Your health will get better

Your health will get better

Now I am in pain. A lot of. Right side of my throat hurts like a hundred big needles got stuck there. I had a look. I see white spots. Throat ulcers very likely. I had this for about a week. I woke up so many times last night simply because of so much pain. Eating is something I hate right now because it hurts the most. Sleeping makes my throat dryer and in about 1h I wake up with tremendous pain. Talking is very uncomfortable. I want this to end.

This is me and my pain now 😀 :

Only warm tea is helping me alleviate the pain. I’ve been to the doctor. She looked for 15 seconds and said it is a virus infection and to take ibuprofen if it hurts. Now go home. Fuck them, today I have another appointment and I will make sure to insist to give me some pain killers and more explanations for my situation. I had COVID and this started after that COVID episode. I also took a lot of ibuprofen when COVID hit since I had fever for several days. I’ve read that ibuprofen can also cause such mouth ulcers. I also fucked up since I did some gargling with water and salt (usually this helps me when in such pain), but I exaggerated and put a ton of salt in the water. Hurt like a bitch.

Then I also used another spray that was for infection+pus….and that also fucking hurt. Now I bought something for canker sores and the doctor said is fine to use it. Hurts less but still…I also tried several painkillers. Nothing works.

This is me having a tear:

Man it really hurts and it is so uncomfortable. Even my ear hurts. Painful pains that last for many days, or longer, are (of course) the fucking worst. I had kidney stones and here’s a post I did about it. That was way worse, tho what I experience now it is getting closer to that experience if it keeps on lasting. I forgot about that kidney stone event. And that’s normal. And that’s my point.

It will go away.

That I know for sure. May take days or a week or so, but eventually it will go away. And this is the point of this post. You know when you are in a lot of pain and your health sucks balls and you think: fhuck, I’m gonna die! You won’t. Except in very rare cases if you have a terminal illness, in which case this article won’t help you at all 🙁 .

I remember when I was 11 or so. I had a pain over here:

(again this is still me at age 11, deal with it!).

Even now I remember how awful that pain was. I could not lift up my leg, and took months to go away. I had to learn to kick the football ball with the other leg because the right one was hurting. It is funny that I did not give up football tho, despite the pain 😁.

Several years ago I had a constant pain here:

That would not go away for 2-3 fucking months. I thought I am losing my mind it was so awful. Not that painful, but fucking constant. I thought there is no life without that pain, that it will be there forever.

But eventually it went away. Took me weeks to get rid of the ghost pain tho. It got tattooed into my brain.

I also had a skin rush on my face that period of time (as you can see in this photo 😀 ):

And hurt and was uncomfortable. Took me months to get rid of it.

We all have these moments. And it seems to me like that whenever we have them we feel like dying. I dream about the day when I won’t have that fucking pain. To then forget about it the next day I feel ok.

So this is a message for all of those who suffer in pain. Don’t worry, it will go away.

I cannot wait to read this post when I will have no more throat pain.

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