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From Fireworks to Drones

From Fireworks to Drones

This is a show from a few days ago from the little town I live in:

It used to be this:

So messy.

Great! It seems that the world is starting to replace fireworks shows with drone shows. No more noise pollution, smoke, waste from the burned fireworks, and so forth. Sounds much much better!

Here’s a more advanced and cool example:

But I am concerned they will use them to also display some ads, like brands and promote shit…

Oh wait, they already do it!


Above Sydney so that everyone can see them…and loud music….so still noise pollution. What about those batteries and components for these thousands of drones that are used for such shows? Where do they go after not working anymore? Probably land-fields…

Ok ok….I know, nothing can end up well in a trade-based society. Everything gets traded, and thus marketed. Nothing is what it seems. A drone show is not just a drone show, it is an opportunity to advertise. A book is not just a book, it is an opportunity for the author to buy a new car. A piece of software is not just a piece of software, it is a way for the developer/company to collect more data, to then transform that into currency, to then transform that into holidays, houses, and fancy shit and so on for themselves.

This is the most fundamental thing that everyone should understand about our society, that we are forced and incentivized to trade. Very few people can afford to, or are willing to do things for the sake of doing things. And of course this creates a very messed-up society when you do something in order to get something else. We did that in school where the goal was to get good grades to pass the exams. Most kinds would cheat, not learn anything, because the goal was not to learn. And so it goes for our society…the goal is not to write books, do drone shows to protect the nature, create a PDF converter or whatever. Nah….

So we should not be surprised that everything goes to shit. Pollution, waste, bad products, scammy services….

Nothing will every change unless we understand that #TradeRuinsEverything.