Google wants to end adblocking

Google wants to end adblocking

Did you ever realize that the most popular browser in the entire world, is made and controlled by an ad company? And the most popular search engine….Same goes for the most popular “social networks”. And mobile operating system….


And now Google, who has the power to change the internet for the worse, is trying to do something that I had anticipated many years ago. You see, we think that we fooled these companies by using adblockers, or some interfaces like invidious and the like, but the truth is that we could do that because they allowed us to. As soon as these will threaten their existence they can throw massive amounts of money at it and make it difficult if not impossible to bypass these.

Example: since Google owns the search, the mobile operating system, maps, the most popular video platform and so on, AND they own the most popular browser in the world, they are trying to introduce some technical things into the browser and some of their websites to block the adblockers and more.

Basically if you visit via Chrome, then Youtube first asks Chrome about you. Like…are you using an adblocker? If Chrome says yes, then Youtube can refuse you. Therefore you cannot visit unless you do what Youtube says you should do. In this case deactivating your adblocker.

They call this the “Web Environment Integrity API” and are working on it already

Here’s a snippet from their proposal:

Users like visiting websites that are expensive to create and maintain, but they often want or need to do it without paying directly. These websites fund themselves with ads, but the advertisers can only afford to pay for humans to see the ads, rather than robots. This creates a need for human users to prove to websites that they’re human, sometimes through tasks like challenges or logins.

And this is their first point in their explanation. Of course they will fight for this. It will get harder and harder, if not impossible to block ads and trackers.

This is easily predictable when you understand that the main goal of humans on this planet is to trade. This for that. An evolution that results in big companies doing this sort of shit, even when they have more than enough.

I have been screaming about this for more than a decade. But most people do not listen. Do not want to talk about this. They make it look complicated (ad-based economics, surveillance capitalism, blah blah blah). In truth it is the same practice and incentive for Google as it is for the guy who owns a small grocery store. Stop thinking that this is an issue with big companies and billionaires. It is not. We are all, or most of us, scammers, charlatans, tricksters. On small or big levels.

What can we do about it?

First understand it. Understand why these things happen, because if you do not at best you can make some politicians approve some laws to try and stop these big players. And this does not work. We made a big book and a huge documentary all about this.

Second, try to use trade-free alternative platforms. See – the ones that we offer. Or visit the Trade-Free Directory and search for some

We need to understand where the problem originates (trade) and inform people about it, but also try to use alternative platforms and software, so we don’t depend on this motherfuckers.

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