Divorcing myself from this retarded society

Divorcing myself from this retarded society

I need to divorce myself more from the society/politics/conflicts part of our world. It is insane what it has become. When Russia put hundreds of thousands of troops on Ukraine’s border and were accused of preparing an invasion, they said that’s entirely false. Then they invaded, then they called the war against Ukraine as a “special military operation”.

They bombed hospitals and schools and residential or public spaces, killing so many innocent people…

UK, USA, and EU were “horrified” at these atrocities, while China was “on the fence” and Iran and the like were kinda cheering up for Russia and helping them.

Day by day, people dying, politicians lying. People were crying…

And now Israel drops thousands of bombs on Gaza, killing again so many innocent people. Creating a total disaster.

So much suffering, just like in Ukraine. And yet USA, UK and EU are cheering up for Israel.

Even helping them…

Suddenly there is no more genocide….

Israel says they only kill the bad people, despite the videos and photos showing the contrary. They say they are saints and are fighting against evil, because you see Hamas killed over a thousand innocent Israeli people and that’s EVIL, so they must go and kill thousands more innocent people….because that’s GOOD!

Not to mention what Israel has done to palestinians over the past decades….trapping them in an open prison basically…

Then Russia is like: Oh my god, this is genocide! Unbelievable! To drop bombs on hospitals and kill entire families. This is terrible!

And China speaking up against what Israel is doing, more than what Russia is doing. And Iran talking about “human rights”….

And Ukraine not putting any blame on Israel for doing what Russia is doing to them….

Add to the mix the Hamas and other groups that create a lot of misery and terror, and the values of the so called “Arab countries” that are full of shit, and the primitivism of religion overall.

Ukraine is also not an angel, or any other tribe for that matter. Politicians are lying, propaganda is a daily news, and people continue to suffer while at the same time we have problems like cancer killing so many people, tuberculosis that is treatable killing the poor by the millions; diseases, climate change, pollution….

But the thing is, many of these situations are still a result of our trade-based society. The destruction of our environment, enslaving people, making humans into consumers, and so on, are a result of this society.

But even when it comes to wars they are a result of boiling trade-interests on a high flame. Where politicians say all sorts of stupid things, create propaganda through social (ad) networks that also rely on trades, promoting nationalism and patriotism to get more votes, to then have these politicians rule over others, and have luxurious cars, do all sort of businesses, and gain more power.

In other words do you think the “head of states” really care about their tribe when they are almost always caught avoiding taxes, doing shady businesses, and stealing form their tribe?

They care about them and their families, but then they start to promote “patriotism” and “us the tribe” stupidity, to gain votes to be elected as “heads of states”. And they use these platforms that care mostly about you paying them to promote your posts. The cycle of vomit.

The thirst for power comes mainly from humans being trained to trade to acquire, because the more you have the more power you have, and vice versa.

And then starting wars is part of the power thirst and the need to get more “support” from the “nationals”.

A mix of rich people who lie and have power over others, and the others who are confused patriots, busy workers, and idiotic consumers. Going at war is easy.


This is a totally insane society, full of lies and idiots. A horror carnival. And I think the sanest way for me is to force myself to ignore this side of our society. Ignore everything that any politician says (I already do this anyway), ignore these conflicts that I cannot do a thing about and are wrapped in propaganda and misery; ignore this society and focus more on the natural world.

I want to try and do astrophotography to reveal what my eyes can’t see. To go more in nature, to grow TROM and its many positive projects, to live a less stressed life, because the society is too retarded and chaotic to even make sense of it, let alone do anything about it.

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