For the past hundreds of years humans have discovered some of the most mindblowing things about us and the world we live in. Atoms, evolution, galaxies, stars, creatures, particles, cells, DNA…. It is had to believe that these things are true, but they are. Despite this, the human society did not change a bit. Sure, we have mass production nowadays, and gadgets, and better healthcare, and big cities and all of that, but the HUMAN did not change. Humans are the same as they were for the past thousands of years.

You see they have invented a society. With money, social classes, countries, laws, and so forth. That’s in their heads. And that imagination seems to be so powerful that no discovery about reality can shake it off. And this shocks me to the core. I am so amazed and yet devastated by this, that I honestly feel like I am walking among zombies, in a bad zombie movie apocalypse.

So the world (reality) makes me fucking curious. What are atoms? Electrons? Evolution? What do you mean we can only see a tiny spectrum of light? Exoplanets? WOW! But the society that humans invented, makes me fucking furious. Climate change, idiots, waste, ads, religion, trade, jobs….

My curiosity and furiousity coalesce into a giant explosion that results in many different online projects, as that’s the only place I can afford to explode. Since high-school, around 2005, I have created blog posts, videos, documentaries, books, and many projects overall. I am motivated to continue to react to this crazy situation.

So. I am a human, on planet Earth. And you are too. How about we all realize that, and put aside the many nonsense fantasies that we are forced to endure on this planet!?