A very bad laptop design.

A very bad laptop design.

3 days ago I was writing about a laptop I bought for 100 Euros that impressed me. How well it was design making it so easy to upgrade and repair. This post https://social.trom.tf/display/dbc8dc44-1163-5943-3cb0-731309094804

Well now I have an exact opposite example. A few years ago we bought a very cheap laptop for my father. 2 core processor (intel), 4GB of RAM, some 500 GB HDD. 200 Euros or so. And the build quality is awful. Plus the way you open it up….

For example you have to open the entire back plastic panel to access anything. The screws are black on a black panel, the plastic quality is terrible, and then you have to somehow know that this:

is not just a rubber thingy to make your laptop stand better on a desk…no no, it hides screws inside of it. So you have to unglue that.

What a terrible design. I remember some 2 years ago when I first opened it up to change the HDD with an SSD, I almost broke the plastic panel trying to take it apart because I was unaware there are screws underneath those. Terrible design!

Then how do I put those rubber legs back? Glue them back? Awful!

After you struggle to open it, you find this:

It is easy to change the drive and the RAMs. However only 1 slot for the RAM. WTF! I’ve never seen a laptop with only 1 slot for the RAM. This is terrible. I had another RAM stick of 4GB around and wanted to upgrade it to 8GB but guess what, there is nowhere to add another stick…

Actually this was the reason I opened it again tonight, to only find out about this stupid thing.

The worst part is that the hinges are metal screwed into the plastic case and because it is so difficult to open, I broke both hinges….the plastic they were screwed into broke completely. And trust me I opened many laptops this never happened to me before. But this build quality is complete shit.

This happened 2 years ago when I first opened it. And made it so difficult when I reopened it again because I was afraid I will completely destroy it….I tried to glue them but in vain. Basically you can still close the lid, but it is a shitstorm and it will break completely sooner than later.

All in all, it is a complete fuckery this laptop. Poorly made out of shitty plastic. Difficult to open up to the point where you will break it. You only have 1 RAM slot. Not worth it.

I found a newer version of the same Fujitsu laptop, same model. Double the hardware power. Core i5, 8GB of RAM, 180 GB SSD. Same ebay seller. 200 Euros with 1 year warranty. I will tell my parents to perhaps buy that one. And this laptop we can sell for 16 Euros or give it to someone who won’t be able to do much with it…

Will see but this is the exact opposite example of my previous one.

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