The wannabe activists

The wannabe activists

I am quite sure that what prevents me from going into a deep depression is my workaholism. I am always busy with things, some new, some old, some experimental. I always want to do new projects, write, create, enable. The fact that soon after I released TROM II, a 3 years work, I jumped into new adventures, says a lot. Many would fucking retire for a few years after working so much on a project, or drop dead.

I always do stuff. And that keeps me away from thinking about many truths. Some that really piss me off are these wannabe “activists” and “organizations” that bitch about this society and then have pompous motivational vomits about how we should do something, and help, and fight, and all that. Yet none, or almost none, of these motherfuckers that I know have ever helped TROM and the many projects that we have, even with a share or something.

We have so many tools that people can use, so many books, a new documentary, and more. I am always available for any podcasts, debate, presentation, wheteverthefuck. I am here screaming for more than a decade, but if I think how ignored TROM is, especially by these cunts :), then I could go into depression mode quite fast.

That’s the truth.

Better to keep myself busy with my TROM work, else I may realize how hypocritical many people are. I will always share whatever is important in regards to TROM, regardless of the source. And we do daily on and such. And I’ve helped other projects whenever I could.

What just triggered me is this video by TVP

. Ok made, but the message of: “We should change the world by getting involved. You can do something even from behind the computer!” Is so hypocritical coming from an organization that will NEVER share anything from anyone else. They will NEVER help those people who are active and fight.

TVP has some online reach so hey go ahead share TROM II, or, or other orgs from our Trade Free Directory! They won’t! They never did. I worked with them for years. They just talk. Bullshitters. Many bullshitters out there.

Ok rant done.

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