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    July 31, 2016

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    You know, some say slavery is no longer an issue in this world, but I always kept saying that is more slavery now than ever before. Why do I say that? Well, from what I observe.

    First of all, ‘my family’. My parents and my sister. They work now for a home cleaning company in a very small town (3,000 human creatures) but one in which over 50.000 from the same species flock here every summer, leaving this town empty for about 7-8 months every year with thousands of homes, boats and places completely unused. But the way they work is slavery at its best. First of all they do not have a fixed schedule and basically their ‘boss’ can call them right now and tell them in 15 minutes you need to clean this house or repair this thing (what my father does). Doesn;t matter that is Sunday, Saturday, holiday or whatever, this happens all the time. My father stays all day dressed up for work, in the house, ‘ready’ to go to work whenever they call him. Many times they call him while he eats and has to leave the food on the table and rush to the work place. You can’t have any free time in this situation. Same goes for my mother and my sister.

    On top of that they use our own car to go from this place to that place, to transport stuff (from furniture to paint, from wood to whateverthefuck), and they do not pay them for using our own car. The car is fucked up because of this, and my parents pay thewhateverthefuck taxes every year for having a car and then go with it in service many times. So part of what that company pays them goes into fixing our own car that is used for their company….interesting, ha?

    So my family does all the things: clean houses, repair stuff, transport employees with their own car, and transport all kinds of stuff for that company, they are available from 7am to 11pm, and almost every single day.

    But they are rich I suppose, ha? Well yes, as rich as surviving here in Spain (eating mostly, and paying the rent), then having money to buy some clothes from time to time. Eating out is unheard of because is too expensive.

    But this is what happens when modern slavery kicks in. They can’t do much about this at all, and this is where the slavery part comes in, because if they argue with their bosses, they are kicked out, and then they won’t even have the money to go back to their tribe (Romania), so they pretty much shut up and swallow this situation. No one forces them to work, so that’s not slavery, right? Well, that’s the ‘modern’ part of slavery as you don’t have to force people nowadays into doing labor, since there is an abundance of enslaving opportunities that the slaves are aware of, so they know that they can starve if they do not accept being enslaved. In other words, if my family complains, the company will be like: Oh, ok, sorry to hear you that don’t want to work with us anymore. You are free to go, you birds. Fly fly away! :).

    It is this system that creates such situations that the vast majority of people are trapped in, some more and harder than others.

    Before working on this company they worked for others and the situation was even worse. I remember when I came to Spain some 7 years ago and I saw my father who looked like a zombie from so much work, just to pay the family’s debts. That was one thing that made me make TROM documentary, in a way vocalizing the awful situation we were in. And even before that my father worked in Romania in the same situation in which the boss could call him at any time of the day to go to work, so basically you are owned from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep.

    What concerns me even more is that I too cannot seem to be very good at making money and I too am trapped in this situation. I was able to be financially independent for about 2 years because of TVPMagazine primarily (the financial support I get for the magazine for which I work every single day), but now since the support is only half of what we need, I also depend on my family again as I had to move with them and my sister as I wasn’t able to manage my life financially anymore. I and my sister wanted to start making some awesome videos (TROM-like) but the situation makes this impossible for now…I also had to opt in for a private health insurance here in Spain (50 Euros a month for a year) because of my recent health issues, so I am trapped here in Spain because of that too. In other words I need to make it in a way so that I get enough financial support to survive here in Spain for a while, and to not depend on my family financially because this is 100% unsustainable.

    Sometimes I feel like I want to give up on this fucked up game, and go in the woods, lay down, and let the time pass :(.  But instead I keep on pushing myself to create more TVPMagazines because I have so many ideas I want to share with the world, and to also keep the other projects I have and improve upon them. But man I’m telling you…it would be a fantastic thing if I could at least afford to survive in this world on my own (to buy food, have access to proper healthcare, pay a rent for a small apartment, and basic stuff like that). Right now I am very far away from that…It’s so hard to push with what I am doing when the situation around you is so depressing, when you realize that if you don’t keep on trying to make money, you are fucked. It was ok for the past 2 years because of the financial support I’ve got, but I was so at the limit that if I got sick or needed some clothes, I would have gone bankrupt. So I need even more money than what we ask on Patreon for the magazine. I have no idea how to make that a reality and manage to get the basic financial support I need.

    We are all modern slaves in one way or another. Prostitutes and slaves. A nightmare that you hope it will end, it must, but it doesn’t. I will try to focus on ‘my projects’ and ‘hope’ that my work will be an opportunity for me to also get some more financial support so that I keep on doing what I do now, what I love doing.

    ‘m going into the woods for a moment 🙂

    • David Amaral

      I hope your situation improves somehow… I’m going to turn 19 soon and I decided the following already: I’m not going to college (waste of money and time) and I’m going to join a conservation non profit (which means doing meaningful stuff while not getting paid but getting food and a place to sleep for free 🙂 )

      Of course to prepare for that I’m going to ‘enslave’ myself in order to get the money necessary to join. I live with my parents so it’s a positive thing that I have no expenses.

      Thanks for TVPMag and TROM, keep doing what is necessary!

      • Tio

        Thank you! I would do the same if I would be your age. I too gave up college and made TROM. Not worth renting your brain for a job, better do what you feel is important and interesting even if you won’t get much money/stuff for that. The fact that you will focus on what you like is something money can’t buy. I know many people who make tons of money but they work pretty much all the time doing boring stuff, and they do not look very happy to me.

    • Very recognizable Tio! I also think going to a wooden cabin from time to time. But If I would do that, I’d get bored AF I think haha.

      The perseverance inside you keeps you from isolating and I know you could become independent some day.

      Just keep working crazy on that shit you love to do and maybe, some day people really start to see the real value of it.

    • markmasonphd

      No gods. No masters. No landlords. No rent. No private property. Organize: seize the means of production. CNT

    • Marco L

      Good article tio, amd your work in general. Tio, can you write an article about monetizing yourself, this is because being a person that invest so much energy in The Venus Project, besides, mayority of people are indoctrinated to be employees, and very little other kind of finantial education, I wanna to know your perspective on this issue. AND YEAH, i know is a very touchy subject, but, in general, all have to eat, and even if you were bretharian, you have to buy clothes and rent a home also. Anyway, I admire your work.

      Pd: by the way, Tio, do you know some other transdisciplinarian person, in «the cybernetic stream», that has tried projects like TVP or Cybersyn?

      • Tio

        Sorry for such a late reply I just realized that I stopped getting notifications when someone posts a comment on my blog. If the question is still relevant, do you mean to write about how I make money?

        As for your second question I don’t think an idea like TVP can be ‘tried’ – I see it mostly inspiration that can lead to an emergent society, something without an end. I know this sounds like I said nothing maybe but in this book I explain in great detail why we can’t build a society like TVP, but we must change the world we live in towards such goals without reaching an end point https://www.tromsite.com/2016/03/money-game-beyond/