The UN has done it! We will fix it. Finally!

The UN has done it! We will fix it. Finally!

Oh look “leaders” are still meeting to talk about climate change – how cute!

They are talking about how this global trade based society pushes us all, from individuals to companies, to pollute, mostly care about profits, destroy the nature, enslave others, coerce. And are taking direct steps to overcome this by providing humans with their basic needs trade-free (as a first step), so that we help humans have a good life, and not pollute and waste as much, and get involved more to reverse the effects of pollution and destruction.

They have also started to ban all advertising because they rightly say that this is only going to create more needless consumption. I am so happy about that. Online or offline, ads are illegal.

They are working with all governments around the world to make a global transportation system that is trade-free, so that we phase out cars entirely. Universal healthcare is also on the agenda together with trade-free education. Two meals a day for everyone, trade-free access to the Internet, investing a lot of resources in non-meat food alternatives, and kick-starting a massive sharing platform (online/offline) so that we can all share the vast amounts of wasted and unused stuff that we have around. Even sharing a room/place to stay. How amazing! This, they hope, will incentivize people to re-use, rather than buy useless shit all the time.

Lastly, they realize that laws and rules do not work, so their overall approach is to create a better society from within the current one. One that does not rely on trade but on share. This way we can make companies and profiteers obsolete, with time. The focus will be on how to protect us and the nature, using renewable energies, less polluting practices, and so forth, since there is no incentive to do otherwise. All, while decoupling ourselves from the need for trade. Have a lot more free time, get more educated, get involved.

GO UNITED NATIONS! Let’s do it folks!

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