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    December 16, 2016

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    I am going to start a video series called “My Perspective”, a personal kind of project about the ideas I have about the world. I have a ton of ideas in my brain and I thought to share them in this video format with everyone. Some could be 50 minutes long, some only 20, and some could be 2 hours, I have no idea because there is nothing scripted or planned. I just record myself while talking about something and then make a video out of it. I hope people will find some value in this series. My spoken English is not that great because it is a huge difference between writing and talking, so I can write very well in English but talking is quite tricky for me. But will get better at it with time.

    From now on my personal Youtube Channel – Tio TROM –  is going to be all about (or mainly) this series of videos. So you can subscribe if you want.

    Here’s the first video of the series:



    • Julio Meza

      Great Tío, I have asked you to make videos many times because I see the impact and finally you will do it. Thanks

      • Tio

        Thank you!

    • Uwe Hänßler

      heart touching…
      live long and prosper