Why I don’t post on my website again?

Why I don’t post on my website again?

I started in 2005 or so with a website. In Romanian. My blog. My own place where I could write my thoughts. It was easy thanks to WordPress. No need to code anything. Just write and add some images/videos. Great!

Having your own digital space where you an share your thoughts publicly is a fantastic thing. And something I personally really need because I have too many thoughts inside my skull. But after I made TROM documentary in 2011 I felt like I burned myself down a bit with such a long documentary. I expressed myself via the documentary in quite detail. So I stopped writing on my website that often. I then started TVP Magazine and I was writing books basically. More detailed, and now I could design them a lot better, enhancing the message. Did that for a few years.

Currently I have a ton of projects to manage and I work again on a big documentary, the sequel to TROM. I used to also write books for TROM and that was my way to express myself in extraordinary detail. However since I work on TROM II for the past 1-2 years and I have some 30 projects under my belt, I was unable to write books, and yet I still want to express myself form time to time

I thought this website is the perfect place. It is a simple website and to write here is easy-peasy. And yet I rarely make blog posts here. Why?

Because of the “social network” effect. Since we released our Friendica instance I find myself using that a lot. There are two main advantages to it that makes me want to post there instead of here:

  1. I use my account to follow a LOT of stuff. People, Sub Reddits, websites, projects, youtube channels, etc.. The nature of Friendca makes it a perfect social network where you can follow and connect with the world. Facebook is shit compared to Friendica, even if it was trade-free. Speaking about that there are no ads on Friendica (of course), so it is a clean and neat place to be on. I keep in touch with people there, follow, so for me it is the website I visit the most.
  2. Friendica allows you to create big posts and add images/videos inline. So posts look like blog posts. Since I am already on Friendica all day, it is so easy to click the “post” button and quickly make a post. Plus I can add them to a “blogs” category.

So then why would I choose to open my website, log in, then create a new post there and all that!? When I can do it much quicker on Friendica….and there there are the people I know who will react/share my post. Easier than via my website.

I wrote several blog posts on Friendica both for my account and TROM’s. To me the content is the king, so I’d rather have a fast way of expressing myself rather than go through some hoops and loops to do that. Books are different. They take months to finish so it makes sense to properly design them and such. But quick blog posts should be quick and easy to make.

Now….having a personal blog is better in the sense that people know it by name and can visit it. On Friendica they need to know my “handle” – tio@social.trom.tf. Then have a Fediverse account to connect with me. Or know my profile url: https://social.trom.tf/profile/tio

tiotrom.com is much easier to remember. Plus on my blog I am limitless in what I can do and post….I can have a page with my photo gallery, video gallery, whatever….and posts can have sliders, columns, you name it!

So if I ever want to post something more substantial and complex, I will use my website. Then the post will be automatically shared on my Friendica profile. But for shorter posts (most of them) I will use Friendica.

The Best of Both Worlds.

Friendica has an addon that let’s you post from Friendica to WordPress automatically. That’s amazing because it means I can use Friendica to post (which is easier and more handy as I explained) and then also have those posts here on my website. The problem is that the addon does not work anymore….I submitted the bug to the developers. If that would work again, then that’d be the perfect solution.

I can also do the opposite. And I actually do. I can post here and then the post is sent to my Friendica as a native post. So it looks like I posted on Friendica too. And whoever comments on that post on Friendica, I can see their comments on my blog post too. So awesome! But it is still easier for me to post via Friendica than via my website…

The best is that there are options to connect the two, and in time I will improve on that 🙂 .

So if you wanna see my Friendica posts here are the ways:

  1. All of my posts at https://social.trom.tf/profile/tio
  2. My blog posts at https://social.trom.tf/profile/tio/status?category=blogs
  3. TROM’s posts at https://social.trom.tf/profile/trom
  4. TROM’s blog posts at https://social.trom.tf/profile/trom/status?category=blogs

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