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4 things that amaze me (2)

4 things that amaze me (2)

This may become a series since there are around 40000 things that amaze me. But here’s what it is for this post.

1. The Moon.

I know that many, if not most of the people look at the Moon and say ‘wow it is so beautiful’, but I suspect they do not realize it is a huge, HUGE, ball/sphere of rock on the sky!

This is a video I recorded of the rock:

2. Speaking of space, 2-3 years ago I realized/found out, that there is a capsule/spaceship/thing that orbits the Earth and has people inside it. I had no idea about that. If you go out you can see it with the naked eye. It looks like a very bright star that moves very quickly on the night sky. I go out sometimes to see it and it is quite hard to believe that there are people inside it. Use this website to see when it is above you and go out to see it.

This is it passing in front of the Moon:


3. Transmutation. The fact that a frog, a dog, a dinosaur, a human, a bird, a worm…..all life forms that have a DNA are basically the same structure that had mutated and replicated over time into all these ‘creatures’. It is hard to understand this process since it takes so long to see its effects and so many variables that influence it all, this is why perhaps many do not realize it. I wonder for how long this will continue…..and what other kinds of transmutations similar to ours are out there in the universe because the DNA is just one of the possible structures that gives rise to the tremendous diversity we see.

4. That we will never ever be able to know what is out there, not even 0,000000000000001% of it all.

Here’s the thing: all of the stars you see at night, are ‘islands’ hosting planets and moons. There are around 200-400 billion stars in our own galaxy. Multiply that by, let’s say, a minimum of 20 planets/moons orbiting each of them, and that is around 6,000,000,000,000 such spheres. 6 trillion. Multiply now that with billions of galaxies……When you go to the beach, put your hand in the sand and look at the grains of sand stuck to your palm. There are probably around 10 thousand grains, if not less. That’s around 500 stars worth of planets and moons. Meaning, if you look a the entire beach and consider every grain of sand a moon or a planet, there are 20 times more moons and planets in the universe than all of the grains of sand on all beaches on planet Earth. How can that be possible?

If you were to take all of the grains of sand from all beaches on Earth and study them under microscope for about 10 seconds each, it would take you around 2,000 years to look at around 400 billion grains of sand. Meaning, if you would have the power to look at all planets and moons in our own galaxy and you would say “Well I will spend 10 seconds for each, because there are so many” it will take you 2,000 years to do this every second of those 2,000 years. How does that sound? What can you learn in 10 seconds though? Now remember our galaxy si one of billions out there…..

There is absolutely NO WAY we will ever be able to even briefly look at what is out there.

4 things that amaze me (1)

4 things that amaze me (1)

This may become a series since there are around 40000 things that amaze me. But here’s what it is for this post.

1. The fact that I, you, all the people you know and ever lived, mountains, chocolate, hair, socks, stars, cows and everything else is made up of the same structures. Tiny structures we call atoms. Or even more exact, a proton and an electron. This is purely mad, it is a trillion times more mind blowing than the movie Matrix.

Here’s a real picture of an atom:


2. Is been only 20 years since the first exoplanet was discovered. Can you digest the fact that until 1992 there was no real proof that an exoplanet existed ? We take this for granted now and seems like people are not even excited at all if they hear about a new exoplanet being discovered, but till ’92 there was NONE.

Here’s an amazing picture of such a distant solar system. These small dots you see are planets….wow:


3. The fact that around us there are movies, photos, private conversations and lots of other thoughts, but we cannot feel that. Internet and radio are all around us basically, but you need special tools to interpret them. Just imagine as you are reading this post there are melodies “singing” all around you but you cannot detect them. Just pick an old radio or your smartphone and listen to them to see that they are really there. And when you use a WiFi and send a message, that message goes through “thin air”….what if someone catches it and read it ? :). Well that’s a hacker actually 😉

More than that, think about the fact that you can “instantly” transmit a message/photo/video to someone on the other part of the Earth….quite hard to believe and we take it all for granted.

This is an amazing experiment that shows how the WiFi actually looks like:

4. I am amazed by the fact that one day I will not be anymore. I am really amazed by this fact because is hard to believe. We all seem to be very busy with our daily life never realizing we will not be here for long and is no way to “get back” to the game.

That’s a pretty hard thing to swallow. But there were many other billions of people who are not anymore. You and I will be one of them. Is damn scary, but even is we will be able to extend human life and even “digitize” ourselves and therefore live “forever”, it is still very likely that we will not be at all at one point. The Sun will expand and destroy the Earth as we know it today, and also the Universe is expanding so much it will have an “end” eventually.

Is such a frustrating thought…..sad, hard to believe, complex, interesting, real…..