Share the waste!

Share the waste!

I donated my old laptop to a dear friend who also helps with the TROM project. I used this laptop for many years but I needed a more portable one and luckily others helped me buy a better one for myself. I am happy to know that my dear friend the laptop, that helped me make 80% of the TROM II documentary, and, and tromcasts, tromjaro, and so many books, and so on, now has a new home 😀

Others helped me, I am helping others too. We should all help each other. We should share the vast amount of stuff we have in this world, rather than keeping that stuff around and not use it, or throwing it into the garbage.

I too often see these in the town I live in:

Massive waste of stuff. Unacceptable!


  • We are incentivized to buy and buy and buy; every day bombarded with such messages. And thus people buy even when they don’t have to.
  • There is no sharing platform that is useful enough, or some place where you can put these things to then be repaired and shared with others.
  • People have no time to take any initiative. If people had the time to get involved they can create all sorts of sharing platforms and places. Like for the place where I live: imagine if some people can have the time to take the stuff people put at the garbage bin, repair and clean, and have a central place in the town where anyone can pick that stuff.

So. Yeah, anyway, I am super happy I could send my laptop to someone who will likely make good use of. I have 1 more laptop and a tablet that I want to give to others. I don’t like to have much stuff anyway. I will try to get more and more involved with this physical-stuff sharing in the future, like that’s made by our friend Colin. I will try to share stuff on that website too after TROM II is released.

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  1. I have weird question, because we I guess are heavy users (12 to 16hr a day). do you used the laptop most of the time in bad or in a chair? And what chair do you have? Do you have a laptop arm that attaches to a dresser or is drilled into the wall?

    1. I used to have a lot of back issues because I spend so much time on the computer. I then made a desk for myself that is the proper height for me and bought a good “gaming” chair. The sitting pad is important (needs to be very soft and to have a lot of depth) + a back pillow that most of these chairs have. This is the one that I have

      As you can see it has arm rests and thats super important. I try to have a straight posture and yes 98% of the time I sit at the desk and not in bed. If you spend a lot of time at the computer you need to take care of your back else you’ll regret it.

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