I hope you’re amused!

I hope you’re amused!

When Snowden showed us the NSA leak,
When Putin’s exposed by Navalny the “prick”,
When COVID-19 hits hard like a brick….

The active of us, they scream and they try
The rest of the world, observes and goes by,
The climate, the plastic….we’re going to die?

Scientists tell us, there is no more time:
the bees they are dying, the ocean is hot,
the corals are bleaching, the people are fucked;

The voices of all who tell us the truth,
Became like a music, repeating on mute.

And who has the time to care or to act,
When Putin decides it is time to attack: bombs and guns, dead people in slums; fake news, fake clues, fake people, CONFUSE!

Remember Iraq and Afganistan? The Syrian migrants, the sound of a gun?
Remember the lies, remember the dead? Remember the suffering and the tears you shed?

Now go back to bed!
These problems you see, they will never end.

And when you wake up, just use your “smart” phone
One thumb is enough to scroll all alone,
And read yet again, how others still scream,
And how nothing changes, the future is grim.

A scandal, a war, corruption, or all,
They roll day by day, tiktoking away,
What’s new for today?

You’re busy all day, consuming, consumed
Confused and abused, your anger diffused
I hope you’re amused!

Made by me after watching this documentary.

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