Schools are not for learning.

Schools are not for learning.

School can be seen as an abusive and inefficient system that has little to nothing to do with “education”.

Children are forced to wake up at a certain hour, every day, 5 days a week, for 12 years. They are categorized by ages and their “knowledge” level. School creates a competition between the kids, makes then hate science and learning in general, it is a boring and colorless place for these young minds, and overall ends up not teaching children much at all about the world we live in.

In a trade-based society the parents NEED to trade themselves in a job, so these kids need to be “livestocked” somehow. That’s what school is, a place where kids can be while their parents trade to survive in this society. More to that, Universities almost exclusively prepare these young creatures to become workers, like their parents.

All in all, kids go to school to compete, memorize, get ready to be workers. NOT to be EDUCATED.

If humans could have a decent life without trading in this society, they could have the time to engage with their kids, discover, learn, enjoy. And schools could be places where kids of all ages can go because they want to. A place where experts can teach them about the world and how to do something productive.


Tell kids: See this red dot? This is the farthest thing we can take a photo off. They call it a “star”. And you show them a real photo taken by the WEBB telescope. From there on you and your class of kids will investigate what this red dot is, and in the process you’ll teach kids about light, physics, maths, distances, stars, the universe.

Or show kids a real dinosaur bone and tell them: Our mission is to understand how old it is and what creature this is. And thus you can go into a journey of discovering what geology is, paleontology, rocks and fossils, and so forth.

Or tell them that our mission is to build a robot. And they will learn mechanics, programming and so forth.

We could create real schools where kids can become curious and learn so much about our world. So that they can become the next Einsteins, the next Teslas, the next ones who can discover new things.

That’s the world we should have had by now….

And we wont be able to have it unless we change the trade-based society into a tradeless society. Where humans are not forced to trade in order to survive. Where humans like “teachers” can engage and develop such schools as explained above, to have time for that, not to go to school because that’s their job since they have to pay their rent so they are forced to do it.

A few years ago we made a video: Rethinking Education – where we go in depth abotĂșt this.

05. Rethinking Education

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