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Am I using your emotions to make you donate to me?

Am I using your emotions to make you donate to me?

In my last blog post I was writing about how bad I felt about my personal situation. How broke I am and that I haven’t been like that in years (since 2013). I also hinted about “killing myself”, although was not literally, just to emphasize that I felt like falling into a deep black hole. The post was my way of expressing my anger, and I’ve been doing this since 2006. Actually my blog was what helped me not literally kill myself in high school when I was so depressed, because I was able to let my anger out by writing about it publicly. So, my blog is my personal space where I write about whatever I want, whenever I want. And it helps me. So anyways, I published this blog and two very contradictory responses took place.

First was a massive donation from Taras, of 2.000 Euros, that helps us enormously. I can now be relaxed for the next few months and work on TROM II. He also sent this message: “Thank you for your amazing work. Don’t give up!”. I also got this kind of message from another friend:

I have collapsed psychologically reading Tio’s thoughts and all these problems. I feel you both, all this fucked situation…i have learned awesome things from you both and have helped on so many…i wish could have more shit-money to do my best but i can’t… I have spent more than 43 years of my life working for this fucked trade system and need 6 more months to retire and still can’t help you financially. Please guys…DON’T GIVE UP…stay together…the more important in such hard times is to have each other. I really feel my words are so…useless… But DON’T GIVE UP!! We need to become “friends” with the “Beast”, with the horror that it instills…to live “within it without it”… I believe there are always ways…just think about it. Thank you both for all your awesome work. i’m very glad to hear your determination and the passion to keep going that hard but so valuable “road”. Always the few but pioneers were helping this society to move forward. I wish sometime in the future your choices to guide you for a visit in Greece. Would be so nice to meet each other. Please give my best regards and my sympathy to Tio.

They power me a lot to keep on doing what I’m doing, but also make me sad that I make them sad and put a burden on them. I always struggled with that: when a few people donate money, then I am in a very shitty situation and make a blog post about it, the same people (at times new ones) donate a huge ton of money….I feel like not wanting to say I am broke because I make others sad and maybe I make them feel “obliged” to help financially.

So anyways, this is the second reaction on a Facebook post about the blog (someone told me about it since I don’t dare to go on fb anymore because it is such a shithole):

Jizuz dude! One thing is for certain it is hard to support a hypocrite. You say “i tio am good guy because i am trade free” then you say “they bad because they sell you stuff” then you say “hope sasha sells a billion books”. Hahahaha. This is painful to read. Not cuz i pity you because it is like i have to trade my comfort to gain access to trom goods. Like we have to hear you cry and cry about being broke in order to get your “tradefree” services. Bro everyone is in the same boat. Most are struggling financially emotionally mentally and we dont have mommy n daddy to help us and we dont have a following who donate. So save ur self pity tears. If you love the work and are good at it and want to help others than do it and be humble and stop using this as income. This kind of story you write (you wrote many MANY times before) is so annoying when there are actual people suffering and starving in this world. Also u say “i tio watch thousands of docos and write long childish stories about complex subjects and make some stuffs so i shouldnt have to work but you all are not as curious as i so u go to work and give your earnings to me…!!! Whah, whah, whah, yah yah yah…”

To which I replied:

Suzzie Cutter I do not use FB but someone told me about your comment so I had to reply when I saw the nonsense, because you are confused. I never sold anything TROM related and never will. Except a TROM USB card in 2012 where I didn’t put any profit on it and it was for like 1 month to make it more available for people. So keep that in mind.

Second, Sasha will provide her book (not a TROM material) for free online (trade free that is), but the hard copy will always cost money unless we print the books ourselves and pay to send to people, which is ridiculous. So she will be forced to sell the hard print anyways. Sure, she can put a 0 profit, but then us being financially fucked she won’t do that. Maybe it will end up helping us so we won’t ask for donations for TROM again. Yes, people selling stuff is “bad”, but also I fully understand some have no choice. I always talk about how this environment makes people the way they are, and never accuse people themselves. Not even the billionaires.

You can project whatever you want about me (Tio), that I “complain” and such, but I am just telling people how the situation is exactly, so they understand it. Because if I go fully broke, then I cannot even pay for TROM. My mommy and my daddy 🙂 are helping us now, is true, and that’s something I would do for my kids too, sorry you have no mommy or daddy or a “following”, but maybe if you do what I do at TROM, you can have the latter.

You take my complaint, a personal blog post, as if I came to your door and started to cry and asked you for help. People have shitty lives, and some have websites where they complain about them. And you read these stories it seems, and then you get annoyed by them. For sure there are people starving and having cancer and all that. This is not an excuse for ignoring situations like mine, or not “complaining” about my shitty situation just because there is a kid now in Africa dying of starvation. If anything, I am one of those who screams about that kid in Africa, and a lot of other problems.

As for your last paragraph…the childish part is you in this story. You got nothing from that blog post or from the work we do at TROM. If you didn’t get it, my point was that if anyone wants to be curious about this society and this world, the problems, the solutions there are, then they can’t even do that and take it seriously, because they are forced to work. It is not about me, it is about everyone including yourself. You missed that entirely.What is your motivation to moan here on a random fb post about this personal problem of mine? Nothing relevant to do to maybe, so that in the future get financial support for? Is fb too easy for everyone nowadays to comment and think that they are doing anything? At least next time comment on my blog post not on a fb automated page that no one is managing.

Then Suzzie continued:

Do you have food to eat? Yes. Do you have a bed to sleep in? Yes.Do you have ability to go to doctors? Yes.Are you disabled? No.Are you at risk of loosing any of these things? No.Do you have a safe clean environment to live in? Yes.So why so dramatic? Why play on peoples emotions to get donations? You mention starving kids in africa at times but most of your complaints are about your life and how “bad” you have it and how money “helps” you not be stressed.

People fall for this bc they know the world sucks and think by donating to you they make a difference but thats a scam. I say hypocrite bc you say “dont donate to others bc they sell materials if the publish a book” then say “but its ok if we do it” an bc you use sad pity stories to get donations. Just make the content or not. Dont make people feel sorry for you and give you money then preach about “trade free blah blah”

Is like “hey who wants dinner?” “ i will feed you without any conditions” then the people eat and its “but i cooked for you” “i washed the dishes” “i cut the ingredients” and so on. “I need money bc all of that cost me time and effort” and “now im so stressed and want to kill myself bc i gave no money for myself bc i cooked for you all” now all the people who ate the food feel guilty and “donate” to you for the “free dinner”

And my last reply to that:

Suzzie Cutter you really want to drag me into a facebook conversation aren’t you? The best of the internet…. If you want to discuss in length and are really interested in a discussion and not trolling, feel free to comment on my blog post.

To reply to your nonsense

:”Do you have food to eat?” I had only for next 3 months. Would my family let me go hungry after these 3 months? For sure, no. But it would put all of us in a very shitty situation with a lot of stress. Food + Stress is not something I want for any of us. They work in the cleaning industry here where we live, is not like they are rich at all. They stay with rent too and are underpaid and have illegal contracts basically. I do not want to become a burden for them.

“Do you have a bed to sleep in?” – Only because my family can provide one for now. But they too need to move away from here very soon, so then what do I do?”Do you have ability to go to doctors?” Fortunately yes. Here in Spain I do. As long as I can stay here in Spain .”Are you disabled?” Not as far as I know. Are you? “Are you at risk of loosing any of these things?” Yes “Do you have a safe clean environment to live in?” No.

“So why so dramatic? Why play on peoples emotions to get donations?” It is only dramatic because you make it as such. I simply explained my shitty personal situation on my personal blog and shared it here because I am the main one keeping TROM alive, so if I am broke, TROM will also have to suffer. We need to pay for server, for a very good internet connection, hardware for backups, etc.. You just decided to comment on a situation you know nothing about. I guess that’s facebook overall so I am not surprised.I never asked anyone for money in my life. How many people can say that? I only have open donations for whoever can and want to donate. But I never knock on anyone’s door to ask for money. Actually I had to do the opposite with people like Aaron and Roma who donated so much money. I had to tell them to stop and that I will refund their money if they ever donate, since they have to take care of themselves.

“People fall for this bc they know the world sucks and think by donating to you they make a difference but thats a scam. ” – What is the scam here? When anyone donates I keep doing what I promised to do: TROM. As simple as that. I don’t promise anything else. I give no perks and no special treatment.

“””I say hypocrite bc you say “dont donate to others bc they sell materials if the publish a book” then say “but its ok if we do it” an bc you use sad pity stories to get donations.””” You friend are so confused is no wonder I found about you on fb… I never said to anyone to donate or not to anyone. And we sell no books. Are you really that confused?

It’s like I make food and give it for free to anyone, publicly. Come and eat, I ask you nothing. I don’t even have a sign to donate in your face. It is up to anyone to donate. Like Wikipedia. And if I am in a very bad financial situation that doesn’t allow me to continue to make free food for everyone, I’ll say that publicly and not come to your door Suzzie and ask for donations. And if anyone helps, ok. If not, ok. I keep on doing what I can.Funny how in your mind is “too much” for me to complain about my shitty personal financial situation that affects the entire TROM project, but not too much for you to complain about my complaint, in every donation-related post. Can you see the hypocrisy there?

Suzzie also started to make all kinds of sarcastic comments on posts where we thank the people who donated. Those were trolling comments so I decided to delete them from facebook because I do not have the time to deal with people who have too much time to troll.

But it is not the first time I’ve heard someone complaining about the fact that I appeal to people’s emotions to get money from them. For the past 10 or so years I’ve heard this 3-4 times. Which is really not much at all, but still it is something I wanted to address because it bothers me to think that I may do that.

I come from an environment where “begging” is a “job”. Romanian people go to England or other tribes to beg in the streets and they make a living out of this. They appeal to people’s emotions in an aggressive way and have a lot of learned tactics to get as much money from you as possible. It is an industry revolving around this. If you see a beggar in UK, it is very likely he/she is not there by themselves, they came there via an “organization” that “hires” them. Hard to believe, right? Here’s one documentary about it.

I also come from a family who got so much in debt it almost destroyed us at one point. All I’ve heard as a kid was: debt, debt, debt. Banks calling my parents to harass them; them crying; them trying to get another loan to pay some debt; asking friends and family for money constantly, and such. Luckily they managed to go to Spain, work like slaves, and pay all of their debt.

On top of this, my friends and people I knew, were scamming the world online with lies and lies, and making tons of money. Romania, and especially the town I am from, is well known worldwide for these scams.

So I hated this environment of scamming and begging and debt and asking people for money. I HATED it! So even when I had 0 money I never asked anyone for anything. Not even my parents. I am one of those kids who never really asked for anything from my parents (except when I was very little probably, like all kids). But I never said: “Mom, can you give me 100 Euros to buy a pair of jeans?”. Never. Because I knew they do not have money. So if they gave me money or stuff, it was their decision. And they did. They always helped.

So I hate when people ask for money because of that environment I grew up in. But I understand many of these people are desperate and need help. I just don’t want to engage in that. I don’t feel like anyone owns me anything or have to take care of me. That’s why I worked on TROM documentary without telling anyone, and only after it was done I had to ask my parents for 50 Euros to buy + hosting. I had no other choice. And I worked on many other projects without asking anyone for anything.


But you always ask for donations!!!!

Donations are very different. It is an open door to anyone who wants to help. Instead of knocking on your door to ask for help, I open the door to my house and let anyone come in and help. This too can be abused, I know. In two main ways:

  1. You give perks to those who donate. I’ve seen this many times. But this is not a donation. It is a trade: you give me money, I give you this. Such people are ruining the meaning of donations. So I never ever did this, despite soooo many people trying to convince me to do that. But I want to keep donations as donations. And I want to treat everyone the same.
  2. You are aggressive about it. You are loud about donations, put buttons in people’s faces, make it invasive for everyone. I’ve heard some people complain about Wikipedia that when they ask for donations they add a big banner on every page about that. You can close it, of course, but I’ve seen people hating that. Wikipedia also sends these more personal kind of messages when it comes to donations, saying that they are in a very bad financial situation and urgently need your help. I understand why people get annoyed by these, and I know there are projects out there who use these as tactics to get more money from people. However, I trust Wikipedia and what they are doing, and I trust that they really need that help. I am more put off by this society that makes a project like Wikipedia ask for donations from individuals. Why isn’t this society allowing for such amazing projects to survive and thrive?

    So, I tried to not engaged in these either. But is hard not to. When you are in a very bad financial situation and you are afraid your projects can die if you don’t get financial support, you feel like telling to those who want to listen, about the situation. Like…this is normal… What should I do? Shut’up and silently close several of these projects or not keep them updated? Is that better?

    As for the donate buttons and such, go to any of our projects’ websites and you will see there is nothing intrusive there. No popups or anything like that, despite (again) so many suggesting to us to be more “in your face” with the donation buttons to get more support. But I do not want that. I do not want to bother people. And when I post about needing financial support on social networks, that’s 1 post out of hundreds of others that have nothing to do with “donations”. Look at what we post on our social network.

All in all, I hate asking for money or complaining about my personal financial situation. If I were to make a blog post every time I feel down and I am in a financial collapse mode, I would have made one every other week. But I resist that as much as possible. People around me know that I avoided a few times to say anything simply because I know a few friends would see that and feel “forced” in a way to send me some money, and I HATE this so much I want to eject myself out of this planet. But in the end since I know I do not do these things with any intention other than describing a bad personal situation, then why should I care? Should I be like “Poor people who see my complaint and be sad about it…or pissed off….I feel so bad about them”!? I mean that’s ridiculous. I am in a bad situation and then I should feel bad writing about it on my personal blog and share it at times on TROM’s social networks!? How dare I to upset a few with my personal problems!? :))

I can’t be like that. So if I am in a bad financial situation I’ll say that and I expect nothing from anyone. I never plan that I will write a blog post and get some donations because of by “dramatic” story. I’ve made so many honest projects so far, do you think I am like a charlatan trying to appeal to people’s emotions to donate me money!? I would not want to live around people who do such things. And even if I were to do that, then the result is still a help for TROM and a continuation of this project, so why should you care? If I say TROM needs money to keep on TROMing, and you decide to donate money and TROM keeps on TROMing, why is it important how I asked for money, or if I spent it on prostitutes or whatever!?

Anyways, I wanted to quickly rant about this a bit, since it is crazy to me how people invent their own stories about others and convince themselves of them. If Suzzie thinks that I intentionally appeal to people’s emotions to get donations for TROM, then in the worst case scenario I fight to keep TROM alive and relevant. But I’ll never do this. I am actually the exact opposite of this and if I am to be so broke that I end up on the streets, even then I don’t think I’ll go to Suzzie’s door, or anyone’s door, to ask for help. But if anyone wants to help, I’ll put a sing there somewhere that they can help if they want. 😉

My life revolves around TROM and its baby projects. I love them so much they keep me awake at night. We live in a world of charlatans and scammers, so I want these projects and myself to be a counter-example to this shithole. But for that I need a small army of people who can help TROM. And one of the help methods is to donate money since there is no other way I know right now, to keep me afloat in this ocean of trades to keep on working on these projects. If I had money I would donate to other projects too. And if I will ever have enough for me and Sasha, I would give the rest to similar projects. Mark my word.

I hate drama and emotional situations. I do not cry or scream. So whenever I’ll complain about my personal financial situation, it is more of a peer-reviewed paper of my situation than anything else. You have to take care of your emotions and not let yourself to sadden by my blog posts. And if you do, remember is not like I wanted that. And for sure, is not my intention to make you sad in order for you to donate money to me. If I had such values I wouldn’t have made all of the projects I made so far. These two attitudes are incompatible.

Why trade and not scarcity?

Why trade and not scarcity?

So these days we had a TROM-Cast, like we usually do, but this time we discuss about our new project. It got the attention of some people, and new ones participated for the cast challenging the idea. To make it super-mega short, I “created” this path now for “social change” via “trade as the source of most problems”, and some think is not a good idea. I’ll keep it all extremely brief since I already wrote thousand of pages on the topic.

How I got here?

1. Since high-school I realized that money fucks things up. Pretty much all problems were due to money. No money for food, rent, science, exploration, whatever. My parents had lots of debt and I saw what influence money had over people. I was angry.

2. I saw Future by Design in 2006 – it was about an old man saying the same things: the monetary system creates these bad behaviors and we need to go beyond money, and build a different world. He called it The Venus Project. I agreed. I was intrigued. I forgot about it.

3. In the meantime I opened a personal blog where I was writing about today’s problems and how they are mostly created by money and that we can think of a different kind of society without money. I didn’t remember TVP much. I was writing. I liked it.

4. In 2009ish I saw Zeitgeist Addendum, a continuation of the first Zeitgeist that caught my attention years before. I saw this old man again and I loved it. It resonated with me a lot. Fuck yeah, there are people out there thinking the same as I do and want to change this world. I felt happy and motivated. In the documentary it was emphasized even more that money is the problem and a solution could be this Resource Based Economy envisioned by the old guy. But the old guy kinda made it clear that this is just his view of this kind of world, not like the world should look like that. He seemed very humble. The following 2 years I wrote more stuff, watched/read everything with and about TVP, and I realized that maybe it is possible to create a different kind of world beyond the monetary system. I was dreaming. I liked that.

5. In 2010 I decided to make a series of videos about all of this since I felt it was nothing of the sort out there. I spent 1 year watching and reading and listening to whatever it was online about TVP, TZM, and the like. So much that I remember (even now) some videos word by word. I was engaged.

6. In 2011 I released the 14 hours documentary I made. My idea was this: present the problem and then what solutions there are to this problem. The problem: the monetary system. The solutions? Multiple, although I focused a lot on TVP since it was the only coherent idea about how a future beyond money could look like.

Now I knew: the monetary system is the problem and TVP is a solution for it. Moreover, I understood that scarcity creates systems of barter/trade/money, and that the solution (generalized) is abundance. But I didn’t get a very clear picture of none of these from TVP/TZM. I refined further: scarcity and poor education created this monetary system, and the general solution seems to be abundance (a resource based economy as a model for it) and a scientific education. I became more knowledgeable. I felt like growing up mentally.

7. Next 2-3 years I orbited around such ideas and I started to dislike something: the notion of a Resource Based Economy. Why? For one, because the term implied too much emphasis on resources and this creates confusion (people associate it with “going back to the ol’ living”), and second because people misinterpreted what TVP was talking about (I would say). I always saw RBE as TVP. Same thing. Like, “Look, TVP’s idea of an RBE!”. But some people were saying that an RBE is not necessarily TVP, although not really showing any other RBE out there except interpretations of TVP’s RBE. TVP and RBE were splitting apart in people’s heads. I was also becoming skeptical about TVP’s ability to “build this world”, and actually I never thought that’s how it is going to happen. Even in TROM I said: if most people understand such ideas, this kind of society will emerge. I became doubtful and a bit confused. It was a war of words out there and interpretations.

8. From 2012 to late 2016 I had the ‘opportunity’ to work closely with TVP. I was excited! It was happening. I managed TVP’s magazine and helped them with a lot of stuff. I wrote a lot for the project. I wrote more and better sourced articles than on my blog.

But TVP and those following the project became so obsessed with taking TVP too literally that it made me sick. These people proclaim to have “the solution” for this monetary system, yet they lack any relevant details about it. You just have to trust them. This attitude sparked many to dream about this new world and a transition towards it. I felt like they forgot that TVP’s RBE was a reaction to the “monetary system” problem and it was A solution – at least that is what I got from Jacque… TVP people focused too much on this RBE that it got ridiculous to the point of hearing some proclaiming an X year transition plan. I didn’t even mention RBE in these years since I found it ridiculous to be taken as literally as “this is the world we will build”. These 4 years or so working with TVP made things more confusing for me. It was not anymore a problem needing a solution, like the monetary system needing to be changed into something else, but it was “follow TVP and RBE”. From “one of the solutions”, TVP became THE SOLUTION in many people’s heads. I didn’t like it. I started to doubt TVP’s intentions quite a lot. I always felt like TVP is a great inspirational project but didn’t think that they really proclaim to actually build this world themselves. That I did not see as feasible at all.

9. One book that changed everything for me: The Money Game and Beyond. I said, look….my initial thinking was that money is the source of most problems and we need to go beyond that somehow. TVP’s RBE is a great set of ideas, but not to be taken so literally since they had nothing to back up such a massive plan. They struggled to composed a few teams here and there for infinitely smaller task than building a city, and were all very inefficient from my experience….if TVP can’t even put together a team to make a good website, how in the world are they going to build the world? TVP blew 200.000 dollars (from donations) on a movie script…imagine that. 200.000 dollars gone, and no movie script. I found them to be very incompetent and yet they pretended to be capable to “build the world”. I honestly don’t want to be a jerk with them. I love TVP’s ideas, but they got too cocky about this “We, and only we, can build this new world” attitude. So then I said: I don’t know anymore what the fuck we are we doing….so let’s write a book about this monetary system “problem”. I want to understand what this is and if/how others tried to change it for the past 200 years, plus how TVP compares with that. And boi’ … I learned a lot! 1 year of intense work, and my views changed (read as in: improved). How?

a. Money is just one of the many trades out there. That I got since before writing the book, but I didn’t realize how confusing it has become over the years to focus on money and not on trade. People got so confused that they thought a solution to money is bitcoin or other forms of trade. The focus on money was thus very confusing. People around TVP didn’t even understand (at least some) why cryptocurrencies might be a bad idea for example. So, focusing on money was super confusing and very incorrect. Therefore I switched to “trade” from that moment on. The monetary system was not the problem anymore, the trade system was. I hoped that TVP would switch to that too, to cut from the confusion, but they never did. They focused on this “monetary system” entirely.

b. Scarcity leads to trades. That was the conclusion. When you have everything you need and want, you don’t need to trade anymore. I knew that before, but I solidified that idea into my head quite a lot and I explained it in length.

c. The solution is still abundance, like I presented in TROM Documentary, but I better defined it in the book. I can summarize it as: abundance means fulfilling most requests. TVP does a bad job, in my view, to detail what abundance may mean, so I felt it was necessary to explain it better. TVP never improved on this aspect as far as I know, even after this book that was written for TVP Magazine.

d. TVP is not such a unique set of ideas. Others like Technocracy, Communism, Socialism, Metabolism, or Bucky Fuller, had very similar ideas. Very similar!

e. Top-down change seems not possible. The world is too complex. Despite Jacque saying TVP is neither top-down or bottom-up, it seems to me that for the past years TVP is certainly a Top-Down approach. Again, they proclaim to have the blueprints for this new kind of world and they want to build (demo) it. Technocracy proclaimed the same. I became very skeptical about this approach. Maybe, maybe, I agreed that a test city can showcase the technology and some aspects of human behavior in action in such an environment, but I could not take TVP seriously anymore. It started to smell like any other organizations before it who imagined this “brave new world”.

f. Focusing on a problem is more important than any solution out there. This didn’t grow as much in my head back then, but it will in the next years, so much that it became the central point of my understanding of the world.

In all, this book made me realize that trade is the source of most problems (sure, scarcity drives trade), and that imagining the future is just that: imagining the future. Change does not come like that, by planning like TVP does. Others tried and failed and for good reasons since the society is too complex for a group of humans to try and re-organize it. The overall solution still seems to be abundance so that we make scarcity irrelevant. However, I started to also get that you can sell abundance in today’s world….and that was confusing…somehow there seems to be trade even when there is abundance…hm….ok…weird…maybe we need abundance everywhere so we don’t see this kind of an outcome. Anyways, I finished the book.

It was the book that made me 100% go from: Money as the problem and TVP-RBE as model for a solution, to Trade as the problem and Abundance + Education as a solution. And maybe that we could try and build some test cities to prove that this kind of world is possible, but I completely gave up to the ‘dream’ that TVP is capable of such a task (if I ever had any such “dream”). I pushed TVP away from my mind, mainly because I could not agree that TVP is anything more than an inspirational idea. To me TVP was/is an inspirational idea, a model of how a society that makes trade obsolete could look like, based on an educated guess. But that’s all.

Although I presented money (and slightly mentioned barter and such) as the problem since 2011 documentary, and abundance + scientific education as a solution, I had a very weak understanding of these notions up until I wrote this book. Therefore, this book made the situation a lot more clear to me. 370 pages of mental cleansing.

10. The biggest mental change. Breaking up from TVP allowed me to be more mentally free and express myself better and in my own rhythm. Something “lurked” inside me from the last book…..this thing about focusing on the problem not the solutions….trade not money…..and what about this scarcity and abundance thing…are these that important? People want an RBE…some want the money free party….some TVP’s RBE specifically….some a gift or open economy….some want a new currency….wtf…confusing. So, I said, let’s spend another year or more focusing more on the problem. Because if we don’t know the problem in great detail, then what the fuck are we doing?

I wrote The Origin of Most Problems (over 1 thousand pages long), and I learned a shit ton:

a. This “trade” thing is bloody important. Many people have no idea how many trades there are out there. The “Money Game” is irrelevant at this point. It is the Trade Game that we need to be aware of and fight against. Data trade, influence trade, social credits, cryptocurrencies, the world of trade is much bigger than I realized in the previous book. And in today’s world is crucial that we get this, else we will get tricked by this massive tsunami of currencies and trades that is inundating our society everywhere. I can’t stress enough how important “trade” is if you want to know what creates most problems in the world.

b. Trade is not solely a result of scarcity – trade can be seen in abundant systems like online platforms that are an abundant stream of content for the users, yet users are paying for that with their data. I give many examples in the book. I realized this: we already live in an abundant environment from clothes to software, food to services, and everything in between. It’s just that we distribute this abundance in a very very unequal manner. Mostly via trades. People need to trade to get this abundance. We rarely have scarcity in this world. So saying that scarcity creates the problems is confusing, despite you calling it “artificial scarcity”. Like there are so many cars yet I don’t have one ‘cause I can’t get it. Call that as “artificial scarcity”, but is confusing. You better define that situation as: there is an abundance of cars but I can only get one if I TRADE for it. If that car would be available as trade-free for me, then that would be a good situation. An abundant one for me in terms of cars. If all cars would be available as trade-free to everyone, then that would immediately mean an abundance for all. See? We don’t need to focus on scarcity. Focus on trades and it makes things much easier to define and more clear. Citizenship, social credits, and the like are also trades that are forced upon you. Hard to explain that with “scarcity”. People are forced to give away their freedom for accessing whatever (roads, water, etc.). It is a trade-off. It is a forced trade.

c. If scarcity is seen as the problem and we want to fix it, then abundance is a great solution to it, except it is unrealistic to do anything with that. Some people told me: look, youtube is an abundant stream of videos for people but the reason they still want trades (like data mining or attention grabbing) is because they LACK something. Google doesn’t have access to what it needs and wants, and so it engages into trades to be able to get that. It is true, however it is pointless. Google can and will always grow and want more, so in that sense they can never have access to what they need and want. It can grow indefinitely. So what do you propose? To give Google what they need and want in order to make them not want to engage into trades? The theory is nice, the practicality of doin’ something with it is null.

Probably TVP people might say that this is the reason we need to restructure our entire society so that entities like Google will not even exist in this abundant society. Again, nice theory and I agree, but that translates to me into: “Wait for the BIG change, one that TVP will bring on a global scale”. Sounds too unrealistic and leaves people in limbo. Understand that I agree with the theory, but there is no practicality to it unless you dream about this different kind of society that TVP envisions.

A second argument I’ve heard: Google wants people’s data because data is scarce. If data would be abundant, Google won’t want that. This is a bizarre argument that is again on the fantasizing realm. For one, data is either abundant or it will never be abundant. You pick whichever you want to believe. So one can say data is already abundant for so many – but google decides to use it to make profits (trade), because Google has the means to build these big bloody servers and AI systems to take advantage of this abundant data that anyone has access to (think of billions of websites, can you create a search engine out of them that is better than google?). On the other hand, data can never be abundant. If Google had access to all the data it wants, then tomorrow it needs more data because it is another day and more data is being produced by people. Of course Google cannot have access to ALL THE DATA it needs/wants. Ever. Like data means anything: heartbeats, people having sex, breathing, walking, sneezing, gadgets and all their sensors, whateverthefuck. These mental-theories are ridiculous.

Actually these mindsets pushed me away from TVP even more, since TVP people seem to like to give these “out of this world” examples and analogies that can never be true. “What if Google had all it needs and wants, will it trade? What if Google had access to all the data?” What if sharks had legs, would they participate to marathons? Ridiculous thoughts that have nothing to do with the real world.

d. Speaking of being unrealistic, I realized even more how unrealistic it is to want to change the society in this TVP-way of building a “model society” and having this BIG change. I looked at what changed society for the past thousands of years and it was never a big change. And please don’t argue that: “well the past is not the present, maybe now we can do it in this big way.” Because if that’s the only argument then it is meaningless. What changed society were problems. We had the X problem and it bothered us, until we came with a fix for it. That’s how it happens, and it happens in small steps. Lots of solutions. So, if say we focus on scarcity as the problem, then we might be able to eventually create abundant systems here and there, although people could still make a trade off of them, however this seems like a bloody hard task to do. How can you honestly do that? Unless you have a shit ton of power in this world I don’t see such systems emerging anywhere.

Here is a simple example:

Back to Youtube with their abundant system and trades.

Adam says: “Scarcity is the problem in this case! Of data, of what youtube wants and needs.

Tio: “I agree Adam, but what can we do about it?

I have no realistic answer for this. Do you? If so please tell me, Adam. Can we say: let’s create an abundant Youtube service? Well, it is already abundant for people. It leaves me without a solution.

Eve says: “Trade is the problem in this case! Of data, of attention, of currency.

Tio: “I agree with you Eve, but what can we do about it?

Eve: We have to create a trade-free video platform or stop the trades with Youtube. Oh, look, Peertube. Webtorrent and Bittorrent. pushes no trades into people’s faces despite them lacking a lot in terms of resources or not even having an abundant content stream like youtube does. Compare Archive with Youtube and you’ll see how one is much better than the other. Youtube incentivize moronic content and competitiveness, Archive does not. Archive won’t push you to stay as much as possible on their platform because they need attention, or ban videos because it is inappropriate for their advertisers. That’s the difference!

So my point here is, that if you want realistic solutions then take trade away from goods and services as much as possible. A video platform that wants something from the users (like data, attention coins, whatever) is going to become like Youtube, regardless if they provide an abundant service. A video platform that does not engage into trades with the users, it is like the Internet Archive. And so it will happen to any domain in this society.

Less trades, better: science, entertainment, human values, products, etc.. Less trades, less: crime, waste, corruption, and the like.

The chicken and egg dilemma.

This is an interesting discussion but maybe it is pointless. Is it trade the source of most problems? Is it scarcity? Is it profit? Is it ownership? We can argue for years, but one thing you should give me is a path forward if we focus on any of these. Because at the moment what I know for sure is that focusing on trade will, for one, highlight a problem that creates a billion other problems (so the focus is on point), and second that it allows me, and you, and others to DO SOMETHING about it. I am creating trade-free services like TROM Tools, I can advertise my site as being trade-free because I want nothing from anyone, and if you give me 1 billion dollars I can do a billion things with that in this direction. Actually I will write an entire book about what would I do with a few billion dollars if I had them.

I think is a lot more unrealistic to think that any organization out there can create a small-scale world to showcase how the future will be, and then that to spark a world-wide change. Sound intriguing, but not realistic at all in my view, and I think my view is supported by history.

Ok. Enough.

It took me many years to realize these things and I best explain them in the materials I created over the years, especially in The Origin of Most Problems book. If anyone disagrees I ask to please first read that book because that is my argument. Else is like I would decide to not listen to 90% of what you, whoever you are, say.

A brief message to TVP-folks:

Look guys and girls, I don’t disagree on fundamentals with Fresco at all. I was a TVP watchdog for many years and Jacque and Roxanne themselves told me several times that I understand TVP so well in their view. Jacque was perhaps the only human that had a big impact on my way of thinking and I fuckin’ miss the old dude. I wish he would have lived for 600 years. But I feel like TVP today is not what I understood form Jacque. To me Jacque was a sharp minded, well-educated and humble person, who wanted to show us, the mortals, what is the problem in our society and what society we could build. This is why he focused so much on the behavior aspect to showcase that this fucked up monetary system makes us despicable, and we need to change that environment in order to change these behaviors. His TVP-RBE vision was an educated vision about the future but even he said that’s not how it should be built. If the concept/fundamentals behind his vision were abundance and an intelligent management of Earth’s resources as a solution for our current system, and TVP currently pushes the same concepts, then TVP is doing a good job. But I feel like TVP is taking Fresco’s ideas too literally, and regardless, as I explained, I don’t see this path forward with abundance leading anywhere realistically. In theory it sounds great and I agree with the concepts 100%. In practice I doubt it sounds like anything.

BUT regardless:

1. I honestly cannot see anyone able to create a model of society and that to be relevant in any way….I just can’t because I know about medical studies, and Bittorrent, and GMO debates, and Vimeo, and traditions, corruption, sports or whatever other trillion things that make up a society, and I feel like you cannot model anything that would be relevant, even if you build a “test” city. On top of that I don’t think there is any piece of unique  technology or implementation out there that TVP can demo. Modular designs, self driving cars, automation, are all demoed in today’s world in abundance. Thus, I think that you cannot “model” – showcase – how a society could look like, or that this is relevant really.

2. Any organization that gets billions in funding, because you need a lot of money for such a project, is subject to trades. I find it hard to believe that anyone would give a lot of money to any such project and not want anything else in return. So I fear that such a massive project, even if funded, will have many strings attached to many organizations and rich individuals. I even heard Roxanne talking about these model cities being like a theme park and selling tickets for those who want to visit. I think that’s a very slippery slope.

3. I observed how TVP is incapable of many things in terms of doing something. They could not create a movie script with 200.000 dollars. I cannot trust that they can create a model of a society with a few millions dollars. I am sorry, but I simply can’t.

I don’t want to spend time debating over these topics, unless people also listen. I listened to TVP for at least 13 years now. Maybe others should to listen to TROM a bit too. Then discuss. But be open minded and ready to upgrade your “operating system”.

In the end, if our method with “trade” succeeds in making the world a bit better, then amazing. If TVP’s method works for the same purposes, amazing. But I am not waiting for TVP and RBE, I am doing something now, that will both educate and help people, and also project this big plan underneath the skin of this approach (of this massive change to a Trade-Free society – eventually), because removing trades from this complex world-wide society seems way more realistic to me than trying to rebuild it from scratch. What we do is volunteering combined with a protesting mind about this fucked up society. Addressing the (or if you want to say “a major”) root cause of today’s problems is not patchwork.

If TVP builds the world, then I’ll still pay attention to trades within their system 😉 – ’cause where there are trades, there are problems. Cheers!

TVPC – The Venus Project Company

TVPC – The Venus Project Company

HEY! Mind you, this is posted in “rants”. I allow myself to let my brain vomit when it comes to rants. So take it as that :). This is my personal place where I am allowed to say whatever I want :P. This is why such posts are not going to be shared on TROM networks except TROM Curated News ;). Anyways….

I had enough with The Venus Project. They are a company that does not care about so called “changing the world”. They only care about TVP and they have become properly cultish.

Since I left TVP in 2016 I didn’t care much about them. I focused on TROM and we grew an amazing project. So many people are involved now with TROM and all of them are so friendly and hard-working. I didn’t have time to even think about TVP. But I said I will add their newsletter RSS feed to TROM Curated News and their Youtube channel to TROM Curated Videos so that we try to still inform people about them. But for the past months I lost my last marbles of respect for TVP. For the past months several Points of Contact for TVP got in contact with me and complained a lot about TVP. Similar stuff I’ve been through with TVP for many years. Volunteers’ work is ignored, they are treated badly (almost as if they are employed by TVP), and how cultish TVP is (they said). I had a relief-laughter knowing that now I have nothing to do with TVP, so fuck them with their backwards attitudes. I knew they are like that, so it was no surprise. But a series of events clicked inside my brain and I said “Fuck them completely” and I removed them from TROM Curated News and honestly I won’t even mention their website to anyone. Why? What events?

1. TVP volunteers continuing to complain about TVP – these are people that I know and are super nice and friendly and hard-working people and some helped/help TROM a lot and it hurts to see TVP shitting on their motivation and work.

2. I hear that TVP is more and more pushy with “asking” (cough’ – forcing) volunteers to sign all kinds of papers, like Non-Disclosure papers (something I was asked to sign several times); a recent one in particular is to sign that you won’t help any other RBE organization. Like, what? Are these people crazy?

3. I hear that TVP “high-rank-officials” ( 🙂 ) are asking those who also help TROM why are they donig that and not helping TVP more? Maybe because you don’t let them TVP?

4. I hear that in let’s say a particular interview/doco that I am about to appear TVP-close-friends are fussy if/about Roxanne should appear in that interview too because Tio is in’it. Such a sick way of thinking.

5. I posted this on FB which was an image that said the following:

It was from a TVP Mag that I wrote and Fresco and Roxanne approved. Of course it stirred the TVP fanatics’ hive and one of them in particular started to troll me saying I am irrelevant and attacking me personally. Unfortunately they deleted the comments, I am surprised to see now…So the TVP fanboys don’t even like when you post about them. How you dare?!

6. They don’t care about “creating a better world”. We started to make a series of videos called TROM Poems. Seb is doing it. Great series about short important topics like wars, poverty, corruption, etc.. He mentions at the end of each video TROM, TVP, and TZM. Seb is such a polite guy and he asked me if he should remove TZM and TVP since we are making these for TROM and I said it is up to him. He left them there. It was equally ok for me. I told him to also share these videos with TZM and TVP facebook pages since these videos are universally important. TZM shared a few, TVP said something like: these are great videos but we only share videos that are about TVP and with our footage so come work with us. They are so ego-centric that they refuse to share some “great” (in their views) videos, unless it is ONLY about them. Surprisingly the same guy who responded to this, was the guy who trolled our above TROM facebook post. Such “amazing” official TVP characters!

Aren’t we all, these organizations, trying to highlight the immense injustice in this world and point to solutions? How can you tell me TVP cares about such things when they refuse to share such videos? Actually look at their social networks and their website and you’ll see that they super rarely or never share anything unless it is from them or only about them. I know this too well since I worked with them for 4 years and I realized this very quickly.

Oh, I apologize, TVP shares other people’s work on their “recommended books” page. Well, you have to buy those books. And well, TVP makes money off of that through Amazon partnership. Actually pretty much every adblocker blocks that TVP page and years ago I made them aware of that and told them to put there a frickin’ message if they want for people to see these recommended books. It took a while but they put this message:

I see no “can you please disable”. Straight simple: “you can disable”. haha what a great attitude. But why TVP? Why is adblocker blocking these? Do they track me? Am I trading more than my money to buy these books? Of course, I am trading my data to Amazon through TVP’s website.

7. TVP is just a marketing machine. Speaking of selling stuff. The next thing that almost made my frustration with TVP explode was when I’ve read their latest newsletter and I realized that pretty much all of it is advertising their on-sale videos and products. I then looked at all of their newsletters over the past year and more than 60% are dedicated to advertise their on-sale products. Marketing! There you go:

Not only that but they are charlatans about them. They offer “free” ‘lectures’. But there is a catch (see, no trade-free?): you have to give them your data, and a lot of that:

An here’s their “privacy policy” – is TVP Apple? Who reads this?:

And in their “terms and conditions“, besides the carnival-mess of a lawyer-istic language we find:

Their excuse that “we are forced to comply with the law” that I heard from Roxanne many times is, in my view, non-compliant (to use their language) with the values that TVP tries to project through their documentaries and lectures. They could at least mention that they have to put these on their site to comply with the law. I would even apologize for putting this charlatan mess on the website.

…..but TVP uses lawyers a lot. Again, maybe they are forced to, but damn this is so un-jacque.

If you look throughout their website you’ll see that they employ charlatan marketing tactics to sell stuff, like the .99-type of price. Here, and here:

And when they started the online store it was full of .99 price schemes. I insisted for them to give up on that. And finally they did the change for some products. But took them a while. And they still have such prices on their site.

8. The straw that broke the camel’s back. I saw that TVP only accepts volunteers that go through their training process now. Something akin to Scientology if you ask me. You have to go here and follow the many steps, videos, pages to read and quizzes. The “test” starts with:

TVP and its obsession with “levels of education”. Jacque talked about the nonsense of these things, but apparently TVP is crazy with these and pushes them onto everyone who wants to volunteer for TVP. Anyways, they have some 7 “levels” and their quiz is designed to not let you move to the next “round” until you complete the first, then second, and so forth. You are given a code that you have to add to the next quiz, and so forth. Man, these people are not joking! :)). The quiz questions range from very dumb to cultish.


And my favorite:

Apparently no one but TVP aims to “prepare people for changes that lie ahead”. Just, wow.

An now happily sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement!!

You know what happens after that? From my 4+ years experience and lots of other people who were or still are volunteering for TVP: they will put you into a team or more; add you to lists; skype groups; you’ll talk and have to ask for permission; the stuff you do must be reviewed several times and will never be published; probably you’ll have to pass more quizzes and some “mentor” course to prove you are on par with TVP’s excellence. I even heard people saying that TVP told them to buy a $400 “package” from them with books and videos in order to become a volunteer.

Here’s a joke: how is TVP changing a light-bulb?

They send a newsletter asking for volunteers to help with it and for donations for a new light-bulb. Volunteers must go through a 5 step quiz, and several TVP website pages before submitting their request to become a volunteer. Once accepted, they sign a Non-Disclosure Document and are put into a skype group. They will debate what to name the light-bulb changing team and what logo to make for it. They won’t agree on the colors, but at one point they’ll have to submit the idea to a TVP supervisor. They wait a few months and after being dragged into several other skype and Facebook groups, they wonder how would Jacque change the light-bulb. Months later and the room is still dark, and those volunteers are dragged back into their normal life. One day Roxanne enters the room and observes there is no light-bulb. She asks if there are any volunteers helping with it. They decide to send a newsletter to ask for volunteers and for donations for a new light bulb. Volunteers must go through a 5 step quiz, and several TVP website pages before submitting their request to become a volunteer. Once accepted, they sign a Non-Disclosure Document and are put into…..

🙂 Admit it, it was funny! 🙂 And honestly it was true. That”s what I experienced with TVP.

I can rant about TVP enendlessly, but I need to stop. I’ll only mention one more random thing:

TVP used to say their phase 2 is a Major Motion Picture, but now they include “documentaries” to perhaps say that they are in phase 2 since the Major Motion Picture is nowhere in sight. TVP raised a shit load of money for the script of the movie, since I think 2009 or so, and basically fucked all of the money on different script writers and have no finished script many years later. Also, nearly zero transparency with the process.

What’s next? Phase 3 goes from “Experimental Research City” to “Digital Books and Experimental Research City”?

SO, all of this made me finally say: TVP, the organization, is just a company. That’s all.

They want to make money, they are all about TVP and nothing else, and they have become a cult with Jacque transformed into their cult leader. It smelled like that since 2012 when I first got to work with them, but I hoped that I have problems with my nose. Then others started to complain about the same smell. And now I am sure, the smell is real. I accept it and move away from it.

I will still talk about the idea of TVP and Jacque’s ideas, but bloody hell I don’t want to hear about anything else when it comes to TVP. This organization is worse, in many aspects, than Apple or Facebook. It is deceiving, non-transparent, aggressive at times, has many fanboys (the nice word for cult members), sells the “truth about the world” like any conspiracy-prone and money-grabbing and Facebook-liking organization that you see the Internet being full of. I am not sorry for saying all of this because it is true and I had enough. Why “be nice” with this organization? They are not nice with their volunteers or the rest of other organizations that are trying to help out.

Now that I kicked TVP in the butt, I accept kicks back because this is the rant section. So, go for it 🙂 – In a way rants are good. Let it out. But also, let it in.

The Internet “see me” mentality

The Internet “see me” mentality

So today I learned something that really bothered me and I am sure many people think it is stupid to get annoyed by this. But I think it says a lot about our culture. So I am using Riot, a great open source and decentralized messaging tool. It is awesome for teams so we use it for TROM. Send files, talk, chats (one on one) or rooms (multiple users), it even has video and audio calls as options. Awesome! Today I was making an account for someone and added that someone to one of our rooms in Riot and I realized that on her instance you could see whoever sees a message when you post it. I was like “WTF I never see that on my instance!”. Then I realized that for the past 2+ years since using Riot I had no clue that others can see when you see their messages. Apparently I disabled that from my Riot 2 years ago, but that option only hide this “feature” on my instance like I will not see who sees what, but others can see if I see a message. This is the Riot option:

In my mind that option, being disabled, should have hide my “watch activity” from others too. What’s the point to hide it from myself? It is nonsense.It is like choosing to be “invisible” but that’s only invisible for me and not for others…what!?

So, again, what Riot does is when someone is posting a message and you see it, it adds your avatar besides the message to showcase that “this guy saw the message”. In my view this is a useless feature and I am going to rant about it because it is something the internet users nowadays are so used to.

For one, this Riot opt-in opt-out thing felt very un-intuitive to me as I explained, but second I feel betrayed and embarrassed for not realizing this. I have this weird habit of “getting rid of notifications” on my laptop. So, when I receive any email I quickly open it in a new tab in Thunderbird to read and respond later (hours or days). I simply hate to see “unread” stuff on my computer. I do the same with Riot whenever someone posts a message I click the notification that opens Riot and then minimize Riot – I have a mouse with 20 buttons so I do such things lightning fast since I have customized those buttons for such actions. If someone posts on Riot I click it to stop the notification and at times quickly peek to see if there’s something worth my immediate attention, then minimize Riot. This behavior made me look a bit crazy perhaps to the others when every message was quickly “seen” by me and then I got back to them (replied) in a few days time when I had time to deal with that message. For me it was a quick way to get rid of notifications and to also see if there’s something that needs my immediate attention. At times I was talking to someone and I was like “Ok I am out now, it is late, bye!” and then I realized “Shit, I have this awesome idea about” and I spent 2 more hours doing that and the same person may send me a message in that time and I do my “open Riot and minimize” thing to get rid of it until tomorrow or later on when I can answer, and that person may have seen (I now realize) that I did not go to sleep or whatever haha which is very funny to me now when I think about it. It is like you are lying or it gives the wrong impression. It s like if anyone asks me if I ever use FB I say no, but if you would see my entire browser activity  you’ll see that at times I visited or will visit FB for reasons other than the vast majority – like for TROM page, or to check something with a project that I find, etc.  – however if you would only see how many times I visited FB for the past month you’ll say “Aha, well you at times visit FB” because you see a simple output that has no meaning if you don’t know my intentions, and the same is for this shitty “message seen by” – you have no clue what that really means. Probably I didn’t even read that message, maybe I had Riot opened and I was sleeping. Whatever.

Why does this matter to me though? Isn’t this nonsense? It is but that’s not what bothers me, what bothers me is that I feel like I lived in a room that had glass walls and only now I realized it. I trusted Riot not to be the fuckin’ Facebook with its “live lives” kind of concepts. I do not want a “mark as seen” for my emails, my messages, my online presence, simply because I don’t fuckin’ want that kind of online life.

I remember the early 2000s. I was spending lots of time in IRC chats, if anyone remembers. They looked like this:

The good ol’ days when your username was @Hacker_Penguin or @M1trix67. You chose your name on the fly and hoped no one in the IRC has that name, else you could not choose it. You could talk whatever you wanted and create your own channel. At times admins would ban you but you had to be a filthy mouth for that to happen. And you could get back with another username in seconds – ahahah. No one could see if you watch the chat (read it), no one knew your “real” name, see your profile, or anything of the sort. It provided you with a comfy anonymity that is hard to explain nowadays. You would talk for hours with strangers about all kinds of things. I spent hours on IRC and I had my own channels where me and my online friends would meet from 18:00 to like 19:00 because the Internet was limited to a few hours a day. I felt like exploring a new world without anyone seeing that I am a 12 year old in my living room. It was a brain to brain experience. Simple and no engagements 🙂

I also remember those days exploring the “web” by typing in the URL bar all kinds of websites at random to see what I find:,,,, everything dot come. No search engine was popular or known by me at that time. Then I would save those websites (I learned how to do that) and explore them more offline when I had no internet connection. It was my own world and I LOVED it. No one would bother me. My computer, my world! With or without the Internet it always felt like my world. At worse, the internet was a window to another world, but a tinned window that I could close and open whenever I wanted and no one could get inside my house. Like a tinned window from a 5th floor apartment that I looked through.

Today the internet and computers could not be more different. My Android phone feels like it is rented, where apps and settings are added and changed at the will of the company who sold the phone. Many apps I cannot uninstall, for some I cannot turn off the notifications. So I gave up on that. I use my phone as a phone to keep in touch with my parents. The rest I give no shit – maybe except when I use it for GPS navigation. So my laptop is my window to the internet and my laptop listens to me. I have a customized Manjaro Linux installed (TROM-Jaro) and I can control pretty much every aspect of it. It is my best friend! The apps I have installed are of the same nature. They don’t do things I don’t want them to do.

So back to Riot and the “see me” internet culture: maybe I am “old fashioned” but I want the ol’ internet back where you used it not for relationships, but to explore the world, learn, scratch your curiosity, and also collaborate on projects and build stuff. Relationships were offline. I want to be anonymous online. If I can choose any identity why in the fuckin’ world would I choose my “real” one? Let me exert the powers I have in this digital realm! And let this internet world be something I control on my own computer, not the other way around! When I write and post a message to a chat, I do that voluntary and I can control that. BUT when I read a message on a chat that’s not something I have any choice in the sense that if I open the chat and the chat recognized that action then will display that I have read the message, so for fuck’sakes I have no saying in that. Maybe I opened the chat and I wanted to do something else (use the menu, or I opened it by mistake) so don’t forcefully say that I have read a message just because I put a window into focus.

I honestly hate ping-pong discussions, and live discussions on video, audio, or chat are always like that. Yeah I still like TROM-Cast because it may not be like that since we discuss subjects that are not “small talks” and subjects that I know a good deal about – but still I prefer writing or email.  If someone sends me an email I have hours or days to think what to reply. In some cases some email clients can check if the other one has opened the email, which is horrifying for me for the same reasons. Like, give me a fuckin’ break and don’t broadcast that I opened the bloody email. Give me some basic privacy. It is almost like FB saying “Hey, Maya is on the toilet and she saw your live video with a grumpy face” kind of thing. Do we want that? Well, is not far off! Like, give people some fuckin’ privacy in their own homes on their own devices. What if we could see on any website, and any FB profile and youtube video who is watching it. Imagine you watch a youtube video and that would be publicly broadcasted to everyone who is watching that video (maybe that’s even a thing – it is for sure on FB). I understand that in some cases people might enjoy this kind of live interactions when it comes to ping-pong discussions where they chit-chat, but this should not be the default, this should be an optional thing you have to enable!

Maybe I am bitching about it because I don’t really chit-chat online – I engage in discussions that require you to think about your responses so I am bothered if a message is marked as “seen by me” because it pushes me into a ping-pong discussion like “Hey, Tio saw your message, you know…” – I feel like it forces me to reply quicker and I hate that!

The slope is very slippery and big companies are responsible for the irresponsible attitude towards privacy from users’ perspective. Yes, it may not matter to you normal FB chit-chatty always-live and feeling-lucky creature, but for one your attitude is simply a burp from the crap you have eaten from companies like FB that want your attention and want your engagement NOW and NOW, and second because you accept these then companies in all domains will feel ok with implementing more and more privacy invader features and now even an app like Riot follows suite and wants to be “cool-man” and implements these FB like nonsensicalities. To me privacy is not a way to become safer from the “dark sides of the inter-web”, since I don’t think anyone can harm me just because they can see some details about my real life, but to me privacy is a way to be comfortable with exploring the internet without ever feeling like someone is watching behind your back and you are broadcasting every move you make. If you know that your friends and family are seeing what you post on FB, then that will strangle your creativity and curiosity and you will self-filter yourself because you are a “public persona” now, one that has a real identity that can face consequences if you post/say something that’s taboo.

The main reasons I was able to make my own blog and write whatever the fuck I wanted and be 100% sincere, then TROM, was because no one was looking over my shoulder and I was not concerned about anyone knowing the “real” me so I could express myself exactly like I wanted to without hearing “my friends” barking reactions at me for what I was posting online, or feel under-pressure to not say some things. Anonymity online is the essence of sincerity and creativity for sincere and creative people, and a breathing ground of trolling for trolls. I care more about those sincere and creative people.

My point here with this rant is that today’s internet forces you to broadcast yourself to the world and I personally think this is crippling people’s ability to be sincere, creative, and unleash their curiosity. It creates ping-pong discussions at the expense of thoughts. No one needs thoughts in the internet era – they need views, engagement, clicks! “Don’t think about this message or post, we want you to REACT! NOW! PLEASE! DO IT!” That makes them profits! So please don’t create an internet where you force my hand to tell the world that I’ve “seen a message”, where I am, what I do, with whom, what I watch, who I am, what I eat. Let me have my private life if I choose so, and only offer those as options (opt-in). Ok Riot? 🙂 I trust and love you because you are open source and great, but please don’t try to be FB!

Because of all this Riot made me not want to “peek” and see if anyone needs my attention for TROM, because I simply feel uncomfortable. I simply DO NOT WANT to force me to show the world when I read a fuckin’ message! Let me disable that! So I’ll ignore more Riot notifications from now on and only read them at once when I use Riot more actively. I want to be 12 and do not feel like I am leaving a fingerprint when I explore the internet. I don’t want to feel like I am 12 in my living room, and 40 people are watching over my shoulder what I do. I don’t want that.

I contacted Riot and submitted this issue and I am happy to know now that they are aware of this and are trying to fix it. Thank you! Let’s see this fixed asap. Until then I am blocking ads and scripts with Firefox, I only use trade-free apps, and a clean trade-free operating system. I feel filthy using the internet nowadays so I need these vaccines and pills to keep me sane and healthy, and this is why I am creating TROM-Jaro and to help others do the same.

I have to admit, I hate so much this FB and Insta kind of world of today with their “always present” presence online, and lack there of in the offline realm. A trade that, to me, is creating lonely, sad, simple minded, and narcissistic people. Plus, no one thinks anymore, everyone reacts!

Romania, Romanians, and their craziness

Romania, Romanians, and their craziness

I am originally from Romania but I live in Spain most of the time – for the past 3-4 years I haven’t been to Romania at all, but this year I said: “Let’s give it a try for the winter period.”. Been in Romania for 2 months now and I start to freak out when I see the pseudoscience, or let’s call it simply “craziness”, of the Romanian people. I am too well aware of it, because I’ve lived here for the most part of my life, but I kinda forgot about it. On top of that, there are some weird things about Romania that I want to share with you.

It is crazy to judge 20 million people in bulk (the population of Romania), but what I am going to talk about is kinda representative of most of them from my knowledge. This is what is spread on the most popular TV stations, newspapers, social media, and so on. This is something popular and not an underground thing. So for sure there are many exceptions to what I’m going to talk about.


So, Romania has 5 national TV stations (state-funded) under the same umbrella (TVR). These channels are somewhat reasonable because they are state-funded so they don’t seem to prostitute themselves for views, therefore they may make ok TV shows and present more balanced news. However, even those are fucked up. The most popular of them is TVR1. Want to know how much of their airtime is dedicated to science? Some 0.59%. Religion? 1.94%. Some 4 times more Religion than Science. Look at the chart below that I made from Wikipedia data.

That goes to show that even for the “respectable” and state-funded TV channel, science takes up a minute part. This TVR1 is on the 8th place in Romania in terms of viewers. The rest are private TV stations.

All of this is important because it goes to show that for one the main state-funded TV channel in Romania rarely has Science programs, and second that this main TVR1 channel is barely in the 8th place in terms of rating. Thus, we can easily understand that Romanians are mainly watching private TV channels that are, like all other private TV channels in the world, hungry for views and they will “click-bait” like nuts. Meaning they will mislead and exaggerate and present stupid and fake TV shows. Basically Romanians are watching bullshit Tv most of the time – almost all of the time.

In the online world, looking at the same TV stations, let’s see how they rank on Facebook in terms of Page likes:

TVR1 is now on the 7th place. Still lame.

With that in mind let’s begin.

1. Horoscopes. I thought these silly things will disappear when I was in 6th grade, but they are still a flavour not to be missed from any Romanian newspaper or TV station – or reflected into the ‘social’ networks. People watch the Horoscope pretty much every day and take it seriously. From young to old, I’ve seen more of them taking it seriously than not. They even ask you what sign you are in if you meet them. This is not so epidemic, but it is something that’s present in Romania in abundance. I hope no one would ask me what sign I’m in cause’ I’ll either have a debate with them over their stupidity or I’m gonna freak out.

Pretty much all of the above TV channels, except perhaps TVR1, have horoscopes in their TV broadcast menu (after and before the news program). And when it comes to the online world, especially social networks, horoscopes are widely popular for sure. Take this popular TV host from Romania with over 3 million followers, who is horoscope-addicted and it seems to be posting on the topic like nuts, influencing so many other primitive minds to follow her stupidity.

According to a 2014 study, 57% of Romanians believe in horoscopes. If that doesn’t sound scary….

2. Health. Romania is one of the few tribes in the world where it is legal to advertise medicine on TV, radio, and pretty much everywhere. When I came to Romania recently and I was in the car listening to the radio, I just could not find a radio station that would only broadcast music. All radios are so full of ads for medicine that you can barely listen to any music. Same goes for the TV which is full of ads for medicine, every couple of minutes. That led to a complete and utter chaos because Romanians go to pharmacies to buy medicine for everything without consulting with their doctor first. Actually, if you ask Romanians when did they visit the hospital last time, I think most of them won’t remember. They choose to go to pharmacies and diagnose themselves and treat themselves, rather than going to hospitals. Have a cold? There is a pill for that! Back pain? Pill! Feel bloated, depressed, lethargic, or cancerous? No worries, in Romania there is a pill for every-fucking-single-thing. This is insane. They give pills to their children to “prevent” all kinds of illnesses, though again, that’s not something recommended by their doctors. It is a self-treatment based on ignorance and heavily influenced by marketing. Almost all the people I know here choose to treat themselves over a visit to the hospital.

But did you know that Romanians are one with the nature? They are the only ones in the world who get a cold when it is cold outside and treat it with antibiotics, and the air current makes them sick. These myths are so prevalent that everyone believes them, even some doctors. If you are Romanian and go out with your hair wet, you’ll get a bloody cold! They don’t understand that a cold it’s the result of getting a virus infection for which there is no treatment. But they treat it with anti-biotics regardless. Meaning anti bacterial. So they take stuff to kill off bacteria when they are infected with a virus. Imagine that nonsense. Problem is, even doctors in Romania will recommend antibiotics for colds, and sometimes for everything. Antibiotics in Romania are like a magic pill that can fix any disease and you can buy from any pharmacy. This can only help more harmful bacteria to mutate and grow, or what’s called as bacterial resistance, and that is fucking dangerous for everyone. And the fact that Romanians think that getting cold, like going out in the cold, will get you a cold, is so amazing that it is dangerous. If you are sweaty and go outside in the cold, then you are twice as fucked, they think. They don’t understand, again, that you get a cold when a tiny creature (actually billions of them) enter your body and create havoc (viruses). What has this to do with the cold? Nothing. By contrary, when it is cold outside there are more cases of viral infections because people stay inside for longer and are exposed to other people in closed environments. So people and closed spaces are what drive the spread of viruses, not the fuckin’ cold. If you want to prevent getting a cold wash your hands, stay outside, and don’t lick other people too much.

When I was little and I and my sister had a cold my parents used all kinds of witchcraft on us like they took raw potatoes, wrapped them in whatever thin material they had at home, then wrapped that around our necks. At times they put blue ink inside our throats. Yeah, ink that’s used for pencils to write with it. Nuts.

Maybe Romanians are confused with this cold business because it is called “cold” and when it is cold outside, you get a cold…maybe when it is hot outside you’re getting “a hot”!? Nevermind…

Another mystical connection Romanians have with the nature is with the air current. This is hilarious. Go to any Romanian house and you’ll see people closing windows and doors to not let the air “current” get in. They are so sensitive that they could work on testing the ISS for oxygen leaking. Just put a Romanian in the ISS and they’ll tell you for sure if air from outside circulates inside :)). Romanians think that the air current makes them sick, and there is no way to argue with them over that. A fan or air conditioning is the enemy of any Romanians :)). Can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve heard: “Close the car window cause’ the air current will make you sick! Close the window in the house cause’ the air current….close the fan, put on a winter hat to avoid the current,….” and so on. You know, I’ve heard about the ritual of using antibiotics for “combating viral infections” in other tribes like the USA, but this one with the air current I didn’t hear it anywhere. It is for sure a Romanian brand.

See the photo below? If you’re Romanian and would be forced to spend few hours in that room, you’ll be completely fucked :)).

So, just keep in mind, when you come to Romania avoid being cold because you’ll catch a cold, and be aware of the air current. Don’t you dare to drink cold water or ice cream if you get a cold, and close the fuckin’ doors and windows everywhere you are.

3. Pseudoscience everywhere. If you search on in English, say “colon cancer treatment” then you’ll get decent results in the first search queries. No pseudoscience BS. They put up on the top of the list websites that are sane. However, do that on (the Romanian Google) and in the Romanian language, and you’ll get amazed. Here are the first 10 results summarized from the Romanian Google in Romanian language using Incognito mode (so that I don’t get personalized results):

01. A website recommending diets, says that they have a list of ailments that will help avoid getting the colon cancer. Although they do cite some true things in that regards like it is recommended to avoid processed meat and it is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits, their website is all about diet so they push the article towards that a lot. Plus their website is full of ads for “natural treatments” and “detox” of all sorts. It looks like a full-fledged “scam” website made in 2003 or smthing’ (cause’ of the look of it).

02. The second website presents legitimate information about the colon cancer treatments options, though is just a website from a private clinic in Bucharest (the capital of Romania). They do radiotherapy – not pseudoscience, but that’s their business.

03. Naturist treatment. Meaning, bullshit pseudoscience.

04. Seems legitimate website. A doctor’s website.

05. General news website, but full of BS – like “look how certain ailments are combating cancer”.

06. Seems legitimate – again, a private clinic.

07. A religious website full of BS.

08. It’s a forum where a guy started a topic about how some mushrooms treated his cancer.

09. Seems legitimate website ran by doctors. Relevant info.

10. Another religious website full of crap.

So statistically 6 out of 10 websites were full of crap. Considering these are the top 10 results it is scary. Why? Because of the bellow graph:

Blue are searches on desktop, and red on mobile. It shows the click rate on google by results position. So, as you can see the first 3 to 5 positions are the best, while the rest are almost non-existent. Thus, what this means is that when people search on google the majority of them click the first 5 or so results. Now, for our searches, only 2 out of 5 had legitimate info. That means most people will read bullshit info.

In comparison to, search in English for “colon cancer treatment” had no BS website in the first top 10 searches. Also keep in mind that, the Romanian version, doesn’t show up any official Romanian healthcare website in the first 10 results, like the Romanian Oncology Institute and the like. When you get relevant info in the Romanian language you get it from private clinics it seems. That’s no good. In contrast, the English Google shows results from official organizations like

And that’s one example because from my knowledge Romania is full of such pseudoscience. Natural treatments, conspiracies, and so forth. If can’t do a good job of searching treatments for colon cancer, then I am sure it cannot do a great job when you search for vaccine safety for example. Oh fuck it, let’s do that! I searched for: “Are vaccines harmful?” in Romanian language on – and btw while I was typing I got suggestions from google like: “Vaccines are harmful” – so people are not even asking if vaccines are harmful, they search for an affirmation. Anyways, here’s the fuckery: 01. Big title: “Vaccines are harmful!” – and an article explaining the crap they are spreading. 02. Seems legitimate – basically says that vaccines are safe and they interview some officials from Romania. 03. Pseudoscience. 04. Against vaccine crap. 05. Presents good info. 06. BS 07. Legitimate info. 08. Good info. 09. Against vaccines. 10. Seems like BS. Again, 6 out of 10 are BS. And again, interestingly, only 2 out of the top 5 are relevant. And again scored much better with only 1 BS link out of top 10.

This is not surprising at all. On the biggest TV stations in Romania they talk a lot about numerology, parapsychology, and all kinds of conspiracies and pseudobullshit. The Internet is a refelction of the culture.

4. Religiosity. Although I live in a very small town in Romania where everyone knows everyone, I don’t think I know more than 2-3 people who are not religious. And even those might have been influenced by me :)). Basically, everyone in Romania is religious and you’ll find churches everywhere. There are around 18.4k churches and other such mystical buildings in Romania, but only around 425 hospitals. And although the difference may seem high, and it is, keep in mind that this may not be a unique thing in the world since in the US there are around 350k churches and mystical buildings and 5.5k hospitals. That being said in Romania there is 1 hospital for 43 churches, and in the US there is 1 hospital for 64 churches. Regardless, this does not make it ok. Having 1 hospital for 43 churches is awful considering the Romanian healthcare system is already one of the worst in Europe.

People are so serious about religion in Romania. Every TV station is promoting religion in a way or another, and Romanians have some of the most fucked up and stupid religious rituals. For example, when Christmas holidays are coming, 2-3 shaolin ninjas (priests) are going from door to door with mystical water to be sprinkled inside people’s homes. People eagerly open the door, let the ninjas in, they spend around 10-15 seconds saying a prayer and sprinkling the freezing, but otherwise mystical water, inside the house, to then be paid for the job by the inhabitants of the house. It is a business. That’s all that is, but you can’t risk for fuck sake not to let them in because that may bring you bad luck.

According to a study, 60% of Romanians purposefully call these ninjas in to “bless” their house or car for various “events” and reasons. Yeah, they do car service too. According to the same study, this is how many Romanians believe in specific bullshit:

And 64% believe that a politician who does not believe in God is not suited for a public position in office.

Romanians funerals are also one of the most grotesque I’ve seen – after the dead is dead, they put “it” on a table in their living room and let “it” there for a few days. The people who know the dead gather around that table and stay there for the entire time – day and night. They cry, everything is black, many are covering the mirrors in the house and keep their cats away – don’t ask me why but I’ve heard that if a cat jumps over the dead it steals its soul.

After that, they take the dead with a pickup truck in the casket and display “it” in the entire town. They drive slowly through the city with “it” in open sight, and the friends and family are walking slowly behind the truck, crying and screaming and throwing with money (yeah! that’s true). They slow the traffic down and honk loudly from the pickup truck.

It’s no surprise to hear people in Romania talking about faith, luck, and stuff like that in a serious manner. I’ve heard people seriously saying that they went for a haircut and the hairstylist had an “unlucky/bad hand” and because of that their hair does not grow anymore. ‘the fuck….

Let’s move to other stuff, like how Romania is overall. Not only that their beliefs are creepy and fucked up, but the tribe is messed up.

5. Traffic. Take a trip around Europe and you’ll, for sure, know when you enter Romania because roads are so awful. Bumps and lumps, poor markings and traffic jams. Roads are so poorly illuminated and marked that it is a wonder how these people drive at night. Speed limit, from my experience, is never respected and cops and drivers are in a constant cat and mouse situation. The police are trying to catch drivers doing illegalities to give them tickets (make some profits for the police/state), and the drivers try to cheat all traffic laws. Drivers have special radio stations and antennas and use these to communicate with eachother to let know where there is a police checkup.

Others have radar detectors in their car. All of those for avoiding getting caught by the police who are eager to catch drivers and give them tickets.

It is also common for drivers to flash (with the headlights) other drivers when they know there is a police checkup point – like the cars that come from the opposite direction will flash you twice and you know that ahead there are police checkups. Traffic radars (or speed cameras) in Romania are hidden to give tickets to unaware drivers. It is beyond ridiculous. I never saw this in Spain. When there is a traffic radar in Spain the police are putting huge signs on the road to let you know that there is a radar (checking speed). The point is to reduce drivers’ speed and not tax them money.

Also, from time to time, you’ll get to see these driving on the roads (and that creates traffic jams and it is an overall danger to everyone):

Speaking of driving, Romanians don’t wear seatbelts in the car. They are too cool for that. If you put on the seatbelt people will look odd at you. Do that in the back seat of a car and people may think that you have lost your mind. Romanians even have special things that they put inside the seatbelt sockets so that the car won’t alert them that they have no seat belt. This is just …. wow.

This study across Europe confirms that Romanians don’t wear seatbelts and don’t really care about that: “The survey of people in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, and the U.K., also showed that those in Romania were the most likely to travel in the rear without a seatbelt (84 per cent), then Italy (56 per cent), and Spain (39 per cent). Drivers in Romania were the least likely to insist rear passengers wear seatbelts (with only 39 per cent always doing so), then Italy (53 per cent), and Belgium (85 per cent).” And guess about the driver and front seat passenger? Only 47% of drivers wear seatbelts and 49% of the front seat passengers. (source) – That’s just retarded.

6. Stray dogs. Lots of dogs without owners on the streets. You don’t know if you should feel sorry for them, be annoyed by them, or scared by them. They scavenge through beans, are rarely scared of fast moving cars, and they make bike rides a scary experience because they’ll bark like mad at you and chase you – and sometimes they’ll bite you. It is a weird sight for anyone who lived anywhere in the world except Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, and a few other tribes where stray dogs are still a thing.

7. Patchwork. In Romania things are patched. They can’t improve all the roads, or at least a good portion of a road. No. They will improve a few meters or km and they leave it like that. You can drive on a very bad road, then you’ll see a good road (fresh new, with markings and all), then in just a few hundreds of meters the bad road again. You’ll see buildings half improved, stores half done, and so on. They can’t rebuild all sidewalks in a town, even when the town is very small. No. They’ll rebuild the sidewalk from this street, the left part of the road. The rest are left in a decaying state. It is a patchwork everywhere. At least from what I’ve observed. Here a photo of a road in the city I live in Romania, and in the past 10 years they elevated it with about a meter or more because they put the new asphalt over the old one, instead of taking the old out and put the new after that.

8. Gambling and pharmacies everywhere. Yeah, you’ll see them side by side. They are all masturbating the Romanians’ hope basically. From what I’ve observed it is full of them. Lots of places where you can lose your money guaranteed, but think that your life will improve over time ;).

9. Inequality. Although most Romanians earn between 300-500 Euros, some will easily earn over 10 times more. You can see 10 old houses, then a big palace. 20 old and rusty cars, then a super expensive one.

Here are some photos I took while I was driving to another town – they are made one after another, so the houses you see are one after the other. Also, notice how many houses are not 100% done, they are still “in the making” – and this is something I’ve seen in Romania in abundance. Maybe people start building houses and don’t have enough money to finish them….who knows…

In Spain, the places I went to, there is a kind of consistency: from homes and apartments to cars or whatever you see. Not in Romania. I remember going for a walk with a friend a few years ago in a very poor place in Romania full of old houses and poor people, super bad roads, and a bad smell. But then we see a brand new Lamborghini car … wtf. That car was as expensive as perhaps the entire village. There’s also a weird thing going on: if you look around Romania, and also read statistics, then Romanians make very little money (their average salary is around 520 Euros, one of the smallest in Europe), but then if you ask some people how much they earn they brag about it and say that they make over 1,000 Euros or a whole lot more. You then also look at online tech stores who are selling super expensive gadgets by the thousands and you wonder how in the fucking world are Romanians able to buy these!? How are they making the money!? You know the salaries are super low but then you see many people having the latest smartphones and expensive tech…something is weird here. But I’ve heard countless of times here in Romania about people buying expensive cars and living in old and ‘rusty’ houses where they don’t even have hot running water, or some that live in dorm rooms. They borrow money to buy expensive shit but they lack even the most basic needs. They want to brag about their stuff and value and money and show off with that. At least some. Or many!?

10. Tips and bribes. If the courier brings you that laptop you ordered online, then you have to give him a tip. Waiter? Leave a tip. Go to the post office to send a package, leave a fucking tip! Even when you buy at a grocery store you may leave a tip. Recently I went to a restaurant to eat and I paid and they had to give me the change (not a lot), but they said: “We don’t have XX to give you.” – like “We don’t have the change to give you”. They expect for a tip everywhere and if you don’t give a tip to them they will be rude to you and tell you that you didn’t leave a tip. The fucking tips are everywhere like a fucking tax or something. When I go to Spain to a restaurant (rarely though because it’s expensive) they don’t expect a tip. Grocery store? Why the fuck would you leave a tip!? In Spain they’ll give you back the change exactly as it should: if it is 12,79 and you give them 13, they’ll give you back  0,21. Fucking fair. In Romania for such a small change they won’t even give you the change, they’ll give you some old and fucked up canddy. Yeah, they give candy as change. Crazy. But Romania goes further with these tips that transform into bribes. You can’t just go to a doctor in Romania. No! You have to put some money into an envelope, and give it to the doctor before the doctor sees you. Otherwise, they won’t bother with you. Bribes are everywhere. Want to find a parking lot to buy? You’ll probably have to go to some people you know, who know other people, who can give you that spot and you have to pay it plus give them a little bribe. You bribe the policeman, the doctor, the mayor, teachers, everyone. You give a tip to the guy who installs you the Internet connection you already paid for, to the girl who is at a counter (wherever), to the postman, to people who sell stuff and so on. It is so common that it is scary. And super annoying.

11. News sucks. Not sure how the situation is in other tribes but in Romania even the most well-known TV stations are super click-bait. I don’t think there is journalism in Romania. But for that matter I don’t think is anywhere, except a few sources that we compiled at TROM News. I saw many instances where the most popular TV stations in Romania post on their FB pages things like: “You won’t believe who died…we are shocked beyond belief!” – and a blurred photo of a human that you can only see if you click the link, because their website is full of ads and they need views. Or “This X (celebrity) lost the most precious friend. So awful!” – then you click and see that this celebrity lost a doll when she was 5 – fucking deceiving to the extreme. The click-bait is the most miserable I came across. If you wonder how I know these since I don’t swim in such waters, is because other people show these to me and I had to investigate a bit more to make sure this shit is real. Like for example, my mother’s Facebook News Feed is a horror of click bait: from ‘naturist’ treatments for any disease, to click here to win, or click here to see who died or what happened to this celebrity. It is just cancerous and these ‘news’ are coming from the most popular TV stations in Romania. Not to mention that Romanian news are basically local news about people killing other people, or they post youtube viral videos as news (like “Look at this guy in Alaska who was chased by bears”), or they take news from CNN and translate it in the Romanian language. It is a big nothing thing. Is there real journalism in Romania, I wonder….

12. Prices are weird. Go to a restaurant and you’ll see prices that are 3-4 times lower than in Spain. The Internet is 10 times cheaper than in Spain and better than in Spain. Services and restaurants are way cheaper than in other European countries. Yet the rest is exactly the same or more expensive. Although the average salary in Romania is 520 Euros and in Spain is 1.750 Euros, food in supermarkets in Romania is sometimes more expensive than in Spain. That’s super weird. An apartment in Spain may cost around 150.000 Euros and the same apartment in Romania is 3 times cheaper, yet the rent is the same in both countries. So, the same apartment costs the same to rent in Spain or Romania, but 3 times cheaper to buy in Romania. I just don’t get it.

13. Scams. Romania is quite well known for scamming. And as far as I can tell is 100% true. I’ve heard and seen countless times when tourists are scammed here, including Romanians being scammed by Romanians. The scams come in so many shapes and forms. Like the scammers who scam people from other countries by selling inexistent products, or stealing credit card information, to those from companies and institutions that make tourists pay way more than they should. There is a new Water Park opened in Romanian’s Capital (Bucharest) called Therme – if you read online reviews you’ll see many tourists complaining that the people there forced them to buy new shorts for bathing, or slippers, and other such stuff. Basically making them pay more money. That sounds like a normal Romanian attitude towards tourists that I’ve heard so many times.

A few more things: People are not friendly. Could be my experience and the people I know, but people here are in a bad mood compared to Spain. They seem so un-relaxed. Step on someone’s foot and you’ll get into trouble. They are just not nice. I am sure this has to do with the fact that they are paid super poorly and the environment here sucks. Also, the old is not in style here. I know many people come to Romania and admire how beautiful the old architecture is. They love it. What they don’t get is that Romanians don’t love it. Romanians want modern architecture. When you see old stuff in Romania is because people are fucking poor. You may like it because you think it’s a tradition. But it’s not. Romanians (as far as I can tell) want modern homes, with a modern heating system, modern style, modern kitchen, and so on. A comfortable fucking place, not a rusty one. Only those who lived in luxury come here and masturbate their ‘artistic’ sense with these old sights that are only old because of a result of the poor situation in Romania. Rich fucks are so rich and can afford so much luxury that they return back to old stuff and masturbate on that. 😀

You can see purposefully-old architecture in Spain, but that’s made on purpose to be like that. It is properly maintained and people there are not poor. Big difference!


Two very important things I want to adopt in terms of thinking is to not generalize so quickly (regardless of the subject) and divide people into groups since we are all humans, and second is to not accuse people because it is their environment that makes them how they are. These two are essential for the project I manage for the past 8 years now, TROM, and this blog article may seem to be doing the opposite. However my blog posts are my not-so-well-researched thoughts, this post is categorized in “rants”, and I think I made it clear at the beginning that it is nearly impossible to judge all Romanians in bulk. These are my thoughts based on my own experiences. And now I will also mention that all of the behaviours of Romanians, and for that matter of all people in the world, are a result of the environment. Romanians are not a different species. And one more thing, the problems I presented are present everywhere in the world because of the awful game of trade that we all play.

A few weeks ago I went to a city to apply for a passport, and the guard at the office where the passports are made was so nice he helped us so kindly and showed us where we can pay the tax for the passport – he left his post to come outside with us and guide us. So, you see, it depends…

Anyways. My rant is done and it became much bigger than I first anticipated when I started to write this blog post.

Net Neutrality Bullshit.

Net Neutrality Bullshit.

The idea goes like this: some companies want to make the Internet like cable TV – if you want to access certain websites you may have to pay extra, and stuff like that. So for example the BIG BOSS company that provides Internet to people might be like: “We have a GREAT package containing Youtube, Wikipedia, Netflix, and this list of websites, for only $9,99 a month.” And if you buy that package then you can either only access those websites and nothing else, or those websites will be prioritized over others.

From Freedom Press website: “When you go online you have certain expectations. You expect to be connected to whatever website you want. You expect that your cable or phone company isn’t messing with the data and is connecting you to all websites, applications and content you choose. You expect to be in control of your internet experience.

When you use the internet you expect Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon from speeding up, slowing down or blocking any content, applications or websites you want to use. Net Neutrality is the way that the internet has always worked.

In 2015, millions of activists pressured the Federal Communications Commission to adopt historic Net Neutrality rules that keep the internet free and open — allowing you to share and access information of your choosing without interference.

Oh, so wait….Can I use the Internet freely without restrictions? That’s so cool man, except is not at all. Websites are blocked all over the world for all kinds of reasons: copyright, violence, paywalls, etc.. P2P or other kinds of traffic can and is monitored and some get fined for downloading certain content. Apps, browsers, software to access the internet are either behind paywalls or filled with ads and trackers. Your Internet speed depends on your purchasing power – some have fast connections, some super shitty. And so on.

In this super popular video that everyone shares nowadays, a super popular YouTuber explained that this Net Neutrality thing is like water: Imagine if you will be charged for what you use your water for. Like if you drink it, it costs something, if you water your plants it costs something else, and so forth. That would be ridiculous he argues. He says that the Internet is and should remain regarded as a UTILITY, like water. And I agree, it should be like that. Like accessing any website should be regarded the same and not be charged for accessing one site over the other. But these people are so blind it is cringy.

Let’s use the same water example. If the water utility was like the Internet utility (what he implies) then it will be like this: some get better water pressure than others, depending how much they pay for. In some cases, water can only be used to drink, not to water your plants (like you might be able to access some sites, but not others because they are blocked by your Internet Service Provider). Or the same as some internet providers won’t allow you to download or upload on p2p networks (they don’t allow certain kind of traffic). Some will only get a limited amount of water (think of mobile Internet – or other kind – that is DATA limited). They say water is free, but they seldom mention that it is filled with all kinds of chemicals that track your health to sell you toothpaste or beverages or a water hose if they detect that you water your garden a lot. This is the Internet with ads analogy, where your traffic is monitored to sell you stuff, and ads are all over websites. So to complete his analogy, if the Internet was like water today, then I’ll have lower water pressure, my water consumption would be monitored and I would get offers in my postal mailbox based on my water habits, and I’ll have to add in all kinds of filters to filter the chemicals they put in to track my water consumption. One day I might also be accused of storing water because, they say, regardless if water pours through your faucet, it is not your water.

So if you tell me that today’s Internet is free and “neutral” then you are either a fool or a fool.

It is so curious to see people arguing against making the Net like the TV because that sounds so like “communism” ;). This is so anti-capitalism as it could be, yet the ones praising capitalism (the money game) are also the ones pretending to care about this. They only can care if it breaks their business model. Like for example Google and Facebook want for people to access the Net and not only a limited amount of them via subscriptions because they sell ads and user data. For them subscriptions are less important than the amount of people accessing their services.

The Internet is a complete mutant in today’s monetary system game as it grew in this kinda free access manner (though as I said it is completely raped by the money game and not neutral at all), but if the Internet was to follow the money game course and became developed like the TV (and this was normal today), then the same people who argue today for Net Neutrality would argue against it. Like imagine the Net was like the the TV, people would be like: “Of course it must be this way man! Youtube and Google could not function if everyone could access their services for free, are you nuts! This is the power of capitalism: you pay for good services”. And we, the small percentage, would be like: “But man, the Internet should be access-free for all and to any website….we can do that nowadays, we have the possibility.” And then people would look at you like you were a fucking hippie or a communist. Same as we, the ones following TROM-like things, say that “People should not be forced to work because we can automate all jobs + food and basic needs should be free because we are able to do that with the tech and science we have today.” and people look at us like we are nuts.

So all of these talking heads that are so against the Net becoming like the TV, are fucking clueless of what they are talking about. At least those who have a clue should be more honest when talking about the “Net NotSo-Neutrality”.

Don’t get me wrong, of course it is better to have the Net like today rather than a TV-like-model one, but I am sick to hear people saying that today’s Internet is “neutral”. It is not!

I think we are fucked

I think we are fucked

Honestly, I think we are fucked. 😀

I just think the world is dumber and dumber, to the point of idiocracy, and it is getting worse. To clear the air I will debunk the “World is getting better” notion in a very soon to release TROM ebook, but this is about something else.

The trade world (profit based) fucked up everything and it is increasingly doing that at an exponential rate. Back in 2010 I had a friend who was doing promotion for websites and he was posting on forums with fake names and having conversations on the forum with himself (different usernames) about products to promote them; he was submitting websites to portals like nuts (the mother of all spam); he was creating new websites and linked to the ones he was promoting (link building); he was also buying articles (medicine, tech, etc.) then changed parts of them with automated software (replacing words with synonyms) so that google won’t detect duplicate content, and he was building in automated ways hundreds and thousands of websites with similar content but linking one to another. Why? Ads! He was breaking the internet as I told him many times. He was the worse human in my view. He was literally fucking up the internet for profit. Imagine searching for something medical on google and coming across one of his kamikaze websites and reading the bullshit articles he bought and mingled just because he knew how to trick google’s search engines to get to you. I thought that’s the worse you can be.


7 years later and I look at him the same way people look today at Steve-O: like “Wow, he’s respectable! He’s a legend!”. People regard Steve-O as respectable because the present is so fucked up that someone like Steve-O, a guy who starred in Jackass films (basically dudes kicking themselves in the nuts for money), looks like a damn smart and thoughtful guy compared to the zombie-reactiveness thoughtful-toads of today. And the friend who did those shitty things looks the same today compared to the craziness of what people do today for the money. They fake pranks, mislead with click bait titles, exaggerate everything, lie like nuts, and soooo on.

The idiot kids.

Look at this video please:

[ytp_video source=”SiLaLw2-06k”]


It has 45 million views. ‘Nuff said. What is even scarier is that it has twice more likes than dislikes. (Edit 3 months later: this video has 85 million views….). If you wonder who the fuck are those millions of people watching these online mutations then it is “the kids”. Some profiteers discovered that children watch a ton of youtube videos and for a lot of time (something youtube encourages through their reward system – money for ads). Basically, parents are busy with nonsense jobs and facebook, and kids are sent to watch youtube stuff, ’cause that’s easy for the parents. And indeed they watch a ton because that video is not an exception, it is the rule. Go to their channel and you’ll see each video has millions of views. Also search on youtube for Spiderman or Elsa and you’ll see dumbed down, puked up videos that are made by idiots, but seen by millions of children. They have the most views on youtube out of (perhaps) all kinds of videos. So basically profiteers found a way to take advantage of children for ad revenue. They make, for sure, in the thousands of dollars per month or per video. So kids nowadays will grow up with these dumb down beyond idiocracy content. Their heads will reflect that.

More so, look at mobile games that are played by kids so much. Most, if not all of them, are filled with ads (buy this, buy this, buy this) or they are all a slot machine for children (and adults): you want to upgrade the character, then buy these superpowers; want to advance, buy some coins.

So kids watch dumb down content and play games that teach them to be profiteers. So they will get to be idiot profiteers when adults, breading in turn the same species.

The idiot adults.

Whilst today’s kids are bred up to become idiots, the adults are transformed into idiots. Facebook will be the no 1 reason our species will end up. Mark my words. People watch fake lives, project fake lives, watch fake news, fake videos, everything is fake and exaggerated. Everything is click bait. They have thousands of friends but in reality have none. They follow many pages but in reality they follow their own opinions. They only seek for approval, they know nothing about the world, and any charlatan can take advantage of them. Any “cure for cancer” post on fb is not sniffed for its facts by any such idiot. They can’t. They have no idea how science works, they don’t know that not all sources of news are equal, they are not equipped to detect bullshit so they pretty much eat it on a daily basis.

This lunatic has over 1.5 million likes and it’s growing:

And it is full of them. Any loud-mouth megaphoned through fb posts and videos is a guru nowadays. What people seem not to realize is that these creatures are “for profit” and take advantage of the gullible. The saddest part is that they don’t seem to be doing it intentionally like “Heck let’s take advantage of the morons.”, rather they are idiots too but only loud-mouthed. Fb tells you there is a cure for any disease out there but the government keeps it hidden; that you can’t trust anyone (except those who says that), or that conspiracies are actually a manifestation of free thinkers and skepticism.

Give fb a search for “cancer cure” and for sure you’ll find a million cures.

But you see the situation is disastrous. People have no fucking clue what is going on anymore, nor do they have any tools to fix that. Almost everyone with an internet connection has a fb profile nowadays and they spend so much time on this platform. Basically, their main source of information comes from this muddy place.

The TV is the same, they do whatever brings more money; movies the same; music repetitive and the same. Speaking of these, Netflix and Spotify are amazing tools at keeping the idiots busy with the mindless content. Nice smelling, yes! Tasty, maybe! Good package nevertheless, though quite a shitty content. But it is like eating fast food all of your life and sitting on your couch. Don’t expect good health. Pump shit in people’s brain and they’ll have shit in their heads. They’ll talk shit and do shit.

Preparing for the end.

Some say there are more and more good quality documentaries produced, or youtube shows, or articles (news); I curate these stuff for the past 4-5 years and I can confirm that yes, there are many such good materials produced, BUT for every such healthy thing out there, there are at least one thousand bad and smelly things. One Cosmos vs 1,000 shitty documentaries that together reach immensely more people than Cosmos does. One Vsauce channel vs 1,000 clickbaity, kids-dumbing channels. A handful of well written articles vs millions that are plain simply bullshit-painted.

What no one seems to realize is that this world breeds idiocracy. My ‘respectable’ friend who broke the net may chase profits, but he and others like him also fuck up the world, that in turn fucks them up. My friend uses fb as well and eats the same shit he previously pooped. There is no long term thinking in this world. It is the now, and fuck the tomorrow. Let’s get drunk and give no fuck. Watch this only movie I’ll recommend – when I watched it 10 years ago I thought it is a tasteless and overly exaggerated and poorly written comedy, but now it gives me chills.


And, for my last breath, as I argued so any times in TROM contents, you should look at any entity out there: from the government to companies, celebrities to charities, religions to software, and they are all filled with the profiteer filth. They are all chasing their own tail and give no fucks about the world. This is not an online manifestation only, this is happening everywhere in the world. Just go to the bank to open up an account and you’ll see the jackal employees trying to rip you off with their sophisticated language giving no fucks about you or the future of mankind. Everywhere is like that.

But the most important thing to remember is that these profiteers are not born like that. it is the environment that pushes them to create shitty stuff that in turn creates shitty minds. Therefore, change the environment to change the people.

But if you ask me, I think we are fucked…any effort I and others are doing to promote a new and scientific way of thinking gets rapidly sunk beneath the vast ocean of stupidity. I saw that with people following TROM that although they digest TROM, they are also eating tons of shit from FB and other sources and it mixes up in their brains in very weird ways.

But I won’t give up. I have no choice. I’ll continue screaming.