TVP and TZM….are they dead?

TVP and TZM….are they dead?

So the TZM frontpage still talks about a future event in 2021…

I saw them a little active on Twitter this past year or two, since I can follow via Friendica. But not much going on. It is sad to see such movements dissolve….

Also TVP...last “news” on their website was from 4 months ago, and that’s a news that I am really surprised to see it coming from TVP….

Jacque and Roxanne were so against associating TVP with any such low tech and local project…idk what happened there….

As for their RBE website that was announced as this big thing….is dead. If you look at their “progress” then for the past 3 years is none. Same percentage bars that I never thought amount to anything…see the same page via waybackmachine.

The previous news was still about this and was almost a year old, and the one before, 2 years old. So their only news is once a year.

They also post on Twitter from time to time, but all are recycled old posts….

TZM without Peter felt empty even years ago. It was Peter Joseph that created this basically, and the one active and so on. He is still active, mostly ranting on Twitter although he was banned weeks ago so no more Twitter rants. I think he found refuge on Facebook…worst place out of all. Told him to come to the Fediverse but ofc he will never reply to my 5 emails I ever sent to him. I can’t follow him now since I need a FB account to do so, and fuck that.

He still does his podcast tho and I keep an eye (or ear) on it. I’ve heard he works on Zeitgeist 4, and he released some 2 years ago a docu-drama thingy that for me was too artistic.

But hey, the guy tries and is one of the 2 or so that are still active since 2010s when we all kinda started to scream out loud.

Same TVP is dead without Jacque Fresco…he was the soul of the project. After he died, TVP died too.

It is sad to be honest…both of these organizations had a lot of good/important things to say, even if I disagree now with some of the things they say. I have collaborated with TVP for some 4 years, and been close to a bunch of TZM people for several years too. But now, from what I can tell, both of these are truly dead. Again, unfortunately.

I wish I could see them being active again, and screaming how this monetary system fucks things up. Of course, I’d be annoyed that they don’t talk about trade and just “money”, but hey we have a lot more in common so we could work on that. Or could we? Because I could not work that out with TVP….

2009 to 2014 or so were “magical” years for me, in the sense that my (our) screaming was loud and loud. TZM and TVP were huge, they had world tours with lots of people coming at their talks; Zeitgeist documentaries were getting millions of views, and TROM came out as a new thingy that attracted hundreds of thousands of eyeballs. Occupy Wall-street, protest against money and the rich…the Internet was fuming with these.

Felt like a global movement against money. A step closer to “trade”. I feel this nostalgia thinking about this…almost like I am getting deeply sad….because then I felt like things are rolling, and greater things will happen.

And here we are more than a decade later….silence.

But TROM never died and I plan to push it harder and harder.

TROM continues and we work on a huge ass documentary + other things. 30+ active projects under the TROM umbrella, and more to come. We are not dead, we’alive and kicking. Screaming, doing. All that. And I am making reserves of motivational juice so that I am going to use that as a rocket booster after TROM II is released. I want to challenge “the world” with this “trade is the origin of most problems”. I (we) have a lot to fucking say! I am still young, and I am still motivated. I have time and energy. I have not gave up!


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  1. All 3 projects clearly indicating the directions humanity should look and act, but most of the people are not interested on those things and their attention can be captured with lots of cheap miseries, because the actual system still works pretty well for most of the people ( or at least they are yet confortable at a level to not look for alternatives ), as Jaques said ‘we have more than enough resources’, so we have so much now we can simply waste 60-70% of those and still not lack of much. It might be the time when it will not be enough for all its not too far with the accelerating climate crisis and enough people open the eyes and mounts :), but we’ll have to see. This is just my opinion on the matter,

  2. I’m also feeling many times deepy empty after the Jaques, I sometimes try to read or listen others with similar ideas and somehow shortly forgot about him. Then when I read him again, I’m just: damn this guy makes sense as all the others combined.

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