a lot for TROM and similar projects.
  • I do not have any vices, except maybe that I buy some specific sweet things for like 2 euros every other day.
  • Video Games. I do not play them. At all. I used to when I was in school. I see no point now. Waste of time. I do like to play some “offline” games tho. Involving balls 🙂 and rackets and such.
  • Although I am from Romania and know Romanian, I really don’t like talking Romanian. It has become more difficult for me to express myself in that language. I feel like English is my main language now.
  • I hate scheduling things. I never do that. I hate calendars for that reason. My perfect day is to wake up and have no plans. And then I’ll do stuff. Because I do not lack ideas or motivation.

Ok I will add this to my Tinder profile. In the weirdos category.

But well, I like my life. I am really happy as long as I have enough money to support a basic life for myself and Sasha. Actually money is my only problem. If I had 1k Euros guaranteed a month for the rest of my life, I’d be the happiest and most engaged human out there :). Because I do not need much. I don’t want any new gadgets, go to any fucking paris-nonsense-thing, expensive shit, and such. The natural world is an amazing place to think about and admire. And the projects I am doing are my babies. I love them.

I know people who have plenty of money but have no clue what to do with themselves. That is scary to me. I am happy that at least I am not like that at all. I know what I want to do. I do not get bored or confused. So yeah….trying to make some money now to support my trade-free work and my very basic lifestyle.

Phones, clothes, houses, cars, online fame….are a scam. Happiness is a state, not an object. Chase the state, not the object(s).

As for celebrations….whatever….if you like them I am not there protesting against you. And I can be part of some, is fine but not that comfy for me. But I would not be the one initiating them. I wish humans would become a saner and smarter species and celebrations would have some bloody meaning, more than let’s buy more shit, or let’s celebrate someone’s “name”, or any crappy idea.

Ok. Bye.

My most used Linux apps. 11 in total.

My most used Linux apps. 11 in total.

This is the list of the apps I use the most on my Linux machine.

1. Firefox.

I have multiple windows, each with multiple tabs, on different workspaces…This is what you’ll see on my computer if you were to look at it, a Firefox window or two. Inception:

I have it heavily customized and I won’t tell you how but it is quite the same as we have it default in TROMjaro. So if you are curious install TROMjaro :D.

I tried many browsers but Firefox is still my favorite as long as I keep it tweaked as I do. I see no ads, I use Libredirect to not even visit the popular websites like youtube, twitter and the like. I therefore use trade-free instances of those. Anyway, Librewolf seems to be a candidate for me in the future, but for now I’ll stick to Firefox.

2. Zettlr for my notes.

I tried so many notes apps, but I need one that can sort my notes in folders and sub-folders that are easily accessible. Plus support basic text formatting/lists + code. Zettlr supports Markdown and a WSYIWYG editor for it so all looks neat.

The fact that I can add the type of code, is useful because it automatically uses the proper colors for it, making it easy to understand it. Since it saves everything as individual markdown documents then it is easy to backup and move to another Notes app if needed.

3. Syncthing to file share.

Because it is so easy to use, and is p2p. So no limitation in terms of how much you can share and with whom. I share files with my friends like this, and it is so fast. The only difficult part is setting up the Send and Receive folders between you and your friends, mostly because you may get confused by that. The way I do it is to create a Sync folder. There I make another with the name of the friend: Sasha. And then inside this 2 more: Send and Receive. I share them both with Sasha and the Receive is set as “receive only”, the other one as “send only”. DONE. Now copy the files into the Sasha-Send when you share with her, and look in Sasha-Receive when you get files from her. Easy and reliable.

4. Flameshot for screenshots.

I screenshot a lot. To showcase bugs with the software, or for posts like this, and so on. I cannot find anything close to Flameshot. Press one keyboard key then drag the area you want to screenshot.

And you also have access to quick tools for blurring parts of the image, add arrows, and more. Then CTRL + S to save or CTRL + C to copy it. Done! Cannot live without this app.

5. Thunderbird for email.

If you customize it a bit can look sleek. I absolutely love and need the “open in new tab” feature because many times I want emails to be stored in tabs so I can reply later. I cannot do email without this feature.

6. KeePassXC for passwords.

1 file with all of my passwords. Encrypted with a master password. Stored locally. Perfect. KeePassXC simply works…stores all of my passwords.

If I lose this file I do not know any passwords. But is fine I have it backed-up in multiple locations. The integration with Firefox is decent and at times fails. So is not ideal when you want to save new passwords when you register on some websites….but is fine….

7. Transmission Torrent for torrenting.

It does the job. Not too simple, not too complex. Works. Reliable.

I use it nonstop. I seed some 2k torrents. Good for me!

8. EasyStroke for mouse gestures.

I have a mouse with 18 buttons. I use them all. But I also use global mouse gestures and it makes things so much easier. People who do not use this, have no idea what they are missing :D.

9. SMPlayer as the video player.

The default SMPlayer looks like crap. But installing some skins and tweaking it a bit and looks like this:

Everything I throw at it, it plays. You can tweak the seekbar as you want (easily), and setup it any way you want. Has hardware acceleration, and a ton of features. I have been using it for so many years and I tried so many other video players. For me nothing beats SMPlayer.

10. Nuclear for music.

Such an amazing project. Plays any song from lots of sources. All trade-free.

Easily make playlists even download any song you want. You can even use it as your local music player.

11. Imagine for image optimization.

Out of all image optimization tools nothing beats Imagine. Not very well known but damn good. Easy to use and reduces the size of photos while keeping the quality. The best of any I have tested, by a lot!

The other notable mentions are: Blanket because I need some background sounds when I sleep… :D, Element + Signal as my chats; I use Gnome Boxes to test TROMjaro or other distros, and Meld to check between versions of files; I use Shotwell for my photo albums, Inkscape and Krita for image editing, and Kdenlive for video editing. Lastly, Private Internet Access is my default VPN, Vorta + Timeshift is the way I backup my files, and Peek helps me video record my desktop when I need to make a short video.

That’s it! 🙂 If you want, tell me what are your top apps that you use. I’d be curious to try them out.

My/Our plan for this year

My/Our plan for this year

I and Sasha. I am 1.8 meter tall, she is a meter and a half. She is quite short, but I really like that. Together we are 3.3 meters tall.

Not that it matters but we are also more than that. We want to reach higher and higher. I spent the past decade fighting in the online world with this society. Trying to make people aware of the fuckery of this world, but also showcase how to perhaps think differently about this society, through the perspective of trade. Then how we can do awesome things via this trade-free approach. She spent that time traveling and learning a lot about the world, the offline one. And writing about it on her very interesting blog. She gathered so much knowledge that she also wrote a 300+ pages book about….the world basically. And again how to approach it differently.

So she has a massive book ready to be published (currently 2 people are proofreading it), and I have tons of active projects ( plus and have finished 2 hours out of 4, for the TROM II documentary that can be a really interesting one. Cannot wait to release it.

So, we are very active. As much as we can.

We are also financially fucked because in this society it does not matter if you are engaged and try to be informed, and be a good human overall. It does not matter if you want to do, and do good things that are valuable for hundreds or thousands of others. Does not. And we are very aware of that.

The focus is always how to be a better trader. Chase the trades!

But we can’t give up! And we try not to!

Because we have so little money and we live with my parents, we can’t continue not to make any money. The donations for TROM are dropping and dropping for the past many years. So we decided to take the matter into our hands and try to trade ourselves a bit in order to support these projects of ours, together with the help we still get from donations.

So this is what we are doing and we hope to “succeed”:

UNO – I have launched a new project: WebApe. I am trying to make websites for money. I can build pretty much any sort of website (this is my “skill”) and I have a decade plus of experience with that. I charge monthly but provide a lot.

If I manage to get some 10-15 websites then we are saved! I will make enough to support both of us. Because we need very little. We spend less than 300 Euros on food a month. We don’t eat out ever, we do not use drugs or have other bad habits :D. So if we can get some 1k Euros a month then we should be fine.

So far, thanks to @Alexio who is a long time TROM friend, I managed to get 3 long term projects. And my “mission” for these next months is to get more.

DUO – Due!? I don’t know. On top of this we are trying to work in cleaning in weekends or any other “gigs”. The retarded part is that @Sasha is willing to get a summer job here, but no one can employ her because she does not have the right papers. She is from USA, married with me (having a Spanish residency), but she cannot get the papers because I (the husband – I hate these words) am poor. I need to make over 1k a month for Spain to allow he to work…. So we do not have money, and the gov in Spain is like “then she cannot work”….but if she worked we would have the money….

This world is so retarded. So we are trying to make money but it is difficult as you can see….

TRES – WebApe + summer gigs + donations. Donations. They are super important. If we can get at least some 300 Euros or so a month, and with our savings (around 2k now) we can survive till February when Sasha can get the papers. Here’s another retardation: so Sasha cannot get the papers because I am poor. She cannot work to make us not poor, because she has no papers. BUUUUT if she can manage to survive in Spain for 3 years WITHOUT leaving Spain, she can get the papers!!! haHahA. Stay here! But you cannot work! If you want papers, you need to have money. But you cannot work here to make money. Also cannot leave if you want the papers. This is me jumping very high:

If you think that this photo-insertion makes no sense now, it is the same with this system. Makes no fucking sense.

Anyway, if we know that she can get the papers in February when she will have completed the 3-years-stay-without-money-in-spain, she can then work to make some money….

Basically we need to be able to support each other until February/March so then to be able to try and keep on supporting each other….

My hope is that I can make enough websites to support us, so that then I can reach a point when I only manage these websites and have enough time for TROM. So that I can finish that documentary, so that I can scream more, louder and better.

Also at the end of this year I will have to make a donation campaign to help me pay for all TROM servers + backups. That’s around 1k Euros a year. Not that much considering that we provide so many tools and content.

So TROM donations + WebApe + summer gigs + a yearly campaign for the server/backups + getting Sasha’s “permit” to live and work in Spain in February, is what we need to be able to “make it” in this trade bullshit game. If we do not see any drop in donations we can make it. We try folks. It is difficult. We should not be forced to do any of this. We were already engaged and active and doing good things….but our situation is the perfect proof to support our work, because it proves that this trade-based society is the root of most problems and fucks things up.

We are at war with this society. And we know that.

Stay curious and furious!

Posting from Friendica to WordPress!!

Posting from Friendica to WordPress!!

I just tested it and posting from Friendica to my WordPress blog seems to work now. This is amazing and it is yet another set of amazing features Friendica has. My blog is my own personal place. My home. My thing.

But Friendica has become like a backyard with neighbors. A place where I can keep in touch with others, with the news, and so forth. But also a place where I can share my thoughts in seconds. No need to visit my blog, log in, and create a new post. It is a lot easier on Friendica. Coupled with the fact that I can add inline media on Friendica, and it makes it easy to create simple posts. I can have some basic text editing such as: bold, italic, underline. And I can even add markdown

Links are of course a thing, and quotes are handy:

Like so

Our Friendica instance has custom designed themes so that it makes it look more modern and easy to navigate. I am using the Dark Purple one:

Ok. So how do you post form Friendica to WordPress?

Go to your Friendica Settings – Social Networks

Then add your WordPress URL and the /xmlrpc.php after it. Add your user and password and click save.

Then, when you make a post, click the Permissions tab and select to post on WordPress:

You can even select to auto-post on WordPress by default via the same Friendica Settings – Social Networks setting.

In any case this is so awesome! Thanks to the Friendica developers. I keep on Saying Friendica is super underrated.

Updates: TROM II, moving, making money, etc

Updates: TROM II, moving, making money, etc

I am very active on the fediverse but when it comes to more important posts I will still use my blog for that.

Because I do not have money I will have to pause the work on TROM II and try to make some money.


TROM II is going very well. I made 2 parts already, a bit over 2h long combined. But I will have to add some 20 minutes to each + very likely make 2 more parts. Everything is setup and ready to go.

This is the first part in the editing program:

What is in red I have to add to it still. First part is about us and how the environment shaped us as humans. It explains the role of culture, movies, music, school, and so forth. But also the scientific evolution of the universe and the creatures on this planet.

Second part:

Again that red thing needs to be added to the documentary. Here we talk about the evolution of human societies and with the focus on trade. We talk about our personal situations with university, money, jobs, and so forth. It is what introduces the viewers to what trade is and how it is the core of our society.

Third and fourth parts (in the making):

Left is the third part, right is the forth. They are kinda done in terms of the storyline. I had to cu through around 30-35 hours of footage and bring it down to this. The third part is about detailing what problems we have in the world today, from biodiversity loss to climate change or waste. And how trade is to blame for that. Fourth part is about solutions and a new way of looking at all of these. How to move beyond this awful society.

Now I’d say there will be 4 parts, each around 1 hour 20 minutes long. So….it will still be a long documentary. It is a different approach that I am taking with this one. I am making it more personal, but it is still packed with facts and hard science.

I think it will take me some 2-3 weeks to merge the leftovers into the first 2 parts so I am fully done with them. However to finish the 3rd and 4th parts it can take me some 3-4 months. Maybe less idk.

This being said.

Here is the current situation. I have around 1.800 Euros. All of my money. The monthly donations for TROM are at about 350 or so Euros a month. I and Sasha live with my parents and my sister in spain, in a rented house. Our spendings here are around 900-1.000 euros a month in bills and rent. I and Sasha spend some 300 euros or less on food a month, and contribute some 200 euros to the monthly expenses. We can’t contribute more. I also pay some 60 euros a month for the servers and backups. In total we try to survive with 500 euros a month, 2 people.

My parents worked in Spain for some 15 years now and this year they are forced to retire. My mother gets some 300 euros a month in retirement money, my father needs to see….but he worked with shitty contracts in spain (being forced to do so), and his 15 years of work only count as 6 for example…both of them try to save and then in November go back to Romania for good and try to survive there if they can.

My sister is going to move to another rented apartment here in the same town.

I and Sasha?

That’s the dilemma. We cannot support ourselves right now. We would need at least 1.000 Euros a month to survive on our own.

My parents and my sister will have to do a lot of gymnastics when they move because of stuff…and we also have stuff, tho not as much. We will also help them move to Romania so either way we will go there in the winter.

So what to do?

We won’t be homeless of course since we can go to Romania and live with my parents. I have a small room there. But for me to finish the documentary I need to be relaxed and focused on it. Romania is not that sort of environment for me. We also have some stuff so where can we put that!?

It is very tricky and the following months will be very busy for us.

My plan.

Finish with the 1st and 2nd parts of TROM II. Add those leftover bits. After that is done (hopefully not more than 2-3 weeks) pause the documentary. I hate this, and I want to work on it and finish it, but I have no better alternative.

As soon as I finish with those 2 parts, I will start the “MAKE MONEY” operation. I need to. There is no way around this. People’s donations are amazing and super helpful but nowhere near enough to support myself. Donations are not working unfortunately. With the money we have now I hope to be able to support us for 4 or so more months. Until August. If there will be more donations that would be amazing, but I can not rely on this at all.

So I will focus on making money. I was never good at this but I need to try. I have some ideas. We will also try to sell our stuff, whatever we have. We have a TROMjaro tablet, a heater, a not-very-functional electric scooter 😀 and so forth.

So from at least June on, we are focused on making money. If a miracle happens and we have enough money by October, then we can rent a place here and move and I can continue the work on TROM II. But likely that won’t happen, not so fast at least. So likely we will end up in Romania and try to make money somehow. Maybe I can still work on TROM II this year, but we shall see.

I will try to work in cleaning this summer, also will release a website for my webdesign-money-making plan, so I can try and make websites; a TROM friend may also help me find a job in some IT company….not that excited about that tbh :D.

No worries, TROM and TROM II are happening and being supported.

TROM II will be finished. But I want to make it very well and not rush with it. The info there is relevant for the many years to come, maybe centuries. As for our websites and projects they will continue uninterrupted. New TROMjaro releases and a few improvements and fixes as usual, services will be maintained; VideoNeat will be updated; we may even do some TROMcasts if I have the time. And so on.

It is unfortunate but this post is not about complaining. I did a lot of that and now I need to take care of myself in order to take care of these projects. It is me and a few wonderful people who support these projects financially or volunteering their time. It is very hard. But if it wasn’t, then we might have been wrong about bitching how bad this society is. This is, in fact, a proof of how fucked up this society is, where you can’t even focus on doing good things. You have to trade yourself all the time.

We are the pioneers.

We are doing trade-free projects and try to make humans aware of how fucked up this society is, while doing so from inside the monster itself. We face a lot of hurdles. We struggle. But whoever is against this society, has to face those. Big changes come on a horse called “Suffering”. And this horse has a long journey ahead. And it gets tired, and depressed, and scared at times. But we need this horse to go where we want to reach.

Not long ago we met with this human who was perhaps quite normal. But because “we”, the ones who have this (let’s say) TROM mentality were outnumbering the human, the human started to see what we talked about as normal. We were the normality. I felt like the world flipped. Suddenly the other side was smaller, and ours was bigger. And of course we agreed that is fucked up to force people to slave for even their basic needs, all of their lives; of course we need to provide trade-free stuff for people. Of course trade-free makes sense and is such an important approach. Of course. But we had to bleed to reach that point, that situation. If there will be more of us talking about these things, and doing the things we do at TROM, then that could become normality, at least in pockets and groups. And that has a tremendous power because what we talk about is backed up by facts, so when it becomes normal, it also becomes stronger and stronger.

Don’t worry. Really.

I will feel a lot better if I could build and manage some 10-15 websites and get paid monthly and make enough to have a good life on this planet and support TROM, than seeing a handful of people trying so hard to support TROM and me financially. And having to complain that I have no money all the time. I’d feel so good if I could sustain myself and TROM financially. I have some plans as I said and I will put them into practice very soon. We will see how this goes.

Of course it would be amazing if I would get enough support for the tons of work I am doing on these projects. I am busy enough with these. And it worked for a few years and who knows in the future, if TROM becomes more known, may work again. But for now I am beating a dead horse and the poor horse can’t go anywhere, if I were to try and rely fully on donations.

I keep everyone posted on the Fediverse and of course, if anyone wants to still donate this is the place to do so but don’t sweat over it. In the long term I have to anyway make money somehow. Because projects like TROM may never get enough donations anyway. We are too odd of a project for that :).

Ok friends. Will try to finish the first two parts of the documentary. And as soon as I can get back to work on it I will. We could even release this year, if not for sure the next year.


Why I don’t post on my website again?

Why I don’t post on my website again?

I started in 2005 or so with a website. In Romanian. My blog. My own place where I could write my thoughts. It was easy thanks to WordPress. No need to code anything. Just write and add some images/videos. Great!

Having your own digital space where you an share your thoughts publicly is a fantastic thing. And something I personally really need because I have too many thoughts inside my skull. But after I made TROM documentary in 2011 I felt like I burned myself down a bit with such a long documentary. I expressed myself via the documentary in quite detail. So I stopped writing on my website that often. I then started TVP Magazine and I was writing books basically. More detailed, and now I could design them a lot better, enhancing the message. Did that for a few years.

Currently I have a ton of projects to manage and I work again on a big documentary, the sequel to TROM. I used to also write books for TROM and that was my way to express myself in extraordinary detail. However since I work on TROM II for the past 1-2 years and I have some 30 projects under my belt, I was unable to write books, and yet I still want to express myself form time to time

I thought this website is the perfect place. It is a simple website and to write here is easy-peasy. And yet I rarely make blog posts here. Why?

Because of the “social network” effect. Since we released our Friendica instance I find myself using that a lot. There are two main advantages to it that makes me want to post there instead of here:

  1. I use my account to follow a LOT of stuff. People, Sub Reddits, websites, projects, youtube channels, etc.. The nature of Friendca makes it a perfect social network where you can follow and connect with the world. Facebook is shit compared to Friendica, even if it was trade-free. Speaking about that there are no ads on Friendica (of course), so it is a clean and neat place to be on. I keep in touch with people there, follow, so for me it is the website I visit the most.
  2. Friendica allows you to create big posts and add images/videos inline. So posts look like blog posts. Since I am already on Friendica all day, it is so easy to click the “post” button and quickly make a post. Plus I can add them to a “blogs” category.

So then why would I choose to open my website, log in, then create a new post there and all that!? When I can do it much quicker on Friendica….and there there are the people I know who will react/share my post. Easier than via my website.

I wrote several blog posts on Friendica both for my account and TROM’s. To me the content is the king, so I’d rather have a fast way of expressing myself rather than go through some hoops and loops to do that. Books are different. They take months to finish so it makes sense to properly design them and such. But quick blog posts should be quick and easy to make.

Now….having a personal blog is better in the sense that people know it by name and can visit it. On Friendica they need to know my “handle” – Then have a Fediverse account to connect with me. Or know my profile url: is much easier to remember. Plus on my blog I am limitless in what I can do and post….I can have a page with my photo gallery, video gallery, whatever….and posts can have sliders, columns, you name it!

So if I ever want to post something more substantial and complex, I will use my website. Then the post will be automatically shared on my Friendica profile. But for shorter posts (most of them) I will use Friendica.

The Best of Both Worlds.

Friendica has an addon that let’s you post from Friendica to WordPress automatically. That’s amazing because it means I can use Friendica to post (which is easier and more handy as I explained) and then also have those posts here on my website. The problem is that the addon does not work anymore….I submitted the bug to the developers. If that would work again, then that’d be the perfect solution.

I can also do the opposite. And I actually do. I can post here and then the post is sent to my Friendica as a native post. So it looks like I posted on Friendica too. And whoever comments on that post on Friendica, I can see their comments on my blog post too. So awesome! But it is still easier for me to post via Friendica than via my website…

The best is that there are options to connect the two, and in time I will improve on that 🙂 .

So if you wanna see my Friendica posts here are the ways:

  1. All of my posts at
  2. My blog posts at
  3. TROM’s posts at
  4. TROM’s blog posts at

Bye bye MusikWave. Hello alternatives!

Bye bye MusikWave. Hello alternatives!

Today I am closing down I started this website a few years ago just so that I could listen to music, ad-free. And for others who want that too. I do not listen to music much, but I detest the trade-world we live in where nothing can be provided for you, unless you give something back, be it your dineros, attention, data, or whatever.

But musikwave was using a template that I bought from a genuine website, and because of “copyright” issues it seems, it was removed from there. Thus getting no updates for years, so parts of it were not working. I highly customized this theme but it was beyond me to do more than that.

I later on moved all of our websites from Dreamhost to Contabo, and managed them by myself, cutting the cost per server power to 10 times or more. I was paying around 50 Euros for a server with 4 cores, 4 GB of RAM and 120 GB SSD. Now, for 50 Euros I have 2 servers. One with 8 cores, 30GB of RAM and 800 GB SSD, and another one with 10 cores, 60GB of RAM and 1.6 TB SSD. So you can imagine the price difference when you manage your own servers….

Anyway. I moved all websites there but could not move musikwave since it was built for Apache and our servers run Nginx. So the structure of our new server universe could not handle it. I chose the cheapest Dreamhost subscription to keep musikwave alive, but still paying some 7 Euros a month. I announced that I will close it many months ago, and the time has come.

Bye bye my friend….you were great and almost 2 thousand people used you. But it is time to retire because you are old, and I am broke. You do not work well anyways, and there are better alternatives out there.

Nuclear Player

Musikwave was great because it was streaming music directly from youtube, and thus the music gallery was far better than that of any music streaming platform out there. And you could easily make multiple playlists and add music to them. Nuclear does all of this and more:

I was surprised to hear from the developers that they got partially inspired by Musikwave when they designed Nuclear. So awesome! I won’t go into details but this one is the best and it is an app you can install on your computer. For TROMjaro users it is as simple as going here to our TROMjaro app library, and click install. For others just go on their website and grab it from there and read more about its features.

It can even play local music. Has a music visualizer like Windamp back in the days, plus it can stream not only from youtube but from different other sources. It is my Musikwave replacement!


This is a very simple player that plays music from youtube. As simple as that. TROMjaro users can find it in the Add/Remove Software – so easy!. It is called “audiotube-git”. Others can grab it from here.


It is similar to the above, but even more simplistic.

TROMjaro users can again find it in Add/Remove Software by the name “youplay”. Others can go here and install.

Perhaps there are other players too, but these are the ones I know and are trade-free. Clean, no ads, no data collection, no sign-up, no bullshit!

Bye Musikwave! 🙂

My theory about black holes :)

My theory about black holes :)

Shut’up. I know, ‘am no physicist. And no scientist for that matter. That’s fine. I just had an idea and is likely to be wrong but it makes my brain giggle with curiosity.

Last night I was watching a documentary about black holes. I watched so many documentaries and courses so far, thousands upon thousands. I have a website full of them. So I’ve heard a thing or two about black holes. And considering that scientists know very little about them, or about dark matter, I’d like to share my idea because it has a minute chance to be partially true, tho I am kinda sure it won’t be the case.

Anyways. Let me share it.

Black holes for 7 year olds:

So the basic idea of a black hole is that it is a “rupture” in space/time. A huge star collapses and then boooom. BLACK. We see nothing. We only observe when something else gets close to them. Like stars that orbit them, or other objects that get so close that the “hole” swallows them. Look at this (perhaps the first evidence) of stars orbiting a “black hole” (those stars are orbiting it…they are fucked!):

You can’t see it, only its effect.

An this is an illustration of a black hole eating a star:

These happen. Read more here. They are fucking nuts!

We also know that they have a strong gravitational pull. We know that whatever matter it eats it adds to its mass, so is not like that matter disappears. We also know that they can collide with each other and create bigger black holes.

Now: dark matter.

No one knows what the fuck it is. Simply put when they observe galaxies through the lens of what we know about gravity, is not enough of normal matter for that galaxy to have that shape. So something heavier NEEDS to be there, else galaxies cannot form. So they invented basically an invisible “matter” that they called as “dark matter”. This is a NASA Hubble map of a galaxy cluster, and the blue foggy patches are what we believe to be concentrations of dark matter:

They think dark matter is there based on whatever they calculate in terms of gravitational pull.

So dark matter has a gravitational pull (it is heavy), and it is there it seems. But who the fuck knows what it is. They also say that dark matter seems to not interact with normal matter except via gravitational pull. They also think dark matter barely if ever reacts with itself except again via gravity. So basically they don’t think it can create black matter planets for instance. But all of this is speculation as far as I know.

Black Balls!!!

This is my theory :). Listen!

Black Holes form when a huge star collapses. So a fuck ton of pressure. We also know that most chemical elements (whatever the matter is made of) are created when big stars explode. So stars need to explode to create the matter that we know. WHAT IF when these giant stars collapse into black holes, they actually create dark matter and transform into BLACK BALLS!? Like maybe when giant stars collapse they transform the “visible matter” into all sorts of “invisible matter”, meaning matter that does not interact with light. And maybe it creates a lot of different atoms of dark matter. After all, stars are the creators of other elements….

Maybe that’s how dark matter forms. This is where it comes from, since Black Balls (black holes) also lose energy (a bit), and will die after a while. This is known and discovered by Stephen Hawkins.

And it is an illusion that it is a “hole” eating visible matter. It is actually a “ball” around which other objects like stars orbit. It is a black star. And when it “eats” the visible matter, it simply pulls it towards itself and it transforms into black matter due to the immense gravitational pull. Imagine a planet being sucked into a normal star. Observed from distance you see a dim body being sucked into a glowing body. Almost like a glowing hole eats that planet. But in fact it is a spherical object that eats that body. With black holes it is the exact opposite in terms of visibility. A black star is eating a glowing object (a star). And the same way that a normal star is digesting that planet and incorporates it into what makes that star, a black star (black ball) does the same and rips apart whatever it digests into its own matter that we call as “dark matter”.

Makes more sense. A new kind of star! We already have stars that after they collapse they are only made out of neutrons (the guts of atoms) and they are super bizarre….like a spoon of that can go through Earth since it is so dense. So what if we also have Black Stars formed of dark matter!?

Yah they say dark matter seems to not interact with visible matter or with itself, except gravity. But what if there are many kinds of dark matter, same way that there are many kinds of visible matter? And some dark matter atoms are like that, but others interact with the visible matter and they are only found in Black Balls.

Funny enough I’ve read that they are considering a connection between black holes and dark matter. They say dark matter may in fact be black holes. Read here. So this idea may not be that crazy….although what am saying is different, at least they are considering a connection there.

So this is not a hole!

It is a BALL! A black ball. Or call it a black star! And this black star is made out of dark matter of many kinds, like a periodic table of dark elements. And everything it eats, it transforms into dark matter because of the gravitational immense pressure!

There you go I solved the black holes and dark matter mystery. Anyone wants to do the maths!?


It can be a fun discussion….and I am very sure I am wrong but is worth sharing haha.

UPDATE: Adding more to my theory 🙂

Ok so here are a few more “proofs” of my theory. haha.

Black Holes have a magnetic field it seems. This falls in line with how stars are, since they too have a magnetic field. For example a Neutron star (another type of collapsed star) can get nuts and starts to emit radiation via its poles – we call that a pulsar. They also “eat” stars and what-not. See this video about pulsars:

And this is about “black holes” (cough: black balls) emitting radiation in the same way (they are named quasars):

So you see…these types of stars are similar. A neutron star is a collapsed star made out of neutrons – a very bizarre type of star – and at times it ejects matter through its magnetic poles, and we call that a pulsar. Neutron stars also eat other stars/objects, and it looks similar to how a black hole eats them. A black ball it is also formed by a star collapsing, plus it has a magnetic field, and at times it ejects streams of energy/stuff via its pols. We call that a quasar.

We also know that black balls emit some sort of radiation back, and that should be normal matter isn’t it? That’s why we detect it. So maybe the theory of visible matter transforming into dark matter is not that crazy. Also read this paper where they seem to suggest just that.

And also don’t take this post too seriously, since I am a dude who had an idea one night :D. There are physicists and astrophysicists who spend a lifetime of teamwork to understand such crazy monsters. I am pretty sure they thought of such ideas and probably made no scientific sense so they had to discard them. But considering how little we know about black holes and dark matter, and how they do not seem to fit our scientific understanding of the universe, there is a little chance that such ideas like mine can be true. And that makes me smile in wonder :).

Update 2: I was wrong about some stuff….

I had a different image of what a black hole is. I thought it is that entire black thing that you see bellow, outlined by the shinny stuff around it:

But in fact the mass of the black hole, they say, is in a point called the singularity.At the center of it. Somewhere there, you can’t even see it 🙂

And all of that black disk is the “event horizon” a portion where probably the normal matter is traveling towards the center but can’t emit any light, so we can’t see anything.

So my view of a black hole was kinda wrong. This is why I “theorized” that it may be a black ball.

These videos explain it very well:

But now, do not forget that these might be wild assumptions, as wild as mine :D. Since the science that we know seem to be weirded out by these monsters. I do find it more difficult to imagine it as a black ball now that they theorize the mass of it is in that tiny center, and the black we see around is simply a gravitational field that’s so strong even light can’t escape. The light we see around the black circle is matter that orbits it. Now this is not a circle probably, it is a sphere shaped object since we talk about a 3D space. So even this “hole” is kinda like a ball of gravitational field.

Damn these are bizarre.

Thanks to the friendly Future is Foss for engaging over the fediverse and pointing this thing to me. He wants to destroy my theory and take my nobel prize!

Should I moderate

Should I moderate

I’ve been debating in my head, and discussing with others, about moderating

And here are the difficulties I am confronting with:

1. I hate censorship

I moved away from Youtube and Facebook, not only because they are ad-networks and data-collectors (awful platforms to grow your project ‘inside of’, or to use for personal motives), but also because they have removed/censored some of our TROM content. We are not even talking about conspiracies here, but simply nudity, copyright, or “hate speech” and the like. And if you know TROM, we do not make porn 🙂 (as if that’s so bad in the first place), nor do we instill violence. We make educational content, and at times we talk about sexuality, or touchy subjects. But we always source our claims and we do so via scientific and well know sources, nothing shady at all. Like Wikipedia level, wtf. As for the copyrighted content, yes, we have used in the past such materials to create videos, but we make no profit out of anything, it is simply for educational purposes and we source the materials we use as much as we can.

So our videos have been removed several times, and our Facebook account banned for up to 1 month. You have to understand that Facebook banned me for like posting an image with text from Wikipedia explaining what viruses are and how they infect us. 100% scientific. That’s the level of censorship we experienced. Ridiculous and wrong.

2. We have limited server disk space

So now we moved to Peertube and Friendica, alternatives to Youtube and Facebook. At first I used some instances I found and I was still not 100% comfortable with that, since these instances were also moderated and I was concerned they may ban us in the future. Like wtf is so bad about nudity that everyone bans it? I find it a lot more harmful when people post positively about cryptocurrencies since these currencies, along with any other, create a lot of harm. And is not like we post nudity a lot – it is rare and only if we talk about human behavior. But it may be enough for these instances to ban us. So I created my (our) own instances.

Now I feel 100% comfortable that no one can ban/censor our content.

I said I am going to let anyone post anything on these instances, because I do not want to become like the ones I hated when I was using their platforms. And so these instances of ours fit very well under our trade-free initiative/idea. We did it! But….

Creating a video platform requires a powerful server and a fuck ton of disk space. I didn’t want to limit the upload quota because I know from experience that this is going to make people not use it. I mean….if I make videos and your instance only allows me to upload 5GB, or even 50GB….I cannot think to seriously use it since I have a limited quota and when I reach the quota what happens? This is not at all appealing.

We have a very good server but not as much disk space. We have a 1.6TB SSD. It is already 50% full after just a few months of the release. We have a lot of services on that instance, see Out of the 800GB that are full, some 600GB are due to Peertube videos. So Peertube is the greatest offender.

Luckily Peertube developers are working now to make it much easier to add an external storage to your instance, and when that is released we could buy a lot more storage. From my calculations some 2TB for like 10 Euros a month. That’d be fantastic and this way we can always expand the storage space at a cost. But it will take time for them to properly implement it (months), and time for us to set it up and test, and then move all of the files there. Plus….I am broke so….

Therefore, storage space is a BIG problem.

3. We are the trashcan of Youtube and Facebook

Even if I could expand the storage space now, at 0 costs, the problem is that we have become the trashcan of these big platforms. The vast majority of people who use these alternative platforms, from what I can tell, are not people like us who got a few videos/posts censored out of thousands, and censored for very questionable reasons; No! The people who come to these alternative platforms are not using them because they had enough of this ad-driven, data-collection BS that Facebook and Google is doing; No! The vast majority of people who come to these platforms are the craziest of the craziest. The ones that post about things that are unreal and create harm. Like the ones who deny the existence of reality basically. Those who are against vaccines, say the earth is flat, accuse others of drinking the blood of children, and a vomit overall of politics, conspiracies, and trolling. At times you see people coming to Peertube who got booted out of these platforms because they were uploading a lot of copyrighted materials, such as movies and series.

Unfortunately this is the situation right now. Most of the videos posted on our Peertube are either batshit-crazy videos, or copyrighted movies/series. So, do these people “care” about a censorship-free platform, or are they simply taking advantage of such a platform to spread their BS? Also, what if someone makes a website called “freemoviesforeveryone dot something” and uploads a ton of movies on our platform, to then embed them into their website to attract views? And their website is full of ads and scams, and they make money on the backs of our instance!? Is that ok?

Therefore, if the absolutely vast majority of content on our Peertube is batshit-crazy or stupid copyrighted movies, and overall I get the impression that we are used like a cheap prostitute while we pay for that, how can I be motivated to expand the storage space and keep this instance alive? You tell me!

I spent all of my life promoting science and sanity. Everything we do is so well sourced to the point of bleeding. I have created a website that curates very well made science documentaries/courses, or investigative-journalistic ones; another website that does the same for news/videos; and overall I am trying to be a sort of Carl Sagan or James Randi, or both, of the internet content. Should I now become a vessel for idiocracy!? All of the work I’ve put into creating and curating scientific and sane content, to be counteracted by our Peertube instance!?

4. Your content, my responsibility

So, even if we had infinite storage space, and I would not care about what users upload, the truth is that in today’s world I may be held accountable for the content you upload on MY server, for which I pay with MY OWN money and using MY OWN credentials. On top of that, I make local backups so if you upload some “illegal” videos, I then end up storing them on my own hard drives….

Think about this: someone will upload bunch of videos with little children being raped. They are now stored on my server and on my local hard drive. Should I honestly allow that to happen and risk it? Risking it and fighting for a Peertube instance that is full of crazy nonsense videos? Nah…. I honestly do not see it worth it.

So your content is, unfortunately, my responsibility regardless if I want it or not. This society won’t accept me saying “The content is the responsibility of the users.”. I wish this was the case, and I still argue strongly that the content is the responsibility of the user, but please understand that I subject myself to a plethora of adverse effects if I allow absolutely anything on the platform.

5. Your content, everyone’s responsibility

Lets say we have enough disk space, I do not care about what users upload, and I accept the legal risks associated with all of that. Even in such a scenario, our Peertube instance will become an isolated island.

Peertube federates with other Peertube instances in order to find more videos. But instance admins can block the federation with any instances they prefer. When you upload videos on our instance, these videos are likely to show up on other instances (not hosted there, but accessible there). Therefore, the admins of other instances will see that and eventually block our black-hole instance that’s fully of crappy videos. So, in the best case scenario we will become an island instance, something I really do not want to. Imagine that….to risk it and pay for an island full of crazy people. WTF….

So what should I do?

In my mind it boils down to only 2 main approaches: to moderate, or not.

To not moderate.

If I will go about not moderating AT ALL, then I have to consider the above points very seriously. So:

Limit the upload quota: I will have to limit the upload quota for all users, since our storage is getting filled up pretty quickly. And by limiting I mean some 5GB per user. This will make our instance very unappealing for those who are serious about creating video content. Also, I bet that crazy people will create hundreds of accounts to be able to upload more. So 1 crazy user can create multiple accounts and upload a lot of crap.

Moderation will be forced upon us: I will have to accept the risk that “Illegal” content or harmful, will be stored on my server and my local hard drives. This will create a lot of stress for me + eventually we will get into troubles forcing me to remove some of this content. So we will end up with moderation after all. Even 4chan or 8chan, websites that are known to host a fuck ton of crazy content (not even videos, just text and images mind you…) are moderating their black-holes of vomit-like-content. They were forced to. They then got banned from many tribes, and such. It is not an easy task to have such platforms. Especially a video platform.

We will become a silo of nonsense content: and this does not sit well with me. I do not feel motivated to fight for when I know it is 90% crazy people posting nonsense content.

To moderate.

If I am to moderate, then where will I stop with this? And how much work will it put on me?

Look, I really, REALLY, REALLY do not want to moderate such platforms. For one it defeats the purpose of them in the first place and the trade-free idea cannot be tagged to such a project. Second, moderating the content means that you accept the responsibility for it, and thus I feel like it makes me even more responsible for the content that users upload. Suddenly I am not a phone-line that connects people and sends data from one part to another, I am the host of a party in my own house and responsible for everything that anyone does inside my house. And this is not the role I want!

So I am concerned that moderating means that I accept the responsibility for the content uploaded on our Peertube, and this I strongly REJECT; and second it will transform me and the platform into a Youtube/Facebook like platform from this perspective. I will be biased in what I let or not on our platform, and it will give me more power over the content, which is BAD.

Let me give you some concrete examples. Lets say that I accept to moderate and I start removing the batshit-crazy channels with their videos. What is batshit-crazy? Canon? I’ll say it is for sure! Flat earthers! Yup. Humans being abused/killed? I’d say so, although what about documentaries/videos documenting such cases with good intentions!? Now things become muddy….what about hours-long podcasts that talk about crimes? Should I listen to them all and decide if they should be removed!? This is insane! How about videos talking positively about our very harmful trade-based society (form money, economy, to cryptocurrencies)? Should I let that on the platform? Form my perspective, no! Religion? That’s surely batshit-crazy. Where do I stop? I would also have to not accept any videos in foreign languages, only English. Because I cannot vet Chinese videos or whatever other language.


It is also concerning that if I start to moderate our Peertube, then I will create a precedent and maybe when we get invaded by crazy people on our Friendica, I will start moderate Friendica too….and this is quite unacceptable to me.

If you came here for an answer, I have none at the moment. We have created a poll to ask users about this dilemma. Please vote/comment there. We are also making 3-4 TROMcast episodes about this topic so that I can try and find an answer. First one we already released:

In 2 days we will have an interesting discussion with Sophia Moskalenko, an expert on radicalization and someone who is currently studying Qanon (Canon 🙂 ). I want to learn more from her about what drives these people and how can we approach this weird situation we are in. Then, in a few days we will have another discussion with some other admins of such instances and the developers behind Friendica, to ask them about this topic. What are their thoughts….

In an ideal world, it should not be me acting as the phone-line between you and you. So we should not have servers. We should broadcast our thoughts (via text, images, video, audio) directly to others from our devices. This is already happening with platforms like Scuttlebutt. It means that if I want to talk about whatever I want, and you want to listen to what I say, there should be a direct connection between us and no one in the middle. And if I think that what you say is batshit-crazy then I will simply not follow you and also block you so you can’t ever reach me. But no one has power to ban you from others. So then you don’t have a handful of people telling you what you are allowed to share or not, since everyone becomes their own personal moderators, stopping the content they do not want to see, from reaching their faces and ears.

With fast Internet connections nowadays, every computer can act as a server and even if you share a huge video, people should be able to stream it anywhere in the world. Considering that your devices are pretty much connected to the internet pipeline all the time, then your “server” is up and running all the time, available to send any request to anyone who is asking for that. And the connection between you and whoever wants to see your content should be encrypted. This way you can create your own unique place where you broadcast your thoughts and only those who want to listen, will listen. And the rest can simply choose not to listen…Simple!

These technologies are still in beta but I think this is the future, for better or for worse. But the same way that people argue that encryption is necessary despite the fact that some idiots use encryption to secretly plot terrorist attacks, I argue that directly broadcasting messages in any media form, to the ones who want to listen, should be a MUST despite the fact that many idiots like Canons would use these platforms to spread bullshit.

We have to go from:

YOU ———–> ME ——–> THEM


YOU ————————-> THEM


After I finished the post I thought about a great analogy. We, the ones running these small instances, are like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and the like when it comes to waste disposal. You know that rich tribes send most of their waste to these poor tribes, right!?

The idea of banning and censoring people online, is as good as that of shipping your country’s waste to Thailand, China or other poorer countries. Sure, you’ll say: “But look how clean US or Germany are….” Of course! Because you shipped all that waste to poor countries that are full of garbage. That’s how pretty much all websites do it nowadays. They ban many people, and these people end up on “alternative” social platforms that have to deal with this garbage and they do not have the resources of doing it.

And guess what happens? Thailand, Indonesia or other countries become a source of pollution: water, air, soil. And they dispose the waste into the oceans. And then US and other rich countries realize that the air is polluted, the water is, and so forth. Same thing happens online where these marginalized (banned) humans grow in numbers in these “alternative” places where they bake all kinds of crazy conspiracies, and these crazy ideas then end up again on the same social platforms that booted them.

The circle of “life”. Because much in the same way that waste is not a US or Germany problem, but a global problem that needs a global solution, online conspiracy theories are not a Facebook or Google problem, they are global internet problems. And both cannot be solved if we move the trash from one place to another, just to keep our backyard clean. The same garbage will become worse and bite you in the ass eventually.

So keep these in mind. Humans should take the time to understand these problems and deal with them. But who has time when everyone is busy trading trading trading. That’s all they know. More stuff, more stuff, more stuff. We are doomed!


Unfortunately we lost the recording of our TROMcast with Sophia….this is the reason why. Basically I forgot to tell Peertube to save the recording after the live ends…it was such a shame because it was a great podcast. In the followup TROMcast that just ended a few hours ago, I tried to summarize the key points of that episode. You can watch it here (we had 2 guests, the main developers of Friendica):

I think the description of this TROMcast is also relevant so I’ll drop it here:

In this episode we will discuss about moderating the fediverse. Is it different from the online moderation in general? Is it even effective? What about the technicality of it?

Our guests are Hypolite Petovan and Michael Vogel, some of the lead developers of Friendica and instance admins themselves.

NOTE: We have lost the recording of our last podcast. We had a great discussion with social psychologist Sophia Moskalenko about “Qanon, and the like”. In this episode we will try to summarize our discussion and the most important points. But we recommend that you follow her work.

About her

We recommend the following interviews:

– TFTRH #54 – Mia Bloom and Sophia Moskalenko: Pastels and Pedophiles

w/Mia Bloom, Sophia Moskalenko, Kim Kelly, Hadas Thier & Kate Willett | The Nomiki Show

– Inside the Mind of QAnon Believers with Dr. Sophia Moskalenko

– Sophia Moskalenko on “Radicalization and Martyrdom”

Her Twitter account:

We’ve also had some really great discussions at our TROM Chats about this topic. I highly recommend you join our Matrix Spaces. More info here. After all of this I think I have made up my mind, but I will still thinker about it till the end of this month when I’ll announce what’s my final decision.


I will moderate Sorta. Maybe. Am I?

Here’s how I am approaching it: from the beginning the website was labeled as “science/technology/activism”. I knew that this instance will be invaded by crazy people so I labeled it in a way that I would like this instance to be about. But guess what? Many users did not respect it. It is a trade-free video platform for science/technology/activism videos. So if you post pseudoscience, or politics, or movies, and such, then you do not respect our website’s thematic. I do not ban or moderate you, I simply remove the videos that do not find in those categories. It is simple. If we made a trade-free websites about cats and you start to post about dogs, then fuck off honestly….why are you such a big-dick!?

This way, I do not feel any guilt in removing the 80% of the videos hosted on our instance. Since they posted dogs. Worst, they posted dead raccoons.

That’s all I’m telling you at the moment since we will explain in detail in our next (and last) TROMcast about the topic. Should be in a week or so.


Final decision: our Peertube is a thematic instance and it was so from the beginning. Science/Technology + Activism that needs to fall into those two categories. Plus, English based content only. Simple! Please respect that. Here’s my latest video update:

I want to get over this so I for now, and hopefully for the future, this is the final decision. I want to focus on TROM II and a lot of other awesome things.

And since I promised I will teach anyone how to make their own video platform, here’s how:

1. You need a VPS (server). Sounds difficult but it isn’t. Use – it is the cheapest and most reliable I could find. You can go for either a fast VPS (which I recommend) for like 6 Euros a month that has 200GB storage space, or a storage VPS for like 5 Euros a month for 300GB. I recommend to buy the vast VPS. Here is the link

When you order only select Debian as the OS and Webmin as the Panel. That’s all you need. Both are free.

2. After you buy it they will send you the Webmin URL and credentials. Visit that link and login. Now in the lower left side of Webmin you have a button to access the command line:

Click it. In the command line we have to install 2 things. First type “sudo -i” then press enter. That will make you have root access. Then paste “apt install curl” or if it doesn’t install “curl” try “sudo apt install curl”. Once that is installed let’s install the wonderful Yunohost with “curl | bash”. Follow the instructions there then also visit the installation guide here. Trust me it is VERY easy.

3. Once you install and setup Yunohost then all of the hard work is done! From now on is easier than managing a wordpress website. In your Yunohost admin panel you can add a domain name, many are free (the .nohost ones for example). And after that you can go to the Applications list, search for Peertube and click install. Choose the domain name you want to use and that’s it.

You see, now you have your own video platform! Enjoy!