I am so curious about how the world works that it pisses me off because I can’t know everything :D. In 2006/7 I started a personal blog in the Romanian language (my main language) where I would explore many interesting subjects like what is abundance, beauty, language, technology, violence, how will the future look like, and so on. I also started a news website, a video series with funny clips (something like today’s FailArmy but much better done + we organized contests and gave T-Shirts and other stuff) – this video series became one of the most-viewed series on the most popular video-sharing website in Romania for about 3 years after which I stopped making it (I wanted to do more important stuff + I was making no money and I could not continue working on it). I also had and managed a website about movies where I would review them.

But my blog was my main baby and in 2010 after writing a lot for it and watching so many documentaries I decided to make a video series in English based on these articles. I made several short clips before about interesting subject, but this one I wanted to be special and huge, like a series, to explain in detail how the world works, what problems there are and what solutions we can apply to fix these issues.

In this period of time whilst being in college I decided to give up to it and focus 100% on this video series. Risky move, but college, like school, bored me to death and I could not stand the school/college environment anyways. So I did that and I realized how huge this series has become and then I decided to make a website and add it all on one page. 37 parts, 14 hours long. I called it TROM: The Reality Of Me, because I knew it was a personal worldview, from my perspective, though I think I’m being too modest 🙂 because whatever I presented is as scientific as possible. But well…

To make the series was a true hurdle: I had no money, I had a shitty computer, no one to support me in what I was doing (actually I kept it secret from everyone because I didn’t want for people to keep on telling me I’m crazy for doing this). I worked one year to finish TROM and I went through hellish situations – lack of money, stress in the family, and so on. I worked 70% of the time from a bunk bed, the top one, laying on my back with the monitor in the ceiling glued somehow. It was awful. But that was the apartment I and my family lived in at that time and the room was 2 times smaller than a small prison cell, so that was the only way to put my computer and work on TROM. I had lots of back problems because of that (imagine working 7 months like that). The rest of the time I worked on a shitty laptop that overheated all the time and sometimes I worked outside (literally) in the snow (well on the apartment’s balcony but as cold as outside where it was snowing) so that the laptop wasn’t overheating. Sometimes I had a huge ventilator (like a proper one, a fan) underneath the laptop to be able to work on it so it won’t burst into flames. It sounds crazy but it is true. At times it took the laptop 30-40 hours to render just one of the 37 parts of TROM.

Anyways lots of work, stress, but I released it online and it took off. Thousands of people were watching it, I was getting around 20-30 emails per day (no exaggeration).

No college, no work, made TROM, now what? I remade it at the insistence of others who donated me money to buy a new computer. I had to redo it because I made several English mistakes when translating the script from Romanian to English + did some editing mistakes. Worked almost another year to remake it.

Overall a very interesting experience with TROM, but that says a lot about me: I am too obsessed with understanding how this world works and presenting it to people in simple ways. I just cannot accept to live my life being just a normal guy who has a job, family, car, house, and dies. I want to know why I have to work, what are atoms, what is language, what what what what, and how how how how. Then I love to explain what I’ve learned to others – it is too important to keep it to myself.

To shorten the story, because there is a lot to talk about, 1 year after releasing TROM version 2 I got in contact with The Venus Project, a project that I presented in TROM as a solution to today’s problems. We worked together on several things, but mainly on TVPMagazine, their official magazine. I wrote and designed lots of magazines/articles for it. In 2016 we moved apart (reason here) and I moved all the work I’ve done for TVPMagazine to a new TROM website. Now TROM was not only about the documentary, but a mature project with a clear aim and a ton of materials to learn from.

In my journey with TVP I managed to get financial support from people, to sustain my work on what I’m doing, and I continue as such in the present. Before that I’ve got no financial help, everything I did was for free.

Currently, I am fully focused on the TROM project, making new books, videos, and other stuff for it. My personal life improved a lot over the years thanks to the projects I made and to some wonderful beings who supported these projects financially or otherwise.

In this journey of my life for the past 7-8 years I’ve learned a few things:

  • There are amazing people out there who are willing to help. They are kind and friendly, not everyone is a jerk. You can find like-minded people in the other part of the world, so geography does not matter.
  • Be aware of organizations that say they want to change the world, because they too have their own interests. In a way that’s normal in today’s world (everyone has to eat) but don’t be fooled to think that they are 100% honest. They will put themselves first more likely. This is why I am obsessed with keeping TROM as respectable as possible so we don’t sell anything, we don’t prostitute ourselves, everything you see is what you get.
  • If you are obsessed with doing something you will succeed in doing it (at least a bit). People think that they lack a good computer or a video camera to make videos/documentaries, but that’s nonsense. If you really want to make a documentary you’ll make it with the shittiest computer out there. Others say they cannot risk to do some crazy projects and give up to college or work and such, but again if you really want to do something you will at least try it at any costs. I was willing to sleep on the streets to make TROM, that’s how obsessed I was with it.
  • Don’t be naive and think that the world will change in your lifetime. More likely it won’t. So get comfortable in this world and then try to change the world from that comfortable spot.
  • If you want to learn to do something, you will. I learned to make websites, edit video photo audio files, and much more, because I needed them for TROM or my blog.

I never had a job and never want to have one, but I work perhaps more than most people. I work daily, I take no breaks. I absolutely love what I’m doing and I consider it super important. If I would die tomorrow at least I’ve done what I wanted to do, not what others wanted me to do. That’s important! Don’t get old and unsatisfied with the choices you made when you were young, because you can never turn back time. Many old people will tell you that, but the trick is to get this point while you are young.