My plan for the next year.

My plan for the next year.

My plan for the next year.

Release TROM II, have a wonderful TROM meeting in May, save as much money as possible + work to make some more and buy a motorhome. By October next year have the motorhome, some monthly income from WebApe (hopefully) and then go travel across Spain, Portugal, go to Norway see the Fjords and other parts of Europe 😀 . Basically see the nature side of it.

While doing that make more TROM books, more TROM-Casts, more videos, meet new orgs and projects, spread the word about “trade is the origin of most problems” and the antidote “trade-free”.

If we manage to buy a motorhome and all works great with that, and if I manage to make WebApe a monthly income generator (or if we find other sources), then we can support ourselves and TROM for a long time. Maybe we can get enough financial support from donations for TROM…that’d be amazing but idk…

After that I’d like for us to go to Hawaii for a bit, because I’d love to see that place, then USA and buy a motorhome there (sell the old one) and travel across USA and see the national parks.

That’s my “dream” now. And I am working on it.

Because you see, I want to have a wonderful life while also screaming about this bullshit society and propose realistic solutions for this BS. But I can’t just scream and be angry, this won’t even last. I want to also enjoy life, see the nature that is left, meet the humans that are still humans and not citizens, and so forth.

So let’s see….for now I will get back to work on TROM II.

We had the wonderful @Aaron visiting us:

We had a paella – rare thing for us to eat out, maybe 4-5 times a year. But a paella we love 😀

We had such a wonderful time together despite him only staying for just 3 nights.

Staying in nature, with the hammocks, having great discussions…wonderful!

Looking forward to meet him again in May!

Ok, now go finish TROM II 😀

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