Free Software Nonsense.

Free Software Nonsense.

If you call a software “free” then you should not trade for it. It means, it is given to you without any conditions attached to it. You should not give your data to them, your attention (ads), your currency and so forth. You can’t say “free software” and sell it.

That’s not free in any universe, and the language is confusing. Call it Software with the Source Code Open (public). Public Source Code Software. And then you can talk about what you are allowed to do with it, such as you can modify it, copy it, distribute it, etc..

If say Mozilla calls their VPN as “free” as in “the source code is open and you can ‘fork’ it”, but they charge money for the service….it makes 0 sense. I can “fork” the code, ok, but can I use it with their VPN servers? No. Then what is the point of that!? Call the VPN client as “Public Source Code Software” that can be Edited/Shared/Copied or whatever “license” you want to attach to it. And call it a day. I am not saying they do that, but I see in their FAQ this:

Weird to say their “competitors” are “free” VPNs. Anyhow…

Imagine if I say “We have free applepies come and get some”.

You come to my place and I say “It costs you 15$ a pie”. Because you see, the recipe for the applepie is free, you can come and get it and make your own applepie, if you buy the ingredients and cook it yourself….

This would be ridiculous. I can call my applepie as “free applepie recipe” and I’d be a lot more clear. But that’s how they are doing with many “free and open source software” that are sold. Imagine the fuckery.

I am quite annoyed by this “free software” as in “freedom” but not “free beer”, whatever the bullshit. Look, if this X piece of software is called “Free Software” but I have to trade my data, or currency, or attention to it, then it is EVERYTHING but free.

Insane how the word “free” makes 0 sense nowadays.

At the end of the day, if humans were not to forcefully live under a trade system where ownership and the accumulation of stuff is important for trading reasons, they would not give a shit about these. They would make some software and whatever, forget about licenses. Take it, fork it, share it, who the fuck cares. The only reason they care about it today, is because they can lose their trade advantage. If you take my shit (software) and trade it, I will lose. ’cause I also have to trade for food and stuff. So this system forces us to be scumbags with each other.

I created a lot of books, all are available here – are they “free”, what license are they under? People ask.

Fuck this nonsense. I do not trade them so I do not care. They are there and are trade-free for anyone, you do not have to give me anything in return. Do what you want with them. That’s how we all should be. And I had to invent this trade-free thing/idea simply because the “free” had no more meaning in today’s world.

The struggle is real, companies, charlatans – well merchants of all shapes and forms – are gonna maximize their trade advantage and skills, and in doing so they are abusing, raping, concepts like “free”.

  • If a software is only available to you for a limited amount of time, then you have to trade currency to use it, IT IS NOT FREE.
  • If a software locks certain features unless you trade currency to unlock them, then IT IS NOT FREE.
  • If a software puts ads into it, so you have to trade your attention, then IT IS NOT FREE.
  • If a software mines your data, IT IS NOT FREE.

Got it? 😁

We have a trade-free library of hundreds of apps here – these are properly “free” apps. That’s the difference.

Humans…wasting their time on this planet with licenses, rules, laws, fuckery….focus on solving cancer, explore other worlds, understand the nature, etc..

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