Best notes app

Best notes app

I rarely change my Notes app because I have a lot of notes and I need to use them. I can’t afford to switch often, plus I could never find anything better than Zettlr for the past years. Until now.


That’s the one I’ve been looking for.

Supports markdown but has a WYSIWYG so it is very easy to use. Text formatting, links, headings, tables, text colors and highlights, paste images, man it has a lot and yet it is so simple!

I add many code snippets and its code blocks are awesome and simple, with auto recognition for the code type:

And you simply hover a piece of text and have all of the options you need to edit, or add blocks via / or a button.

You can even create kaban-style pages:

And if you click on any entry there you get a popup where you can add more details via the same text-rich functionalities like any notes:

WOW! Just WOW. It means that I am replacing not only Zettlr but Vijunka too, in one single app! And it is all local.

And it has a lot more, so give it a try.

They are working to add a search function (a must) and more features!

Yeah they added a ChatGPT integration for those who want to use it and add a API key to it….idk how to feel about that but I proposed to them to at least use GPT4all, the open source and locally run language model.

Anyway, I love this notes app! Give it a try. Trust me, it really is amazing how much you can do with it!

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