You are being scammed!

You are being scammed!

If you feed your brain with culture, then culture is your operating system. But culture is a human invention. Often too simplistic, moronic, competitive driven, trade-influenced. A culture of celebrities and those watching them, dreaming of becoming one of them. Shallow values, fake smiles, fake lives.

If you watch movies, listen to music, scroll endlessly on social (ad) networks; you tiktok daily, gossip, small talk, come’here drink a beer; if you are enculturated, you are missing out on something mind blowing.


And this:

And this too:

And this weirdo:

And this, wtf that is:

Or these:


The center stage of your life. You are the center of the universe because your experience is yours, and that makes you the most important creature in the universe for yourself. And the reality is something we, humans, recently discovered. Plus, it is not being “marketed”. And thus, it is not “popular”. So many do not know about “it”. The “reality” is, for most, a geeky thing…science and such…

Immensely misunderstood.

You are being tricked into culture/society. You are being fooled and scammed. By this:


Or this:

And this weirdo:

You are not part of that “world”. It is not yours. You are only here to watch it, get jealous, to consume and be consumed; to dream about illusions.

But if you realize that you are part of a humongous universe, and of an evolutionary process taking up billions of years, then you are as equal as anyone else. We are all in this, and it is about us, because we discovered this world. Embrace it. Force it into your essence!

As harsh as this may sound: stop watching movies or listen to dumb music. Stop using Facebook, Tiktok and the like. Games? Fuck them! Don’t copy this retarded society. Don’t be tricked by it. Netflix, Spotify, “smart”-phones, whatever the shit it is advertised to you: clothes and fake holidays, are all a scam. You’ll live and never realize what you truly are, a HUMAN.

Everyone tells you to consume these stupid useless shits. Because they are traded. Refuse!

I am telling you from my personal experience. I too was watching movies, and all sorts of shows, football, and all that. Was obsessed over some. But me, my life, felt mediocre at best. I am not like those famous people, I am not as good looking, well dressed, and so on….It is impossible to escape these feelings when you are soaked into culture.

But then I forced myself to watch documentaries, and read about the real world. For years. Felt very unnatural and uncomfortable. But after some time that gets into your system. Now I feel as important as any living creature. We are truly the universe looking at itself.

These used to mean “stars” in my world:

But now the only stars in my world, in my head, in my reality, are those that I see in the night sky.

That’s the difference!

You are star-stuff, literally. The story of you, and the importance of you, is far greater than you may imagine. This is not some inspirational corny post, it is true all that I am saying. A star had to explode, for the elements in your body to be created.

A frog, a fish, a mountain, that grass and the blue sky. Only made of a handful of building blocks. Same ones. A lego-like world. A mystery waiting to be revealed. An endless process of discovery. We will never know the full story of ourselves… the universe began….what was before that….where do we go….and that, to me, makes us immortal. Because we are, the universe indeed.

How beautiful! How real!

I wish we would all realize who we are, rather than what we are told to be, by a culture oiled by trade.

Don’t get scammed! Force reality into your brain.

2 Replies to “You are being scammed!”

  1. Hey Tio ! Man long time no see from my part … but I am glad to see you still spreading truth and still pointing in the rigth direction !!
    I wish the best for you and us HUMAS !!
    P.S. That kiwi just blowed my mind *:)

    1. Heh 🙂 – thank you for your awesome message! Yes I am continuing these things for sure. I work on TROM II documentary as well.

      And yeah that kiwi bird is nuts!

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