Going private into space

Going private into space

Small rant 😀 – so I see today that Elon (SpaceX) launched a heavy and big rocket. Big success, everyone is ecstatic. Here’s the video of the launch –

Although the tech is great, especially the impressive landing of reusable rockets in tandem, I am scared that people get excited by this. Why? Elon and SpaceX are a businessman and a company. They must find ways to make a buck out of these “adventures” and this will ruin everything regardless how well intended Elon or the company is. Here’s my prediction: they will prostitute over space tourism and their missions will be less about science and more about profits. If NASA or ESA went to space to explore it for humanity without any drive for making a business out of it, Elon, Bezos (amazon) and other private companies will be forced to go to space and combine the “research” and “exploration” with a business model, which is the worst that can happen.

I am scared when I see private companies taking the lead in space exploration. It is like a dystopian future. We will see the first Tesla landing on Europa, instead of a scientific probe probably. Or Amazon owning the first asteroid for mining. Awful. I recently saw this documentary http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b094f595 about the latest in this space race and man it is so fucking scary. Companies look at asteroids in terms of how many billions they costs (transforming the resources the asteroid has into a monetary value); they look at space rockets as a way to put rich people into space (space tourism), and some at the exploration of other worlds in terms of a business opportunity.

Today poor dads are working abroad in Spain, or UK, tomorrow they will work on Mars or on the Moon. Today poor people mine for gold in Columbia, tomorrow they will mine for gold on 99942 Apophis asteroid. Same shit of the trade world.

I am indeed excited for the tech behind all of these, but scared as hell for the path they are taking in terms of the “business model”.

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