Started in 2011

I started TROM when I made a 14 hours documentary back in 2011. Since then it has evolved into a big project that has baby projects of its own. TROM is now a place where we make documentaries, videos, and write books. We usually cover in depth topics about the world and the society we live in. We have produced so much content that it could take years to digest it.Most of the content takes a long time to make, as it should be if you want to make quality stuff.


Started in 2012

I love documentaries! So in 2012 I decided to make a website where I would recommend the best documentaries I’ve watched. Since then I have added thousands and made sure that almost all of them have a trailer, a proper description and a source (like who made it – very important for a documentary); but also a way for people to watch these documentaries in a decentralized manner. This project is constantly updated and it will forever be.


Started in 2014

I visit this website daily and without it I would have no clue where to get my news and daily-edu-delight. I gathered hundreds of sources, form news websites to youtube channels/playlists, or subreddits, and coalesced them into a mega-news website that auto-feeds from these sources.

Basically if I want to know what’s happening in the world of sci-tech, or to see some great educational videos, or some cool nature photos and so forth, this is the place for me to visit.


Started in 2018

I love Linux! I love it so much because it allows me to “own” my computer. To feel comfortable using and tweaking it. No bullshit! So I customized Manjaro Linux and made our own TROM Spin. We added many custom things and I absolutely love this distro. Easy to use, looks very modern, and it is very stable. I use it daily. Same is for my family and friends. This project is constantly updated.


Started in 2019

I started this website around 2020 out of the desire to create a new sort of “movement” that is decentralized. I think the idea is great, but we are the pioneers so most of the time it feels like we are alone pushing this approach of creating trade-free goods/services. I hope that the more we push this trade-free concept the more will accept it and push it forward.

We have also created a directory where we list trade-free goods/services from all around the world.

Started in 2021

I am enabling for everyone a ton of trade-free services that are alternatives to the big trade-based platforms. So, video platforms, file hosting, search engines, chat platforms, and so forth. I use these daily and make sure they all work perfectly fine. Actually I cannot live without most of the services now.

Instead of Facebook I use Friendica, instead of Youtube I use Peertube, instead of Google Drive I use Nextcloud, instead of Whatsapp/Discord I use Element; and so on. And you can use these too!