I was hit by a car today

I was hit by a car today

Today I’ve been hit by a car on the crosswalk. The car was a police car (first irony) and everything was legal/right/lawful. But the second irony is that when I crossed the street, a firefighter car hits the police car from behind, and the police car hits me.

Luckily I managed to jump up and so it won’t hit my legs first, and protect myself with one hand to not hit the car with my head, and to my surprise I even landed on my feet after a few meters from the impact. Quite a thrilling moment that reminds me how fricking stupid this system is, letting people to drive these huge pieces of metals instead of having autonomous cars as a default option for all cars.

The firefighter’s excuse was that they were looking for lost children and didn’t pay attention to the road. And that is even more of a motive to have self driving cars.

The astonishing thing is that there are 1.3 million people killed in traffic accidents each year. That is as much as HIV kills each year. Imagine that!

Here’s a picture I took after the incident happened:


Imagine that the police car was a meter or so behind the crosswalk before it hits me. So I was thrown a meter or two in front of the stopped police car that you see in the picture. You do the math. By the way, before crossing the street the policeman waved me to cross it, signaled me that I can cross it….so wasn’t my fault at all.

What was so astonishing to me is that the policeman didn’t bother to go out of the car and ask the guy that was thrown meters away from the impact (me) if I am ok. It took many minutes after they did that and even then, they said to me if I feel ok I should go home. Well I was just thrown couple of meters from a direct impact and they are telling me to go home. Anyway, some people were very nice and tried to help with anything they could, firefighters as well. I wasn’t injured that bad, my back and one of my legs hurts a bit, and I might go tomorrow to the hospital.


I waited for the ambulance to come, but they said that I can go home if it doesn’t hurt that much and I can go to the hospital if it starts to hurt more. Anyway, I was going home and another policeman stops me with his motorcycle and asks me for my name, address, and other stuff that I didn’t know. I had to go home, find these ‘very important documents’, and go to the police station where they scanned them and they sent me home.


So, that was my day, how was yours? 🙂

I was hit by a car, pretty seriously (luckily I managed to have a pretty good reflex) and I was sent home as if nothing happened. I am sure if I had a huge poster  that said the word ‘nigger’ or showing a picture with a ‘vagina’ I would have been much more ‘investigated’ by the police.


They think that they are solving problems by putting signs on the road, creating laws, telling people to drive more carefully, but the only way to fix problems is to fix them, and by that I mean use science and technology to solve them. If there is a ‘war’ against cancer, why isn’t there a war  on cars driven by people that kill 1.3 million humans a year?


By the way, because of tribal separation and the fact that I don’t know spanish very well, even when they tried to talk with me it was such a mess (language barrier). This system we live in even if it seems to work, it is just an illusion. It doesn’t. It knows best how to hide collateral damages so that it looks like it is working.


I have to take a break for a few days to recover a bit, so TVPM will be released a bit later than usual.


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  1. Glad you’re OK! Good reflexes can save your day. So it’s good to play games that train you with it. That’s how I got them I guess.

    About the A to B system. We have to get rid if cars and move to a more efficient public transport concept.

    Something like a underground high speed transit grid. It’s safer, faster and will give back the precious terrain, once occupied by roads. Which we then could use for more innovative purposes.

    1. Thing is I don’t play any games :). But I get your point. And yes I agree we need better mass transit systems. I wrote a bookshot on that AA WORLD, and I found many many such efficient mass transit systems.

      1. wow, it’s an amazing coincidence though. I don’t hear much from TZM or the trilogy. Nothing from TVP either. I knew about the movies at 15, approximately, from a punk’s friend, who was a friend of mine in High School. Great job, by the way. Salutations from a med student in Lleida!

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