It’s all about that trade.

It’s all about that trade.

When I scream about how trade is the origin of most problems, some people think that I am crazy and I exaggerate. Well either read the thousands of pages I wrote so far or watch the tens of hours of videos that I made, or here’s another clear example:

I and Sasha. Much love. Love love, you know. We are together for the past 3 or so years. All we want is to stay on this planet somewhere. Can we? The answer is no. It is yes. It is maybe. It is confusing. Is it any answer?

After going through the bullshit of the marriage ritual, and went to lawyers here in Spain and all that, we still didn’t figure that out until today.

Ok so listen. If you want to be able to stay in Spain, 2 humans that is, one of you is a resident in Spain and an EU citizen, one an American citizen, here’s what you have to do:

  • Prove that you are together and you love each other.
  • That’s it. Now you can live here and we (Spain) will take care of you to make sure you won’t end up in the streets, or doing bad things.

See how easy that was!?

Oh wait….that’s just my imagination. Hold on. Hmmm….Sorry, actually no one cares if you love each other, can take care of yourself, or you are a good human. Sorry, that was a different planet.

On Earth here’s what you need:

  • Be “married” (the ritual) with a resident/citizen of Spain.
  • The resident/citizen has to prove that they have a job for the past year (so at least a year contract) and make at least 1.000 Euros a month.
  • A bunch of other IDs and documents.


  • Does not matter if you are with someone or not, you just have to stay in Spain for 3 consecutive years. Illegally.
  • Do not get into any sort of issues with the police.
  • Get a criminal record from your country of origin.
  • Do a course (at least 40 hours) for the local language, in our case a dialect….
  • Get a job offer.
  • A bunch of other documents.

Alright Planet Earth, I see you are so kind with your hoomans.

So, a tribe (say Spain) will give 0 fucks about love, relationships, health, being a good human and such. But they will give 100% to TRADE. If you TRADE in their tribe, that’s all they need really. If you invest money into a tribe, guess what, they will let you in no problemos – see. How many rich fucks that have been in jail or did so many illegal things are traveling all around the world!? Countless.

Fuck the “morality, ethics”, equality, human rights, being a good human, and all of that crap. Or being a Christian, a Muslim, a whateverthefuck. These do not matter in our society. All it matters is that TRADE.

SO. It’s all about that trade, ’bout that trade… – sing with me!

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