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    July 5, 2016

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    I experienced a lot of issues for the past 2-3 months: with my health, financially, and stress related with some TVP stuff. All of that made me unable to pay my rent and unable to manage my life properly since my health issues were quite bad (read here). So I had to move with my parents for a while until I get back to my ‘normal’ life, and I also got back some money from the owner of the apartment where I was paying the rent (money that I gave to her when I moved in, like a warranty – and since I left the apartment in perfect ‘shape’ she gave me a part of that money back). So, since many things changed in my life for the past months and I had some money to spare I thought to buy a good video camera, a drone and a good mic to start and record some videos that I wanted to do for a long long time, videos based on TROM or TVPM like content. We shot the first video but the drone does not work properly so I have to send it to be repaired…so it might take a while before we start shooting again.

    But back to astrophotography. The video camera I bought is actually a smartphone, a Galaxy S7, because after many weeks of trying to figure it out what camera is the best I realized that smartphones nowadays take photos and record videos way better than thousands of euros cameras (exception is in low light). So I thought instead of buying a super expensive camera (though I only had a budget of 500-600 Euros so I could not afford one anyways) better buy a great smartphone because I also need it for controlling the drone. I only had 1 smartphone in my life, bought 2 years ago. A cheap one but good. I rarely use the phone so I never needed one. Samsung Galaxy S7 is super expensive, one of the most expensive smartphones today, but I found it 200-250 euros cheaper on amazon (I think it was a gold color and that’s why…but I give no fucks about the color so I bought it 🙂 ). I would never have had bought such an expensive phone if it weren’t for it’s great ‘qualities’ of shooting videos in 4k and 2k and in low light.

    Now Galaxy S7 is notorious for taking very good photos in low light and this is where the ‘astrophotography’ comes in. I was completely amazed at how good it is at taking photos of the night sky, so surprised that I am going to open a gallery and share these photos with you. I am not ‘passioned’ about ‘astrophotography’, I am just curious how the night sky, or landscapes at night, look like. It’s quite an amazing feeling to sit in darkness, then take a photo and see what is out there and your eyes cannot see :). Amazing! So it’s definitely more exciting for me than for anyone who sees these photos online (I get that). Nevertheless I thought to share them :P.

    I am just starting on this so I will for sure make better photos over time. It also depends on what screen you are seeing the photos since a good screen can make a hell pf a difference for such photos (such as on one that does not render the black properly you might not see stars in the photos, yet on a great screen like the one Galaxy S7 has you can see them super well). On my S7 screen they look way better than on my laptop (you can see more stars). You should also click the right gear icon and then “see in full resolution” for better details. None of them is processed in any way (they are straight from the phone).

    I am using the S7 camera app in Pro mode with exposure time of 10 seconds and ISO usually between 250 and 500. Too much talk, just see the photos (and keep in mind they are taken with a smartphone):