Facebook Ban

Facebook Ban

Short story short: I published the documentary “The Raw Ones” from VideoNeat to Facebook with this message “Surprisingly educational documentary. I think nowadays you will rarely find such documentaries that are to the point and scientific.” – the documentary is about how sick this world is in regards to the naked human body – it is educational, it is from 1965, and it is banned on Facebook.

I posted it on my personal account, TROM and VN pages. Then bam! Facebook blocks me saying that I didn’t respect their terms and conditions…they logged me out from their messenger for 2 of my accounts, both of which were admins for TROM and VN, yet the other account of mine did not post a thing on FB and never did, it is a personal account to keep in touch with my family. I can’t post on FB for at least 24h, and TROM page is deleted/unpublished and I can only hope they will bring it back.They also blocked another admin of TROM page, even if he did nothing at all.

So Facebook got scared of some tits basically, or something like that because of the documentary’s poster, and went bananas and blocked me everywhere. I didn’t like FB at all, ever, but now it’s just beyond Hitler-like. I will incorporate more about this in a TROM future book (hopefully really soon) to explain why this situation with entities like FB or YTB or Twitter and such are very very scary.

It’s a very sick world, and what an irony….posting a documentary about how this society is so ‘scared’ when it comes to the naked human body to then be blocked by the largest ‘social’ network in the world on the reason that I posted nudity….

Mad, mad world.

I’ll update here if there are any other updates but I am thinking of completely giving up FB.

UPDATE: we are back on FB, but my attitude towards FB will change from now on and I will try not to post messages on FB directly but on my blog and then post a link to FBso people check my blog if they want to read these posts. I can’t rely on the primitiveness and stupidity of Facebook anymore.

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      1. heh there are a lot more ‘nude’ posts on FB, actually it is full of porn videos uploaded to FB directly and photos and links. Will make an article about this pretty soon showing all that.

  1. Hi Tio, i personally use Twitter a whole lot more in recent times, not to say it’s much better but I think it’s become a more viable alternative for content crators to share their media. Do you already have Twitter accounts for yourself or TROM? ’cause i would like to follow them there,

      1. Honestly, i think twitter can be very helpful, I just took a look at Zeitgeist’s twitter account and they have plenty of followers and update it constantly, but when i take a look at The Venus Project’s twitter, the last post they’ve made are from months ago about TVP Magazine, even though it says they have 21k followers I really feel they don’t promote themselves on other social media aside from facebook, so if you can work on the twitter account i think i t would be pretty useful too.

        1. Yes I agree and I will. I may share on twitter as default and then make twitter share on facebook automatically. Yeah TVP is a mess when it comes to this, it is so good at wasting such things. Everything you see on their twitter for the past 2 years was only posted by me, and from the moment that they dissolved the magazine no one posted there, as I expected to happen. TZM twitter posts automatically from their FB page btw – not a bad idea at all – we have the same thing for the newly TROMnews twitter page https://twitter.com/TromNews.

          1. Nice! I will follow that account too. Whatever you do then I’ll be supporting you so that we can get out of this shitty monetary system we all still live in as soon as posible 🙂

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