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My theory about black holes :)

My theory about black holes :)

Shut’up. I know, ‘am no physicist. And no scientist for that matter. That’s fine. I just had an idea and is likely to be wrong but it makes my brain giggle with curiosity.

Last night I was watching a documentary about black holes. I watched so many documentaries and courses so far, thousands upon thousands. I have a website full of them. So I’ve heard a thing or two about black holes. And considering that scientists know very little about them, or about dark matter, I’d like to share my idea because it has a minute chance to be partially true, tho I am kinda sure it won’t be the case.

Anyways. Let me share it.

Black holes for 7 year olds:

So the basic idea of a black hole is that it is a “rupture” in space/time. A huge star collapses and then boooom. BLACK. We see nothing. We only observe when something else gets close to them. Like stars that orbit them, or other objects that get so close that the “hole” swallows them. Look at this (perhaps the first evidence) of stars orbiting a “black hole” (those stars are orbiting it…they are fucked!):

You can’t see it, only its effect.

An this is an illustration of a black hole eating a star:

These happen. Read more here. They are fucking nuts!

We also know that they have a strong gravitational pull. We know that whatever matter it eats it adds to its mass, so is not like that matter disappears. We also know that they can collide with each other and create bigger black holes.

Now: dark matter.

No one knows what the fuck it is. Simply put when they observe galaxies through the lens of what we know about gravity, is not enough of normal matter for that galaxy to have that shape. So something heavier NEEDS to be there, else galaxies cannot form. So they invented basically an invisible “matter” that they called as “dark matter”. This is a NASA Hubble map of a galaxy cluster, and the blue foggy patches are what we believe to be concentrations of dark matter:

They think dark matter is there based on whatever they calculate in terms of gravitational pull.

So dark matter has a gravitational pull (it is heavy), and it is there it seems. But who the fuck knows what it is. They also say that dark matter seems to not interact with normal matter except via gravitational pull. They also think dark matter barely if ever reacts with itself except again via gravity. So basically they don’t think it can create black matter planets for instance. But all of this is speculation as far as I know.

Black Balls!!!

This is my theory :). Listen!

Black Holes form when a huge star collapses. So a fuck ton of pressure. We also know that most chemical elements (whatever the matter is made of) are created when big stars explode. So stars need to explode to create the matter that we know. WHAT IF when these giant stars collapse into black holes, they actually create dark matter and transform into BLACK BALLS!? Like maybe when giant stars collapse they transform the “visible matter” into all sorts of “invisible matter”, meaning matter that does not interact with light. And maybe it creates a lot of different atoms of dark matter. After all, stars are the creators of other elements….

Maybe that’s how dark matter forms. This is where it comes from, since Black Balls (black holes) also lose energy (a bit), and will die after a while. This is known and discovered by Stephen Hawkins.

And it is an illusion that it is a “hole” eating visible matter. It is actually a “ball” around which other objects like stars orbit. It is a black star. And when it “eats” the visible matter, it simply pulls it towards itself and it transforms into black matter due to the immense gravitational pull. Imagine a planet being sucked into a normal star. Observed from distance you see a dim body being sucked into a glowing body. Almost like a glowing hole eats that planet. But in fact it is a spherical object that eats that body. With black holes it is the exact opposite in terms of visibility. A black star is eating a glowing object (a star). And the same way that a normal star is digesting that planet and incorporates it into what makes that star, a black star (black ball) does the same and rips apart whatever it digests into its own matter that we call as “dark matter”.

Makes more sense. A new kind of star! We already have stars that after they collapse they are only made out of neutrons (the guts of atoms) and they are super bizarre….like a spoon of that can go through Earth since it is so dense. So what if we also have Black Stars formed of dark matter!?

Yah they say dark matter seems to not interact with visible matter or with itself, except gravity. But what if there are many kinds of dark matter, same way that there are many kinds of visible matter? And some dark matter atoms are like that, but others interact with the visible matter and they are only found in Black Balls.

Funny enough I’ve read that they are considering a connection between black holes and dark matter. They say dark matter may in fact be black holes. Read here. So this idea may not be that crazy….although what am saying is different, at least they are considering a connection there.

So this is not a hole!

It is a BALL! A black ball. Or call it a black star! And this black star is made out of dark matter of many kinds, like a periodic table of dark elements. And everything it eats, it transforms into dark matter because of the gravitational immense pressure!

There you go I solved the black holes and dark matter mystery. Anyone wants to do the maths!?


It can be a fun discussion….and I am very sure I am wrong but is worth sharing haha.

UPDATE: Adding more to my theory 🙂

Ok so here are a few more “proofs” of my theory. haha.

Black Holes have a magnetic field it seems. This falls in line with how stars are, since they too have a magnetic field. For example a Neutron star (another type of collapsed star) can get nuts and starts to emit radiation via its poles – we call that a pulsar. They also “eat” stars and what-not. See this video about pulsars:

And this is about “black holes” (cough: black balls) emitting radiation in the same way (they are named quasars):

So you see…these types of stars are similar. A neutron star is a collapsed star made out of neutrons – a very bizarre type of star – and at times it ejects matter through its magnetic poles, and we call that a pulsar. Neutron stars also eat other stars/objects, and it looks similar to how a black hole eats them. A black ball it is also formed by a star collapsing, plus it has a magnetic field, and at times it ejects streams of energy/stuff via its pols. We call that a quasar.

We also know that black balls emit some sort of radiation back, and that should be normal matter isn’t it? That’s why we detect it. So maybe the theory of visible matter transforming into dark matter is not that crazy. Also read this paper where they seem to suggest just that.

And also don’t take this post too seriously, since I am a dude who had an idea one night :D. There are physicists and astrophysicists who spend a lifetime of teamwork to understand such crazy monsters. I am pretty sure they thought of such ideas and probably made no scientific sense so they had to discard them. But considering how little we know about black holes and dark matter, and how they do not seem to fit our scientific understanding of the universe, there is a little chance that such ideas like mine can be true. And that makes me smile in wonder :).

Update 2: I was wrong about some stuff….

I had a different image of what a black hole is. I thought it is that entire black thing that you see bellow, outlined by the shinny stuff around it:

But in fact the mass of the black hole, they say, is in a point called the singularity.At the center of it. Somewhere there, you can’t even see it 🙂

And all of that black disk is the “event horizon” a portion where probably the normal matter is traveling towards the center but can’t emit any light, so we can’t see anything.

So my view of a black hole was kinda wrong. This is why I “theorized” that it may be a black ball.

These videos explain it very well:

But now, do not forget that these might be wild assumptions, as wild as mine :D. Since the science that we know seem to be weirded out by these monsters. I do find it more difficult to imagine it as a black ball now that they theorize the mass of it is in that tiny center, and the black we see around is simply a gravitational field that’s so strong even light can’t escape. The light we see around the black circle is matter that orbits it. Now this is not a circle probably, it is a sphere shaped object since we talk about a 3D space. So even this “hole” is kinda like a ball of gravitational field.

Damn these are bizarre.

Thanks to the friendly Future is Foss for engaging over the fediverse and pointing this thing to me. He wants to destroy my theory and take my nobel prize!

4 things that amaze me (2)

4 things that amaze me (2)

This may become a series since there are around 40000 things that amaze me. But here’s what it is for this post.

1. The Moon.

I know that many, if not most of the people look at the Moon and say ‘wow it is so beautiful’, but I suspect they do not realize it is a huge, HUGE, ball/sphere of rock on the sky!

This is a video I recorded of the rock:

2. Speaking of space, 2-3 years ago I realized/found out, that there is a capsule/spaceship/thing that orbits the Earth and has people inside it. I had no idea about that. If you go out you can see it with the naked eye. It looks like a very bright star that moves very quickly on the night sky. I go out sometimes to see it and it is quite hard to believe that there are people inside it. Use this website to see when it is above you and go out to see it.

This is it passing in front of the Moon:


3. Transmutation. The fact that a frog, a dog, a dinosaur, a human, a bird, a worm…..all life forms that have a DNA are basically the same structure that had mutated and replicated over time into all these ‘creatures’. It is hard to understand this process since it takes so long to see its effects and so many variables that influence it all, this is why perhaps many do not realize it. I wonder for how long this will continue…..and what other kinds of transmutations similar to ours are out there in the universe because the DNA is just one of the possible structures that gives rise to the tremendous diversity we see.

4. That we will never ever be able to know what is out there, not even 0,000000000000001% of it all.

Here’s the thing: all of the stars you see at night, are ‘islands’ hosting planets and moons. There are around 200-400 billion stars in our own galaxy. Multiply that by, let’s say, a minimum of 20 planets/moons orbiting each of them, and that is around 6,000,000,000,000 such spheres. 6 trillion. Multiply now that with billions of galaxies……When you go to the beach, put your hand in the sand and look at the grains of sand stuck to your palm. There are probably around 10 thousand grains, if not less. That’s around 500 stars worth of planets and moons. Meaning, if you look a the entire beach and consider every grain of sand a moon or a planet, there are 20 times more moons and planets in the universe than all of the grains of sand on all beaches on planet Earth. How can that be possible?

If you were to take all of the grains of sand from all beaches on Earth and study them under microscope for about 10 seconds each, it would take you around 2,000 years to look at around 400 billion grains of sand. Meaning, if you would have the power to look at all planets and moons in our own galaxy and you would say “Well I will spend 10 seconds for each, because there are so many” it will take you 2,000 years to do this every second of those 2,000 years. How does that sound? What can you learn in 10 seconds though? Now remember our galaxy si one of billions out there…..

There is absolutely NO WAY we will ever be able to even briefly look at what is out there.

4 things that amaze me (1)

4 things that amaze me (1)

This may become a series since there are around 40000 things that amaze me. But here’s what it is for this post.

1. The fact that I, you, all the people you know and ever lived, mountains, chocolate, hair, socks, stars, cows and everything else is made up of the same structures. Tiny structures we call atoms. Or even more exact, a proton and an electron. This is purely mad, it is a trillion times more mind blowing than the movie Matrix.

Here’s a real picture of an atom:


2. Is been only 20 years since the first exoplanet was discovered. Can you digest the fact that until 1992 there was no real proof that an exoplanet existed ? We take this for granted now and seems like people are not even excited at all if they hear about a new exoplanet being discovered, but till ’92 there was NONE.

Here’s an amazing picture of such a distant solar system. These small dots you see are planets….wow:


3. The fact that around us there are movies, photos, private conversations and lots of other thoughts, but we cannot feel that. Internet and radio are all around us basically, but you need special tools to interpret them. Just imagine as you are reading this post there are melodies “singing” all around you but you cannot detect them. Just pick an old radio or your smartphone and listen to them to see that they are really there. And when you use a WiFi and send a message, that message goes through “thin air”….what if someone catches it and read it ? :). Well that’s a hacker actually 😉

More than that, think about the fact that you can “instantly” transmit a message/photo/video to someone on the other part of the Earth….quite hard to believe and we take it all for granted.

This is an amazing experiment that shows how the WiFi actually looks like:

4. I am amazed by the fact that one day I will not be anymore. I am really amazed by this fact because is hard to believe. We all seem to be very busy with our daily life never realizing we will not be here for long and is no way to “get back” to the game.

That’s a pretty hard thing to swallow. But there were many other billions of people who are not anymore. You and I will be one of them. Is damn scary, but even is we will be able to extend human life and even “digitize” ourselves and therefore live “forever”, it is still very likely that we will not be at all at one point. The Sun will expand and destroy the Earth as we know it today, and also the Universe is expanding so much it will have an “end” eventually.

Is such a frustrating thought…..sad, hard to believe, complex, interesting, real…..