Is Russia going nuke?

Is Russia going nuke?

You know I made a post some months ago being quite concerned about WW3, and I really try to keep my tits calm when it comes to such scenarios since I have seen so many times speculations about all sorts of things and normally nothing radical happens in this world, in any regards.

I haven’t posted about the situation in Russia in some time, but I kept an eye on it via AlJazeera, BBC, Euronews but also the awful out of curiosity. Things slowed down a bit for the past months, but became a lot more tense for the past weeks. There is a serious worry that this can still escalate into a WW3, as unimaginable as it may seem even for those acknowledging that it may happen. Like me.

Russia (Putin kinda leading it) seems to have very few options on the table other than some small nukes to “scare off” the world. And Ukraine is pumped full of weapons and support.

Russia already set the stage to not allow itself to go down in a controlled manner. Declaring some 10% of Ukraine as “theirs”, and Ukraine having no interest in backing down, to the contrary taking that territory back, combined with the inability of Russia to fight on the ground and hold onto territories….makes me think that these crazy minds that are in power in Russia, are very close to use bigger weapons like nuclear ones.

Problem is, once they do, it is like trying to extinguish a flaming cooking pan by pouring a liter of water on top of it. Ukraine + the rest supporting them will probably respond in kind. Explosions, the big kind, will happen. We are past the “sanctions” card, we are past the threats that seem to have 0 effect, and now the morons may go on a full-war approach.

I hope I am wrong, again, but seems quite a tense situation.

And as much as people hate Putin, he is not the only one there. He has a lot of supporters and people around him. Whatever they think, they have started a big fight and they won’t back away easily, or at all it seems.

Let’s see how things will progress….probably we will see 2-3 more months of fighting on the ground, to then who know….a nuke or two!?

Fucking awful bunch of humans this society has created.

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  1. Well Jaques once said that the financial crisis from the ’30s ended just with WW2….the 2008 finacial crisis didnt ended yet, so I also think we will see a bigger war with lots of destruction, so world will have “work” again for the next decades and elites from where to profit.

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