Me and Aaron :) – and TROM

Me and Aaron :) – and TROM

Aaron came to visit me and we spent an entire month having really deep and interesting discussions about TROM. For those who don’t know, Aaron is translating TROM materials into German (he almost translated everything) – He is such a kind and wonderful human being, like pretty much everyone who is active with TROM. Well, everyone! 🙂

I and Aaron brainstormed a lot about how we should approach this project and some of the ideas, that will be detailed in future TROM books and the new documentary we will make this year, are that we should focus on trade-free goods and services and/or projects. We want to promote such things because we do 2 things at once with that: 1. We talk about the source of most problems (trade), and 2. We create free (truly free) services for people. Think about VideoNeat, TROM books or curated news and videos, quizzes, TROM-Jaro, MusikWave, and so forth. We want to put a label on them all as trade-free and create a directory of many such services or goods (if we find) from all around the world. Let’s “attack” the world with solutions and education.

We are also thinking of creating a yearly event based on this trade-free idea where people can come and present their trade-free goods and services. Imagine inviting people from many domains: from open source, to volunteers and citizen scientists, or activists of all kinds. It sure will start small, but we have to start somewhere.

Our “immediate” plans for now are the following: Finish the massive The Origin of Most Problems book and release it + finish the big Entertainment book and release it + create the script for the upcoming documentary that will be all about the origin of most problems. As we said before, we want to release the documentary in several languages at once in a decentralized way (website + streaming). Also release TROM-Jaro and restructure a bit so that we emphasize on all of the TROM free tools that we’ve created over the years.

In May this year several people who are helping with TROM (they are part of the project) will meet me in Spain in my town, to work on new ideas and the new documentary and brainstorm some stuff. Plus, to meet each other for the first time!

Dima, who is writing books for TROM and also translates TROM stuff into Russian, is also working on another documentary about activism and he will interview us for it.

So, lots of plans for this year! Thank you for your financial support everyone, it allows me to still keep on focusing on this project! And I love it! I’ve meet very interesting minds in this last 2 years, minds that are now close friends and are helping TROM grow. Will try to grow this entire thing together, in terms of the project, in terms of relationships and support.

I really love to write on this blog from time to time, thought didn’t have much time lately….and btw, Aaron is translating some of my blog posts into German so go check his website if you are German 🙂 – thanks Aaron!

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